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“I really thought when I started interviewing Nannies in Easton that it would take weeks to weed out the good candidates. But I was so pleased to find that ABC Nanny Source only sent qualified Easton Nannies who were professional and experienced. We chose our Nanny the same week we registered and she has been wonderful! The hardest part of the process was deciding between the great candidates!”

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Easton Nannies admire Deborah for her compassion and strong work ethic!

Easton Nanny Deborah's References

“I first met Debbie at a daycare center when I was dropping off my son. She was dropping off a child; also, whom I later discovered was not her own but someone she was a nanny for. As I got to know her during the drop-offs and pick-ups, I was impressed by her treatment of the children. She was kind, nurturing, and patient, understanding, loving and caring. The boys spoke to her as my own do to me. They were very affectionate and would come running out of class and straight into her arms as she came to pick them up. She took them both to school, playgroups, outings, fishing, and anywhere else they needed to be. I learned then that she was the type of person I could trust with my own children. We hired her as one of ABC’s Easton Nannies on several occasions where she cared for our two boys: Joey- four months and Nicholas-two years. She handled them very well and took extraordinarily good care of them She is very dependable and reliable. Debbie excels at childcare and is passionate about it!”

“Debbie worked as one of our Easton Nannies on a full-time basis for the past year and a half. During this time her duties included primarily caring for my two children, making breakfasts or lunches and some light housekeeping. Debbie was very dependable working Monday through Friday, 9am to 5:30pm. Debbie was responsible, reliable and very kind/compassionate with the children. Debbie was flexible with her work schedule and was always willing to come in early or stay a bit later if needed to accommodate our schedule. She was very warm and loving with the children. The children had a great rapport with Debbie and looked forward to her arrival each day. My children loved playing games with Debbie, having her read them stories or playing outside and going for long walks. Debbie also took them to story time at the local library. Debbie was very thoughtful often bringing the children little gifts, such as a coloring book, reading book or DVD that she thought they would enjoy. She was able to manage my two children with ease and was a pleasure to work with over the past year. Debbie was also willing to care for us on weekends and we will continue to have her care for the children in the future. Since I have now moved to a part-time work schedule and the children are in school half a day, we no longer require a nanny, otherwise we would have gladly continued to have Debbie care for our children.”

“Debbie has been a nanny for our two boys for the past year and a half. We highly recommend her as one of ABC’s Easton Nannies and are greatly pleased with her work and care of our children. Debbie has developed a great rapport with the children - being mindful of the household rules set while still having fun and spending time with the children. She manages to juggle light housekeeping, lunches, and transportation to activities/school along with playing monopoly, hide-n-seek, and playing outside. She is an active person and enjoys playing at the park or on the rug with the children. Being a mother herself, she understands the importance of homework, reminds us of important dates and school assignments and is very mindful of the safety and health of the children. The children love and respect her and she has become a part of our family. Debbie also has many qualities that are excellent in any field of work. She has an outstanding work ethic, always being on time, never complaining of work hours, willing to work overtime, and is considerate of our schedules. If unforeseen circumstances ever impacted her working hours, we would always get a courtesy call in advance. As two working parents, we never needed to worry that Debbie would not show up or be late. Debbie is also honest, flexible and professional. She is a good communicator and is easy to work with. Debbie is an asset to any family – for both the children and the parents. We sincerely trust her with our children, which is the ultimate recommendation in our opinion!”

“Debbie was an excellent daycare provider for our family. Her responsibilities included, but were not limited to caring for our then infant child, seeing our 3 adolescent children off to school on some days as well as providing after school care on others. She was found to be reliable, responsible, kind, compassionate, and one of the most wonderful Easton Nannies! Were it not for the fact that I had a change of work schedule which allowed my husband and I to provide the care required for the children, we would have gladly continued to have her as our nanny!”

“Debbie worked as one of our Easton Nannies until we relocated out of the area. We have four children. Debbie was responsible for their day-to-day care and some lighthouse keeping. She was very responsible and did a great job with them! We highly recommend her!”

“I have known Debbie for many years! I needed a nanny for my three little ones and I chose Debbie. She stayed with us for three years. My children adored her and until this day she stays in touch with them, as they are now adults. As one of our Easton Nannies, I found her to be very dependable, always there when needed, and had no complaints in doing any task. She will be an asset to any family!”

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