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“I really thought when I started interviewing Nannies in Allentown that it would take weeks to weed out the good candidates. But I was so pleased to find that ABC's Nanny Agency in Allentown PA only sent qualified candidates who were professional and experienced. We chose our Nanny the same week we registered and she has been wonderful! The hardest part of the process was deciding between the great candidates!”

Looking for a Nanny in Allentown? ABC can help!

ABC’s Nanny Agency in Allentown PA presents Kristin as a positive role model who is held with high regard!

Allentown Nanny Kristin's References

”Kristin was hired through a Nanny Agency in Allentown PA as a mothers helper on weeknights and childcare provider on Saturdays. She helped clean up from dinner (washed dishes, loaded dishwasher), fold laundry and get the children ready for bed. With four children I needed an extra pair of hands at night when my husband is out of town. Kristin is a great help to our family! She interacts with the each of the children individually and gives each one special attention. She manages to watch four young children and have an organized activity such as a craft or playing outside. She maintains a professional yet caring and warm demeanor with the children. Kristin genuinely cares about our children and their well being even though she only sees them a few hours a week. I have no doubts that Kristin is a responsible, capable caregiver who wants to be involved with children of all ages!”

“Kristin has been involved with my children for a year now. She is absolutely wonderful with them! I trust Kristin with my children in every facet and aspect of their lives and development. I highly recommend her to ABC’s Nanny Agency in Allentown PA! She truly does put her needs and desires second to my children. She helps my 7-year-old son with his homework, she watches my 4-year-old daughter on Fridays, as well as take my son to his bus stop. Some activities that she does with them are library visits, book reading, going to the park. Kristin truly and whole-heartedly puts the children before herself, and she is one of few that honestly loves children! She would be an asset to any family in need of a nanny!”

“Kristin ran all the programs at the recreation center. She performed with the children alone, as well as with caregivers and moms. She taught music, instruments, tumbling, acting, and all around fun activities. She is an outstanding woman when dealing with children; she will do great with ABC’s Nanny Agency in Allentown PA! She is very kind and committed to her children and job.”

“Kristin really bonded with our children and always followed our lead in how we wanted our children treated. She really became part of our family and we still keep in touch with her. ABC’s Nanny Agency in Allentown PA is fortunate to be working with her! We always felt our children were safe with Kristen! She was the best and to this day we still feel lucky that she came into our lives!”

“Kristen was a Nanny for my family in my home while I either worked in my home office, traveled or worked in a local office. She was responsible for care and education of two small children, including meals, dressing/changing as needed, some laundry and light housekeeping. Kristen read to my boys, and played ‘floor time’ games with them. Kristen took the boys to a local recreation class (music or gym) a few days each week, as well as outings to the store to do errands, to the local library, to the park, out on walks, etc. She did NOT park my children in front of the TV or computer. Her time with them was truly interactive! She fulfilled all of the job requirements extremely well and will be a great asset to ABC’s Nanny Agency in Allentown PA. Kristen did an absolutely wonderful job as a nanny for my children! She was creative in playing with them, educational, and sensitive to their developmental stage. My boys enjoyed spending time with her, and I always felt confident leaving them in her care! As I got to know mothers in town, they often remarked to me on what a good nanny she was! The family that chooses Kristen will be extremely lucky to have her as a nanny!”

“I have known Kristin for most of my life and she has proven not only to be a loyal friend but it is clearly evident that she has proven to be a loyal employee as well. Kristin has been a nanny for several families through a Nanny Agency in Allentown PA in the past and every family she has worked with has grown attached to her whether it be her personality, flexibility, love for children, creativeness Kristin has always been held within a high regard with each family! Kristin is very adaptable to new and different situations and has worked with children of all ages. If I was not so far away from Kristin, I would hire her as my own nanny to watch my 9 month old daughter! I would strongly recommend Kristin for a nanny position!”

“Kristin would be excellent for ABC’s Nanny Agency in Allentown PA! In the five years that I have known Kristin, she has been an excellent role model for others to follow. She has always been very upbeat and positive. I have found her to be very friendly and a sensitive person when it comes to dealing with people of all ages. She also has a great sense of humor and that makes it easy for adults and children to like her and accept her as one of 'their own'. In her position as manager of Curves, she demonstrated empathy and compassion for those with any types of physical challenges and she made every effort to help them and make them feel comfortable. She also had to use her creative side to come up with games and challenges to keep the members happy and coming back. I think this will help her in dealing with the children and their schoolwork, homework and projects. I enthusiastically recommend Kristen for any position where compassion, patience and sensitivity are needed. She is a woman of great caring and character!”

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