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“I really thought when I started interviewing Nannies in Malvern that it would take weeks to weed out the good candidates. But I was so pleased to find that ABC Nanny Source only sent qualified candidates who were professional and experienced seeking a long-term Malvern PA Nanny Job as a profession. We chose our Malvern Nanny the same week we registered and she has been wonderful! The hardest part of the process was deciding between the great candidates!”

Looking for a Nanny in Malvern? ABC can help!

Colleen’s experience and education make her a great candidate for any Malvern PA Nanny Job!

Malvern Nanny Colleen's References

“It is a special privilege for me to recommend Colleen! She has completed a very enjoyable and extremely successful student teaching experience in my sixth grade classroom. Her five classes were heterogeneously grouped with students of academic differences and unique learning styles. In addition, she was given the experience of working on a team with six grade colleagues where flexible planning, collaboration, and cooperation were necessary. Colleen brings a number of outstanding qualities to the profession that distinguishes her as an exceptional candidate! She established an excellent rapport with the students and school personnel. Within the classroom, Colleen’s planned units, creative lessons and activities were designed to accommodate the students’ various learning styles and academic differences. Her cheerful demeanor and genuine love of learning were key factors in creating an inviting classroom atmosphere where students were encouraged to take an active role in their learning. She was meticulous in the planning, preparation, and execution of her lessons. Objectives and goals were met through an array of teaching methods and instructional techniques. In both of the core subjects, her creative lessons had that special ingredient to keep the students motivated, engaged, and actively involved! The reading units were very engaging! Before, during, and after reading strategies were focused on, and responding to literature through journaling was required. Assessments, both formal and informal, were constructed in a manner that accommodated all learning styles. Colleen has a special gift for teaching children! She capably wields the many roles of a professional by effectively communicating, facilitating, evaluating, and researching. Her talent for handling all aspect of organization and management, coupled with her positive manner and infectious love for children, will make her an asset to Malvern PA Nanny Job!”

“Colleen successfully completed her student teaching placement at Shippensburg Area Middle School at the sixth grade level. She earned an A as her student teaching final grade! She made efforts to adapt and modify materials for inclusion of all students and at a developmentally appropriate level for sixth graders. She was resourceful and creative in her teaching and successfully implemented technology in her lessons. During her student teaching placement, she established an excellent rapport with the students for whom she provided instruction and with her cooperating teacher. She demonstrated an interest in meeting the needs of the students both academically and emotionally. She earned an Exemplary rating on the PDE 420 Student Teacher Assessment for her mid term and final evaluations. This is the highest rating a student teacher can earn! Based upon supervisory observations, she appeared to positively manage the classroom, have appropriate academic and behavioral expectations, and create an environment that was conductive to learning. She was sensitive to the needs and to the feelings of the students for whom she provided instruction. She displayed knowledge of curriculum content and resourcefulness in her preparation. Colleen will be an asset to any Malvern PA Nanny Job! It has been professionally gratifying to serve as her University Supervisor!”

“Colleen has been taking care of children in our neighborhood for eight years! She has a caring, nurturing way about her. She is always patient and kind. Children flock to her and she greets them with a smile and warmth! Colleen tutored my daughter during the summer. She was reliable, dedicated, and provided the challenge that my daughter needed. My daughter was so excited to work with Colleen and wanted to please her! Colleen brings out the good in children and adults. She will be a wonderful Nanny and an asset to any Malvern PA Nanny Job!”

“I was the Assistant Director at Trinity Day Care where Colleen worked. She is very dependable and a person you can count on! When asked to do something she always comes through. She is very loving and caring to all the children. She is a great team player! Colleen has the ability to adjust to any age classroom she is placed in. She would be a great asset to any Malvern PA Nanny Job! We miss her dearly!”

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