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“I really thought when I started interviewing Nannies in Easton that it would take weeks to weed out the good candidates. But I was so pleased to find that ABC Nanny Source only sent qualified candidates who were professional and experienced. We chose our Nanny the same week we registered and she has been wonderful! The hardest part of the process was deciding between the great candidates!”

Looking for a Nanny in Easton? ABC can help!

Nannies in Easton like Stephanie always create fun and interesting activities to keep children entertained!

Easton Nanny Stephanie's References

“Stephanie and I work together at St. Joseph’s School. We work with children of all ages, mostly with the 3 to 5 year olds. Stephanie is definitely very energetic! She is a reliable person; when you ask her to do a job; she will get it done quickly and efficiently. She is a hard worker and very fun to be around, which will make her one of the best Nannies in Easton! When interacting with the children, she really gets down on their level and plays with them. She is also responsible and trustworthy. I recommend her for a Nanny position!”

“I call Stephanie ‘Supermom’! She is often doing fun activities and interesting things for the children! She enjoys having children and people around her and finds creative and fun ways to keep things interesting! Stephanie keeps up-to-date with all the organizational details of the school and schedules. I often call her, teasing that I need ‘Supermom’s’ assistance when I cannot figure out details and schedules for the children’s things. Stephanie’s interest and devotion to children can be evidenced through all the volunteer time she puts in at the school in doing the ‘school historian’ work that she does for the Mooreland Township Elementary School. I have been to these activities, and she does a great job as one of our Nannies in Easton! Others have concurred in this expressed opinion when they have attended. On a more personal note, my 7-year-old son has Aspergers, which is on the Autism Spectrum Disorder. Although he generally feels uncomfortable staying over at other people’s homes, he is very comfortable staying at Stephanie’s home. He even asks to go and wants to stay longer when it’s time to come home. Luke even gives her hugs, which is quite an accomplishment! Stephanie takes good care of my son as well as any other children in her care!”

“I am a second grade teacher at St. Joseph the Worker School in Orefield. During the past two years, I have known Stephanie to be a very dedicated worker and a very kind and compassionate friend. She loves working with children, and anyone would be very lucky to have her as one of their Nannies in Easton!”

“Stephanie is always happy with a positive outlook on everything! As one of our Nannies in Easton, she is also very relaxed (mistakes are little things, brush off and keep going) and loves to have fun with children! She is such an uplifting person to be around!”

“I know Stephanie from my experience with her in local PTA and through her business as a Creative Memories consultant. She is one of the most energetic and resourceful Nannies in Easton and is extremely friendly and outgoing! She is very good with her children, and from what I have seen with other children as well.”

“I have known Stephanie for many years. She is a great friend and person! She is full of energy, very honest, caring, always there when needed by anyone, so helpful. She loves children. She has 2 of her own children, who are both very good, smart children. She always puts them first in her life. She volunteers for everything that deals with her children’s lives. Stephanie has many good qualities about her. I feel Stephanie is a great candidate for ABC’s Nannies in Easton!”

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