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"What impressed me the most about working with ABC Nanny Source was the level of detail and organization in which such confidential information was presented. I received an extensive profile of each NY nanny candidate prior to her coming to my home for an interview. Once each nanny arrived at my door, I was fully relaxed because I felt I already knew the person in front of me! That’s how detailed these profiles were. The process was made very easy for our family and within a matter of days, I hired the perfect nanny for our children!"

Washington DC Nanny Agencies love Christine's understanding and passionate nature!

Washington DC Nanny Christine's References

“Christine was great with my children. She looked after them in a mature manner and did all that was asked of her. I know that all of the Washington DC Nanny Agencies should be happy to represent her and present her to any family!”

“I have known Chris for approximately 14 years. I started working with Chris and we became friends. As I got to know Chris; I had my first child, Jared. She watched him many times for me; especially when he was a newborn, to allow my husband and me to spend some time together out of the house. She has always treated my son and daughter, who is 2 years old now, with the utmost care, attention, love and understanding. She has been there to watch the children in emergencies, or just to let me get out of the house. I trust Chris with my children’s lives and would recommend her to any of the Washington DC Nanny Agencies and families searching for someone to care for their children. Chris just has a way with children, she enjoys them and they love to be around her!”

“I have employed Chris as a Nanny through one of the Washington DC Nanny Agencies, to watch my son and also as an employee in my daycare center. At my daycare center she worked with ages 6 weeks up to ages 12 years. She was my summer camp counselor and had a group of 10 children that she took to the community pool every day, and then played tennis, volleyball, soccer, etc. All the parents loved her because when they came to pick their children up they were never unhappy or a mess! While I was going through my divorce, my ex-husband and I had to have split visitation; so many weekends I would have Chris come to my house after work on Friday with my son and stay there until his father picked him up on Sunday morning. I never had any problems with Chris not doing what I had asked or not having my son ready for his father’s pick-up. Chris made it easier for my son to handle the transition. I would recommend Chris to work with any aged child without any hesitation; she is very caring, compassionate, and dedicated!”

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Christine for any Washington DC Nanny Agencies. Christine worked very closely with children, parents and staff and treated them all with compassion, friendliness and a clear understanding of their challenges and frustrations. Staff respected the way Christine interacted with them and the guidance she gave them. Christine is able to bring out the best in people by treating everyone with kindness and understanding! As my assistant, Christine took care of many of my tasks, which made my job easier and allowed me to focus on the important issues. Christine is very detailed oriented, timely and will not stop until the work is done. Most of all, Christine is a joy to work with and she makes the office an enjoyable place to be! Christine would work well in any early childhood setting, and would be a true asset!”

“I supervised Christine as a Center Director over several pre-school classrooms. I found her to be knowledgeable of developmentally appropriate practices, professional in dealing with children, staff and families. She was completely competent in all respects of her job duties. She will truly be an asset to any family or any of the Washington DC Nanny Agencies that she works for!”

“My three children are currently 13, 17 and 22 years of age. Christine has taken care of my three sons on many occasions, especially when they were young. She took care of my first child from the time he was an infant. She has watched my sons overnight and for short periods of time. She is very dependable and prompt. There was never a time that she did not arrive when expected nor a time when she called to say she could not do the job expected of her. She exhibits a true compassion and caring for children of any age and has a way of being able to bond with them in a very short time! Christine understands a child’s physical and emotional needs and is able to fill those without any problems! I would highly recommend Christine for any Nanny position though ABC Nanny Source, one of the Washington DC Nanny Agencies.”

“Chris was first hired as one of our Center Director’s and within two to three years, she was promoted to our Assistant Education Coordinator! As a Center Director, Chris went into a center that was filled with staff that had been left on their own for a while, and gave Chris a hard time in taking orders. They were very glad to be running themselves as doing what they thought was right. Within 6 months, Chris’ center turned around and become the most productive center in our organization! Paperwork was always correct and on time, staff followed her lead and never gave her a problem. Chris really took our curriculum (Creative Curriculum) to heart and made sure her staff were following it. Within a year, Chris’ center was the place to be. All staff working around Chris’ center asked to be transferred to her center! She had made a name for herself as being fair, a good director, supportive, no nonsense, and just a good person to work with. The staff always said that there was nothing Chris wouldn’t do for them! From cleaning toilets to dealing with a parent who was hollering at a teacher, Chris was always there to “protect” them. When promoted, Chris took over the supervision of 18 centers and supported all the directors in whatever their need was. Chris would attend parent meetings to help answer questions or concerns, sometimes spending an entire day at a center. She checked to make sure the curriculum was being implemented, the children were safe and cared for, teachers were following the rules, equipment was being dealt with correctly, and the overall feeling of the center was positive. She would also spend some time with the directors to talk about some of the issues the main office was having with that center, be it paperwork being late, staff consistently showing up late, complaints from parents, or any other problem another coordinator was having. Chris also participated in all activities going on at the administrative level, from help to plan big organizational activities to trainings. Chris was an intricate part of writing out or plan to become our own grantee. She helped to write the whole education piece of the proposal, and supported all other factors of the proposal. Chris did an excellent job in training the staff on Creative Curriculum. She would conduct an intro course for new employees, and then two hour training on the curriculum to education the staff yearly. Any Washington DC Nanny Agencies would be lucky to represent her!”

“Christine can offer what any of the Washington DC Nanny Agencies are seeking from a nanny! I worked alongside Chris for approximately three years when she was the assistant director of one of the early childhood centers. I served the center as their mental health consultant. In my capacity as a consultant, I worked closely with Chris in the service of supporting tachers in their work with children and families. Chris welcomed and enjoyed collaboration and was open to alternative ways of thinking about children and working with families. As a teach supervisor, Chris was warm and caring in her interaction with teachers. As supervision challenges rose, Chris worked hard to overcome them and find solutions to struggles. In her role as support to families, Chris was always available to listen to parents’ concerns, validating their feelings, and encouraging them to seek needed supports and resources. Most of all, Chris loved the young children who came to the center for their preschool education. She was patient and nonjudgmental of children with behavioral challenges and was a champion for including children with special needs. I suspect that Chris will continue to promote the development of children and families through positive, caring and supportive interactions.”

“Chris was my specialist for a year. She would always answers my questions and not make me feel like a fool for asking. She would take the time to show me how to use programs and set up trainings. She guided me through the whole grant process. It was such a pleasure to have her as a resource. Chris was always professional with my staff and spent a great deal of time helping us. She was easily the best specialist I ever had. She is one of the most helpful, courteous, knowledgeable, friendly and genuine person that any of the Washington DC Nanny Agencies will ever meet!”

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