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“I really thought when I started interviewing Nannies in Center City that it would take weeks to weed out the good candidates. But I was so pleased to find that ABC Nanny Source only sent qualified candidates who were professional and experienced. We chose our Nanny the same week we registered with ABC's Center City Nanny Agency and she has been wonderful! The hardest part of the process was deciding between the great candidates!”

Looking for a Nanny in center city? ABC can help!

ABC’s Center City Nanny Agency values Tiffany’s talents in for children of all ages!

Center City Nanny Tiffany's References

“I have known Tiffany for many years, as our families have closely interacted in community settings and I highly recommend her to ABC’s Center City Nanny Agency! She is a passionate and compassionate person, and most of her goals align with her main desire, which is to help and influence others in a positive, life-changing way! I know about her aspirations because she does not hesitate to voice her love for humanity, especially for the youth. Tiffany has this way with a child that makes them feel safe and loved. Her smile and warmness put people at ease, but she is not afraid to be firm when her authority is challenged. On a professional level, I have observed Tiffany's knack for leading and caring for children during her time volunteering in the nursery. When I first attended the afternoon service at church with my family, Tiffany was in charge of the nursery/pre-school class. I dropped off my son, Aaron (who was three at the time), to the class, and before I knew it, he asked to return the next week, and the next! Aaron loved going because they played games, listened to stories, had "puzzle races" and sometimes created crafts. As someone in the childcare industry with my own daycare business, I am highly invested in the needs and safekeeping of young children. Seeing Tiffany's work with the church nursery shows me that she is meant to work with the youth! She has natural talent, and children seem to be instinctually drawn to her. In the nursery, she cared for children from age one to six. The six year old was also mute, and he loved her. Seeing such connections being formed touches me immensely because I have experienced it I know that there is a need for good child care everywhere, and I know that Tiffany is a force in the field. Tiffany has my highest recommendation, and those who have met, worked with, and enjoyed company with her will say the same!”

“I highly recommend Tiffany to any family registered with ABC’s Center City Nanny Agency! She privately tutored my son, Michael on two separate occasions through her employment with Study Point. In this time, Tiffany spent a total of eight hours working on key points, problems, and strategies to prepare Michael for the Writing and Critical Reading sections of the PSAT. She came fully prepared to teach and guide Michael, giving him a diagnostic test and constantly assigning him work to practice and hone his skills in the target areas. She was patient, kind, and most importantly, always encouraging! We enjoyed her work with Michael so much that I contacted Study Point again to request that Tiffany resume tutoring Michael on his writing. Through our second session with Tiffany she met with Michael two times a week for a total of eighteen hours. Her lessons were focused, but fun, which kept Michael interested. They worked very well together, and Tiffany has a natural connection with youth that catches and holds their attention! Beyond working on his writing skills and the SATs, Tiffany helped prepare Michael for the ACT’s as well. At the end of her work with him, Michael's English teacher noted on his quarterly report card that his writing improved and is more concise. Most significantly, however, were Michael's standardized test scores. He scored a 36 on Reading on the ACT’s, and his final SAT I Scores were: Math 800, Writing 760, and Critical Reading 800! Needless to say, we are all pleased with the work Tiffany did with Michael. It is clear that Tiffany loves what she does, which is working with the youth, teaching, and helping others.”

“I've known Tiffany for nearly three years now. In that time, she has become one of my best friends, and I like to think that I have learned more than a few things about her character. She is extremely intelligent, driven, compassionate and understanding and she has an outstanding love of working with children and students that surpass any I have seen! I know she will succeed with ABC’s Center City Nanny Agency! Having grown up with an older sister who has dedicated her adult life to special education and motherhood, I feel like I know how to spot that special type of teacher or childcare worker who understands children and can connect with them like no other. I am talking about that teacher you remember for the rest of your life because of the profound and true effect he or she had on your development as a person. Tiffany is that type of teacher! I remember when Tiffany first met my nephew, Kai. At the time, Kai was three years old, and always shy around new people. Within the first minute - and that's no exaggeration - of meeting Tiffany, it was as if Kai had found his new best friend! In moments, Kai and Tiffany were off and playing in the park and he was having so much fun that I couldn't help but feel a pang of jealousy that he had so quickly found such a strong bond (like any proud uncle, I like to think of Kai as my nephew and my 'best bud' first and foremost). The next time Tiffany saw Kai, he was turning four, and Tiffany accompanied me to his birthday party. It was nearly a year since Kai had seen Tiffany, and I was expecting him to need a reminder of who Tiffany was. Instead, what I saw was a boy filled with incredible joy that one of his best friends had returned! "Tiffany, come and play with me!" I couldn't believe it! And Kai wasn't the only attendee excited to see Tiffany. As more little boys and girls arrived, it became clear that Tiffany was going to be their main entertainment for the day! Children naturally congregate around her. She made the children laurels of dandelions and showed them how to make their own. She helped them dig for treasure in the playground. Soon she was everyone's new best friend! Tiffany truly has that special quality. She understands children and children understand her. She never misses an opportunity to teach or to pique a child's interest in something new, whether it's a curious bug on a leaf or a school subject that was previously intimidating. I have known few people with that quality - that innate ability to form an immediate bond with a child who was previously too shy to even speak to someone new. My sister, the lifelong teacher, has it. The teachers who changed my life indelibly for the better have it. And Tiffany has it. I can't recommend her highly enough!”

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