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“I really thought when I started interviewing Nannies in Malvern that it would take weeks to weed out the good candidates. But I was so pleased to find that ABC Nanny Source only sent qualified candidates who were professional and experienced. We chose our Nanny the same week we registered with ABC's Malvern PA Nanny Agency and she has been wonderful! The hardest part of the process was deciding between the great candidates!”

Looking for a Nanny in Malvern? ABC can help!

Maureen is a star Nanny and mother, and a great addition to ABC’s Malvern PA Nanny Agency!

Malvern Nanny Maureen's References

““Maureen is a fantastic Nanny! She is extremely dependable and interactive! I always feel my daughter is in safe hands while I work. My daughter’s face lights up every time she comes to our home each day. Maureen is very energetic, warm and nurturing! I feel she would do very well with any Malvern PA Nanny Agency! Maureen is always singing her songs, reading to her, playing with blocks and is very engaging. My daughter has really grown while in her care. We will miss her terribly! If we were not relocating out of the area – we would have loved to have Maureen care for our daughter for many more years!”

“I first met Maureen shortly after my first child was born, in 1985. The hardest part of making the decision to return to work was to secure a situation where my child would be nourished and would flourish in a loving environment while I was away. I found a wonderful Malvern PA Nanny Agency, but Maureen made all the difference! She was warm and welcoming at the beginning of the day. She listened to my desires, and made every effort to carry out our wishes. She had an organized, yet creative approach to activities. And at the end of the day she had a kind and gentle summary of the day’s events. Maureen had an open and honest way of sharing the special moments as well as situations that needed some attention. Some people have a natural gift when it comes to children…a patience deserving of a grandparent…Maureen is one of these people! She is sensitive to their needs, without letting them take advantage of the situation. Our experience with Maureen as our child’s caregiver was excellent, and we remain close friends to this day. My daughter still calls her “Aunt Maureen!”

“I highly recommend Maureen for any childcare position! I met Maureen at my son’s daycare. She was always friendly and kind to me even before she had my son in class. My husband and I were very excited when our son moved into her class because of her personality and enthusiasm with the children. Maureen was wonderful with my son as well as the other children! I have every confidence in her as a teacher and childcare provider! She is warm and loves children. She is a great teacher and knows what specific milestones a child should be meeting at any time. As a parent it is never easy to leave your child with someone, but I had every confidence when I dropped him off with Maureen, that he would have a great day and receive the care, support and guidance that would help him grow and learn! Maureen is also great with the parents; she always kept me informed of anything and everything that my son was doing! You will not be sorry if you decide to hire Maureen!”

“Maureen was our daughter’s first daycare teacher, and took care of our son for two of the four years he spent in daycare so far. She developed very close bonds with both of my children. She is always smiling and the children were always happy to see her! Maureen was a caring and thoughtful caregiver who took excellent care of our children. She was the primary person responsible for our son learning his letters and how to read and write his name! Maureen is the only daycare teacher we’ve asked to provide childcare at home as well, so I know she will be successful with ABC’s Malvern PA Nanny Agency!”

“Our children have been with Maureen over the past 8 years in a daycare setting. We always felt comfortable with Maureen and she always showed kindness and was caring to our children. She fulfilled the job requirements without question! We always felt that our children were in good hands when left with Maureen. She is well experienced to handle most any situation! Maureen would be a great addition to a Malvern PA Nanny Agency!”

“I know Maureen through our brief visits to daycare every day when we are dropping off the children in the morning. However, I can truly say, that Shane has spent the most time with her and he always had good things to say about her! He was very sad to hear that she was leaving! Maureen not only provided us with daily notes to let us know what kind of day Shane had but she took the time, (most teachers did not), to write notes when it was good feedback, not just the bad. We are very sad to learn that she is leaving our daycare because Anthony would have soon been in her class. Maureen is honest, kind and loving towards my children. She definitely cares about them, their development, and her teaching job as a whole. Maureen is truly a good person and a great candidate for ABC’s Malvern PA Nanny Agency!”

“Maureen was a wonderful teacher to my daughter in her Preschool class! She is extremely kind and engaged the children in stimulating activities. Despite the often-challenging duty of caring for young children, Maureen’s patience and enthusiasm never wavered. She also lives in my neighborhood, and I can attest to what a kind of woman she is outside of work and what wonderful children she and her husband raised. I guess she brought her work home with her!”

“I have personally and professionally known Maureen for 5 years now. She was my daughters’ teacher at Great Beginnings. Maureen has excellent childcare skills! My daughter loved her because Maureen comforted her everyday when I dropped her off in the mornings. She was always there for my daughter and me in a supportive and loving way! She has a very warm personality and is extremely easy to talk to! I always felt at peace whenever I dropped my daughter off for the day because I knew that she would be taken care of and loved throughout the day! Maureen is a terrific person to me and to everyone around her! I highly recommend Maureen for a Nanny position and I am sure she will be a wonderful asset to any Malvern PA Nanny Agency that employs her! She is the best!”

“My experience with Maureen as one of my children’s daycare teachers has been a very positive one! She was always very helpful, very organized and clearly has a passion for helping children to learn and grow! I was very impressed with the format and plan for her classroom, and sad to see her leave the daycare. Not only did this show itself in her work with my children, but also I have had the opportunity to use her daughter as a childcare provider for my children! Her daughter has the same structure and creativity, so I can see Maureen implemented a lot of this at home in raising her own children! She clearly has a gift with children, and I believe she would make a wonderful additional for all families seeking a Nanny through a Malvern PA Nanny Agency!”

“We began at the daycare with our first child. By the time we left, all three of our children went through Maureen’s teaching and love! I am blessed as a parent to have known her and my children were blessed by her care taking. Out of all the teachers they have had, they only ask me about Maureen! She is the best caregiver that I have ever met through a Malvern PA Nanny Agency! She was able to teach my children their ABC’s while helping with potty training, all with loads of love! She is an exceptionable person both in her teaching ability and her caring towards children. My children felt loved and learned much from Maureen over the years. She is amazing!”

“Maureen was very helpful to the children! She was very fun, friendly, and always doing projects with them! She always took her time so they understood the art projects or whatever activities they needed help with. She is very kind and always communicated to me on how my child was doing. She was a very good teacher! She really enjoyed her job and her children! Nolan loved Maureen! My son went on to the next class in the daycare and was up to speed as he should be, thanks to her!”

“Maureen is an excellent worker with children! She loves and cares about them. Being a Nanny is not just a job to her! Maureen is a dependable worker. She will be at work on time and ready to serve! She has worked with children for at least 10 years, and has worked as my partner for 6 years. We worked with 18 to 20 month old children. She has also worked with 3-year-old children at Great Beginnings. She was the best partner that I had in my 11 years in daycare! Her organizational skills are phenomenal! She knows how to help children develop cognitively using music, arts and crafts, games, etc. She makes learning fun! She likes playing with children and giving them the attention that they need. Maureen’s own children are a testimonial as to how wonderful she is! They both do well in school and are good socially. Maureen is a good example to them and other children. She knows how to set goals and reach them. You will be glad that you hired Maureen through ABC’s Malvern PA Nanny Agency!”

“I have known Maureen since I began work at Great Beginnings Daycare. During that time, I have worked right next to her and have always been impressed with her professionalism and poise when it came to the children! I have seen her handle both the difficult and the mundane with consistency and grace. Maureen has always worked well with children, and has been in childcare for over 20 years. She was always on time and tended to the children’s needs wonderfully! She was a star employee! I would recommend her to anyone seeking qualified and loving childcare through ABC’s Malvern PA Nanny Agency!”

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