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“I really thought when I started interviewing Nannies in Yardley that it would take weeks to weed out the good candidates. But I was so pleased to find that ABC Nanny Source only sent qualified candidates who were professional and experienced. We chose our Yardley PA Nanny the same week we registered and she has been wonderful! The hardest part of the process was deciding between the great candidates!”

Looking for a Nanny in Philadelphia? ABC can help!

Suzanne is an upbeat, positive Yardley PA Nanny!

Yardley Nanny Suzanne's References

““I employed Suzanne for my two children when I returned to work fulltime after my two maternity leaves. Suzanne was professional, thorough, loving, caring, thoughtful and dependable in every way. I depended upon her greatly, and learned from her. When my daughter dislocated her collarbone (in my care!) just before arriving at Suzanne’s, it was Suzanne who said that she thought her cry sounded a little strange and that I should take her to the emergency room. My children were safe in her care, and even more importantly, I knew they were loved. I have two items that Suzanne gave me years ago, which I cherish: one is a photograph that she took of my son waiting wistfully at her window for me to come pick him up: he’s quiet, pensive and she captured a shot that stole my heart. By doing this, she showed me that even though she was so important to the children, nobody could replace me. The second item is a list she kept of my children’s first words. I did not know that she was doing this-and had not kept track myself, so when she presented me with the lists; they meant so much to me! Today those original handwritten lists have a place of honor in their baby books! Suzanne’s caring ways did not stop when the paychecks stopped. To this day she is still an important part of my children’s lives and of mine. She and her family are our family. She is at every birthday and Christmas celebration, and we keep in touch on a regular basis. By providing a nurturing, safe, warm environment, the children were able to develop long-lasting relationships under her care. At a time when most new parents are stressed and anxious, I had none of that because of Suzanne! She will be an asset wherever she goes and it would be especially nice if she can stay as a Yardley PA Nanny for proximity.”

“During the infant stage, Suzy provided the necessary nurturing, love and stimulation. As they grew older, they were stimulated physically by playing games, singing, dancing, etc. Suzy babysat in her home and was reliable and consistent. She never called out sick and I could depend on her year round. Suzy nurtured and cared for my 2 and another 2 children at the same time. They are all like brothers and sisters to this day! My children, now 12 and 14, still have a strong relationship with their ‘Aunt Suzy.’ She often still spends time with them, baking around the holidays, never missing a Christmas, sharing birthdays, and was a Confirmation sponsor for Nicole. Our experience with Suzy was great and continues to grow!”

“I met Suzanne when her son was a student in my pre-school class. Because of shared values and similar interests, we have had an ongoing friendship! I have seen Suzanne interact with her son and daughter and the five children she cared for as a childcare provider. Suzanne is a bright, cheerful and fun person to be around. The children were anxious to be in her home! Suzanne focuses on the children’s safety and well being while providing a loving, secure environment. She participates with them throughout the day engaging in crafts, play, reading, and time outdoors. Every year the children still gather at Suzanne’s home for the Christmas holiday, baking and decorating gingerbread houses! I am confident she would be an asset to a family desiring childcare. I would entrust her with my own children as a Yardley PA Nanny!”

“Over the years, I have gotten to know Suzanne personally and professionally. She is an honest and sincere person who interacts well with people of all ages. She seems to especially enjoy working with children and has made that part of her life continuously, no matter where her career has taken her. When I first met her at work, Willow Grove bank, I noticed she had pictures of children on her bulletin board. These were the children she babysat from infancy when she ran an in-home daycare out of her house. Suzanne would light up when telling the stories of the time spent with them and how proud she was of them, demonstrating the love she holds for them. Suzanne also created and developed a Financial Literacy Program where she would go to classrooms and read to the children as well as helping the bank to start a children’s book club. Countless volunteer hours were given in an effort to promote Alex’s Lemonade Stand and dressing as a clown or Raggedy Anne to watch the children’s reactions for the Hatboro Holiday Parades! One final reason I would highly recommend Suzanne for a Nanny position is my personal interactions with her. I had a newborn myself when we began working together. I brought my daughter in from time to time and Suzanne would always get down on her level and begin connecting with her immediately. As my daughter aged, Suzanne recognized her shyness and took it slow with her drawing her out of her shell. Before long they were conversing as if she came to visit everyday! Suzanne has been very special to me. Along with being a mentor for me, she has been a confidant. She is understanding and reliable as a friend and will help you in any way possible. Suzanne will make a very good Nanny. She takes every opportunity and puts forth full effort to do her very best at everything she does. The best part about being a Yardley PA Nanny is that this is something she truly enjoys!”

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