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“I really thought when I started interviewing Nannies in Bucks County that it would take weeks to weed out the good candidates. But I was so pleased to find that ABC's Nanny Agency in Bucks County PA only sent qualified candidates who were professional and experienced. We chose our Nanny the same week we registered and she has been wonderful! The hardest part of the process was deciding between the great candidates!”

Looking for a Nanny in Bucks County? ABC can help!

Michelle places an emphasis on teaching children, and especially enjoys teaching them to read! Our Nanny Agency in Bucks County PA is proud to represent her!

Bucks County Nanny Michelle's References

“Michelle is a warm and caring person who really enjoys taking care of others! Michelle’s activities with our daughter kept pace with her development. Initially, she was responsible for ensuring Ally’s infant needs were taken care of: feeding, diaper changing, age-appropriate stimulation, working on large and small motor skills, etc. As Ally grew older, Michelle continued to work Ally on her education and social needs. They would spend their days reading, going to the park, visiting the library, taking walks, and doing art projects. Most recently, Michelle created an alphabet book with Ally where they painted and colored the letters. As Michelle had previously worked as both a Nanny and in a daycare environment, she had a lot of great age-appropriate activities for Ally! Over the summer Michelle played a more instrumental role in our son’s activities. Specifically, she had come up with an idea for the two of them to make a solar system! Jake loved that project and had it hanging in his room for months! In the afternoons when Jake would have friends over, Michelle provided the boys lunch and snacks while supervising their activities. Michelle was consistently pleasant, always showing up to work on time and with a smile! She was also incredibly flexible with our schedules. She was easily able to accommodate the occasional early morning or late arrival home. We feel fortunate to have had Michelle as a caregiver through a Nanny Agency in Bucks County PA! We are convinced that our daughter owes much of her development to Michelle’s presence!”

”Michelle worked in the childcare center that my daughter attended. She was excellent and performed with great enthusiasm her duties at the center. Michelle is a compassionate individual and very respectful of others. Children love her and respond to her in a positive way. Her interactions are always appropriate and full of enthusiasm! I have observed her in many situations dealing with children. She is always calm and uses behavior modification and redirection techniques. She would be an asset to any family and Nanny Agency in Bucks County PA!”

“Michelle was one of our Nannies at Perfect Nanny and very well liked by all. She is a lovely person and a dedicated Nanny. She is great with children; they love her as the parents do as well. I would recommend Michelle for any Nanny position with a Nanny Agency in Bucks County PA! She is a special person with a special gift for children. She is a kind and caring person who will go out of her way to assist with any needs. She is a great Nanny and her love of children makes the job a joy for her. She is wonderful person and friend and I am blessed to know her!”

”Michelle loves children and children like her too! She is a good communicator, intelligent, and able to get down to the child’s level. She is also full of fun ideas for children to do; very educated!”

”Michelle and I are cousins and we have always had a close bond. Both Michelle and I have always loved to work with children and she always liked to work as a Nanny, through a Nanny Agency in Bucks County PA, rather than in either a school or daycare.”

”I have known my cousin to be thoughtful, loving and understanding. She has helped me personally as well as many other members in the family with childcare. She has watched my one-year-old daughter several times, and has done a wonderful job with her! Michelle also has a wonderful personality, is creative, energetic and there whenever I have needed her. One of Michelle’s greatest qualities is that she is loyal to those she holds dear and has been a huge support system for my family and I over the years!”

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