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“I really thought when I started interviewing Nannies in Malvern that it would take weeks to weed out the good candidates. But I was so pleased to find that ABC Nanny Source only sent qualified candidates who were professional and experienced. We chose our Malvern PA Nanny the same week we registered and she has been wonderful! The hardest part of the process was deciding between the great candidates!”

Looking for a Nanny in Malvern? ABC can help!

Joni provides a safe and friendly family environment as a Malvern PA Nanny!

Malvern Nanny Joni's References

“Joni has been our Nanny for 5 years and has been absolutely amazing. She has fulfilled all job requirements and more! Joni is everything that anyone would want in a Malvern PA Nanny. She is kind, honest and incredibly dependable. In five years, she has missed only one day of work on an unscheduled basis -- and that was following a night in the emergency room. She arrives at work on time or earlier every morning and is incredibly flexible, coming early or staying late whenever we need her. Even more importantly, she also is great with our children. She thinks of creative things to do with them to stimulate their minds and keep their bodies active! Activities include reading, coloring, clay, painting, hockey, tennis, basketball, and she helped our daughter learn to ride a bike. She encourages healthy eating and allows virtually no television watching. Over the years the scope of Joni’s position with us has changed. She went from a full time Nanny watching one toddler, to a part time Nanny while our daughter was in preschool, back to a full time Nanny for an infant after our son was born. The only reason that Joni is looking for a new position is that our daughter is in school full time (entering second grade) and we have decided to start our son in preschool in the fall. We would welcome any opportunity to continue our relationship with Joni on a part time basis. Our children love her and will be crushed if she is no longer in our lives. After all, our daughter has known Joni as long as she can remember, and our son has known Joni literally since the day he was born!”

”Joni is wonderful and takes great care of our daughter! She is a wonderful Nanny and loves what she does; she is great with different ages of children and takes her position as a Malvern PA Nanny very seriously and treats the children with respect and love as if they were her own.”

“Joni was responsible for the safety and well-being of my two children. She fed them, played with them, and tucked them into bed. Joni was working with my 10 month-old daughter, Elaine, in the church nursery. I could see that Joni really cared for my daughter and was a natural nurturer. After getting to know her through the drop offs and pickups at the nursery, I asked her to care for my children privately. This worked out well as Joni was going to a local college and had a car to transport herself to and from my home. She was always on time and had a way with my two little ones. They were really excited to have Joni come over and we felt confident that our children were in good hands. I highly recommend Joni as a Malvern PA Nanny!!”

“Joni completed a seven week student teaching experience in my classroom of eighteen kindergarten students ages five and six during January through March of this year. During her student teaching experience, she became increasingly more responsible for taking over the daily routines and ultimately for planning and teaching three full weeks of math and language arts lessons. Although the winter months in a kindergarten classroom can by trying, Joni met this challenge with great enthusiasm. During her stay in our classroom, she proved to be an extremely competent teacher. She was organized in her daily and weekly lesson plans and she was prepared for each lesson! As she assumed responsibility for more activities throughout the day, I felt the students were in very capable hands. Joni took any suggestions to improve her teaching to heart and made any needed changes quickly and with ease. She developed a positive and appropriate rapport with the students. She maintained a classroom environment conductive to learning. She made lessons exciting while maintaining the structure that young children need and appreciate. I feel that Joni will be an asset to any family fortunate enough to have her as a Malvern PA Nanny! She displays all of the qualities of an enthusiastic and effective educator. It was a pleasure to work with her.”

“Joni completed a seven week student teaching assignment in fourth grade. During this time teacher effectiveness was observed through lesson planning, lesson mechanics, and relationships with students. Many instructional units were textbook based with specific timetables to accomplish learning objectives. Joni was successful in charting learning objectives on a daily basis as well as over entire chapters. Science provided a different challenge. Science units are teacher-developed units utilizing resource materials and reference sources to provide concepts, information, and learning connections. Many of the learning activities – formulas, outlines, and activities – were teacher made. Joni took pains to provide concrete sources for students to build memory trails. During this student teaching experience Joni gained experience working with a variety of ability levels. In math she worked with above average students for addition and subtraction of fractions and measurement conversions, and heterogeneous sections for science and language arts. Growth in content knowledge was observed throughout the student teaching experience. As an observer, I was impressed with her personal initiative to deliver a cooperative – hands on – learning activity focusing upon plant parts and use of plant matter. Positive relationships developed with students and were maintained throughout the whole assignment. Children in R123 were eager to work with and for Joni. This professional candidate brought a number of personal attributes to 4S. I would highlight dependability, initiative, and flexibility. Flexibility was a definite plus since practicum testing and seasonal concert programs infringed upon time. Joni exhibited an extremely cooperative personality, which blended well with grade four’s team approach. Her pleasant attitude was infectious, translating into enthusiastic students. I consider her student teacher experience a complete success! This was directly related to the high level of self confidence and competence observed. I would further predict that Joni would be equally successful, in the future, in any Malvern PA Nanny position!”

“I was privileged to have Joni in a number of my education classes. Her knowledge of the content of the various subjects was excellent as was her design of teaching methods. It was also my privilege to have been Joni’s student teaching supervisor while she completed her student teaching requirements. In addition, she has a real commitment to working with elementary age children. She also possesses a fine sense of humor, a warm personality, and a strong moral character! I would not hesitate to recommend Joni as a Malvern PA Nanny or to any other position in which one is desirous of having her work with children to bring out the best in them.”

“I have gotten to know Joni over the past year through the friendship of the children we both currently Nanny. Over the past year, Joni and I have brought the children together through play dates and outings. I can truly attest to Joni’s abilities as a Nanny as I myself have been a professional Nanny for the last 24 years and have 16 years of Nursery School experience prior to that. I know what it takes to be an effective Nanny and Joni is just that! The relationship Joni possesses with the two children, ages 3 and 7, is a bond that goes further than children to caregiver. Joni instills value into the lives of the children she Nanny’s for and provides an atmosphere where the children are able to grow as individuals. Joni is a dedicated, loving, and responsible person whose leadership has helped two children grow out of their shells. Joni encourages her children to be well mannered and teaches them how to interact with their peers and resolve conflicts on their own. Each day I work alongside Joni in our field, I see a person who understands the needs of children and makes great efforts to ensure the happiness of children. In watching Joni work, I often find her hovering over the children like a helicopter ensuring their safety. I can without hesitation highly recommend Joni for a position as a Nanny as I can attest to both her character and her work ethic. Joni brings with her a great passion for childcare and a sense of satisfaction from making a difference in the lives of the family she cares for. Joni possesses the type of traits that are necessary to be an effective Nanny and I stand firm in knowing Joni will make a wonderful addition to any household seeking a Malvern PA Nanny that hopes to give only the best to their children.”

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