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“I really thought when I started interviewing Nannies in Huntingdon Valley that it would take weeks to weed out the good candidates. But I was so pleased to find that ABC Nanny Source only sent qualified Nannies in Huntingdon Valley PA who were professional and experienced. We chose our Nanny the same week we registered and she has been wonderful! The hardest part of the process was deciding between the great candidates!”

Looking for a Nanny in Huntingdon Valley? ABC can help!

Laura’s experience as a therapist for Autistic children is unique among other Nannies in Huntingdon Valley PA!

Huntingdon Valley Nanny Laura's References

“Laura has done an excellent job! My daughter works very well with her. Laura is very patient. Communication between her and I has been great! She really enjoys children, and they really connect with her! My experience with Laura has been an excellent one. I feel fortunate that she has been part of my daughter’s life. She truly cares and is extremely patient. She has been like a part of our family rather than just another one of many Nannies in Huntingdon Valley PA. She has done well to speak to my daughter using sign language and has also helped with her actual speech. Since Laura has worked with my daughter I have seen so much improvement in behavior and communication. I would highly recommend Laura. A family would be very lucky to have her!”

“Laura went over and above the job requirements! She worked one on one with the students with mild to severe Autism. She was amazing with the kids! She works very well with them, and it is a rough classroom! She has also watched my own two girls. She is one of the sweetest Nannies in Huntingdon Valley PA! You’d be crazy not to hire her!”

“Laura is very skilled in working with young children with Autism and other special needs. She has served as a paraprofessional in a public school district. She was responsible for instructing children in one on one setting and in small groups. Laura takes initiative, is dedicated, and gives 110% each day. She is responsible for children’s safety, toileting, and academic progress. Laura is highly qualified for this position and would be an asset to families registered with ABC Nanny Source seeking Nannies in Huntingdon Valley PA. In addition, she is an effective communicator and is always eager to face challenging situations. She’s a pleasure to work with in the school environment.”

“Laura is great at her job, and we will hate to see her go! She is a very hard worker and I believe she will be an asset and among the best Nannies in Huntingdon Valley PA!”

“Laura often exceeds job requirements. She is a kind, dedicated, and energetic person. She manages to motivate even the most challenging children to learn and live up to their potential. I have enjoyed working with Laura for the past 4 years. She is an inspiration to all Nannies in Huntingdon Valley PA, as well as a dedicated, hard working individual who is a positive influence on the children that she works with.”

“Danny enjoyed working with Laura. She worked very well with all the children as I observed the classroom at different times. She truly enjoyed being with the children! She is just a wonderful person! I think Laura would do well working for any family. I know she would be one of ABC’s Nannies in Huntingdon Valley PA who would do well working with a child with special needs.”

“Laura and I work with each other, she with an Autistic child and myself with lower and behavioral needs children. We have known each other through our jobs for 5 years and I have always felt very comfortable working with her. I highly recommend her to become one of ABC Nanny Source’s Nannies in Huntingdon Valley PA!”

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