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“I really thought when I started interviewing Nannies in Bethlehem that it would take weeks to weed out the good candidates. But I was so pleased to find that ABC Nanny Source only sent qualified candidates who were professional, experienced and truly seeking a Bethlehem Nanny Job as a career. We chose our Nanny the same week we registered and she has been wonderful! The hardest part of the process was deciding between the great candidates!”

Looking for a Nanny in Bethlehem? ABC can help!

Jamie uses her teaching skills in her Bethlehem Nanny Job to create fun learning activities for children!

Bethlehem Nanny Jamie's References

“Ms. Jamie and I worked together at a Community Center. She was the kindergarten teacher and I was the pre-k teacher. Our classrooms were side by side. When I first met Jamie the first thing that I noted was her friendliness and how easy it was to hold a conversation with her. After working with her for several weeks I began to realize how well she interacted with the children and how they followed her directions and reacted very well to her in the classroom. There were times when I worked with Jamie and her children so I saw this interaction first hand! Her artistic talent always impressed me! Her ability to keep the children’s attention and make learning interesting for them was something I found educating! Jamie always seemed to know what to do or say to a child that was having a bad day or did not want to join in with the other children. I feel that Jamie would be a very beneficial in a Bethlehem Nanny Job. She will be a definite asset!”

“Jamie and I worked together as teachers for pre-school age children. She would be an excellent candidate for any nanny position! I have known Jamie to be a dedicated in every Bethlehem Nanny Job. She is friendly and always works as a team player. She is well liked by her peers. Jamie has a good relationship with all of the parents that she works with. The parents respect and appreciate Jamie for her hard work and devotion to their children. Jamie is punctual and very creative with her lesson plans. She always takes pride in making the classroom a special place for the children to learn. She is extremely caring for each child that she works with. She always goes above and beyond the responsibilities of the job! She demonstrates the ability to be flexible and knows when to prioritize. Jamie is a very warm and caring person and easily adjusts to new situations. She has been a mentor and resource for me because of her considerable experience with children. Overall, I would recommend Jamie for any position! I strongly believe she will be an asset to any job that she may pursue.”

“Jamie has been my childcare provider in her center for five years. I could not be more pleased with the care my children have received from Jamie! She has treated them as if they were her own and my children and I absolutely love her! Her center is always clean and Jamie herself is always warm and welcoming. She has watched my children on a long-term basis and also at a moments notice. I trust her in a Bethlehem Nanny Job completely! The attention that she gives to each child is just amazing! She is terribly missed by all of her families as she moved to a new community. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants the very best!”

“My son and daughter were enrolled in Jamie’s daycare center for two and a half years. The center was always impeccable, and very efficiently run. There was never a question of dropping off my children in the morning. I knew that I would always pick them up being happy and very well taken care of during the day. Jamie is incredible with every Bethlehem Nanny Job! She provided a stimulating, well-balanced program at her center. I found her to be a very nurturing, patient, energetic, and warm person. My children adored her as well as the other center children. Jamie is a very responsible person who communicates well with the parents, and reaches the children at their level, understanding, and meeting their needs. Since my family moved out of the area I have never been able to find someone as trustworthy as Jamie. It would be my pleasure to recommend her to you!”

“Jamie lovingly watched my son. My son received the best care he has ever had with Jamie and came home each day with a new project he had made! His favorite part of the day was her cooking class and each day he brought home another healthy snack. Jamie handles children effortlessly and is very loving. My son still sings the Bumblebee song she taught him and still remembers her after all these years! She is honest in her evaluations of childhood development and never called in sick. I highly recommend Jamie for a Bethlehem Nanny Job. With her music skills, patience and upbeat attitude, Jamie will be an asset to any family!”

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