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“I really thought when I started interviewing Nannies in Bucks County that it would take weeks to weed out the good candidates. But I was so pleased to find that ABC Nanny Source only sent qualified candidates who were professional and experienced. We chose our Nanny the same week we registered with ABC's Bucks County Nanny Agency and she has been wonderful! The hardest part of the process was deciding between the great candidates!”

Looking for a Nanny in Bucks County? ABC can help!

Laura joined ABC's Bucks County Nanny Agency with a sincere desire to impace a child's growth and development!

Bucks County Nanny Laura's References

““My son, Conner, was a student of Laura’s. While Laura worked at the daycare, Conner was so anxious to see her face everyday. As we drove to the center he always asked me, “Daddy is Miss Laura going to be there today?” He was really upset that she had left the academy late last year, as was I. Though, after Laura’s departure, Conner took with him many memories, as I’m sure Laura did, as well. Laura is an excellent mentor who takes initiative. Besides the required curriculum, Laura always had fun activities planned for all of the kids to enjoy. For her students’ birthdays, she would always throw a birthday party to celebrate the special day and she would, thoughtfully, either buy or make the children a birthday gift. Whether I was dropping Conner off early in the morning or picking him up at night, Laura always had a welcoming and warm smile on her face. Engaging all of the children was important to her as she wanted to connect with each and every one of them on a personal level to allow the children to comfortable around her an in their own environment. One weekend in autumn of last year, I had a personal emergency arise and, being a single father, it was difficult to find compulsory arrangements for Conner’s supervision. Laura had babysat for Conner about twice before this incident occurred, and there was no hesitation on my part to call Laura to watch my son as I tended to the urgent situation. Laura immediately came right to my aid with that infamous smile up on her face. I will never forget her for this genuine act of kindness and concern for not only Conner, but for me, as well. Reliability and responsibility are just a few of Laura’s most paramount assets that never falter and constantly shine. Laura would make an outstanding nanny for this Bucks County Nanny Agency, as she has already proven, to me at least, that she is confident enough in her teaching abilities to teach not only inside a classroom, but outside in the real world where the most important life lessons are leaned. The type of skill with children that Laura possesses is something that cannot be taught behind a desk; it is a natural dexterity that harbors and sustains itself deep within Laura’s compassionate heart.”

“I would like to offer my recommendation for Laura in the field of childcare and early childhood education. Laura established a warm and nurturing environment for my son during his pre-kindergarten experience and taught him many essential skills that he has since utilized in his kindergarten classroom. Laura has a calm manner and respectful approach to helping children develop autonomy and self-discipline. She exposed my son to many learning experiences in literacy, math, science, and social studies and has a firm grasp on methods that best help children explore the many facets of concepts in these areas. Laura would be an asset to any organization or family that has young children.”

“I have been Laura’s neighbor for over nine years. During this time, she has watched my two children for me on numerous occasions. My children really enjoyed having her watch them, as she came equipped with games and books to keep the children occupied. As a character reference, I have known Laura to be outgoing, kind and friendly. I am sure Laura would make a great nanny with your Bucks County Nanny Agency.”

“Laura worked closely with my children at their daycare center and then as their sitter outside of school on numerous occasions. She genuinely cares for my kids and cares about their health and well-being, making it top priority! She demonstrates responsibility and skill at every level buy adapting to the situation, thinking on her feet and always asking questions when she is unsure! I would definitely recommend using Laura for your childcare needs through this Bucks County Nanny Agency!”

“I first started working with Laura when she participated in the Career/Work Study Program. At that time, I supervised and mentored her placement within the day care setting. I watched her grow during her senior year into a very mature and naturally gifted teacher’s assistant for young children. She completed the course with an “A” average. Since Laura’s graduation, I have kept in contact with Laura on several occasions to see how her progress has been within the field of child care. And of course, her passion and dedication comes through in our conversations as she continues to be employed in a daycare center and considers post secondary opportunities within preschool education as well as the geriatric field. Her desire to work with people is very clear and I am very proud of see her persistency and positive attitude in careers that have a great deal of rewards opportunities for a young person. If given the opportunity, I have no doubt that Laura will continues to work towards her future goals an will be a tremendous asset to this Bucks County Nanny Agency.”

“I have known Laura as a personal friend for 4 years. In October of 2008, I gave birth to my first son. Since then, Laura has always made herself available to offer any support that I needed. Laura has taken my son for frequent walks to the park, assisted in preparing his meals, accompanied our family on day trips, and assisted with day-to-day errands and tasks. Laura is sensitive to my need to have a trustworthy individual to take care of my son during the day. She has always been readily available to assist at any time. Laura clearly possesses the maturity and character traits necessary to care for my eight-month-old son. She has a nurturing and caring attitude that creates a warm and positive environment. I am always assured that my son’s needs are met whenever he is in her care. She is capable of providing her undivided attention to him at all times. As a first time mother, it can be difficult leaving your child in the hands of another, but I always feel comfortable leaving my son with Laura.”

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