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“I really thought when I started interviewing Nannies in Center City that it would take weeks to weed out the good candidates. But I was so pleased to find that ABC Nanny Source only sent qualified candidates who were professional, experienced and truly seeking a Center City Nanny Job as a career. We chose our Nanny the same week we registered and she has been wonderful! The hardest part of the process was deciding between the great candidates!”

Looking for a Nanny in Center City? ABC can help!

Every Center City Nanny Job can expect Megan to come in with dedication and a smile!

Center City Nanny Megan's References

“Megan has cared for my son on a few occasions and has been around my son while in my presence numerous times. Megan is very caring and nurturing with my son and I absolutely trust that she takes great care of him! She interacts well with him, talking with him, reading to him, and singing with him. Megan has a very positive attitude and is very dependable in every Center City Nanny Job. She has done a great job caring for my son to the point that when she is over; my son prefers to sit on her lap versus mine! She is always ready and willing to run to the rescue and help when needed. I also believe that Megan’s education in primary education will enable her to succeed as a Nanny!”

“Megan was a student teacher in my sixth grade classroom during the fall period of one school year. Megan's love for the profession and sincere interest and concern for the students was evident immediately! She devised creative lessons that were well prepared and implemented effectively. Megan used various techniques to differentiate instruction in order to accommodate the different learning levels and styles of the students. She was diligent, conscientious, flexible, and supportive team player during her term. Megan's classroom management style was like a veteran teacher's. She had sound classroom control and was fair in her treatment of all the students. In return, Megan commanded respect and had good rapport with the students. This enhanced her effectiveness and created an environment where children could grow and learn. It is without reservation that I recommend Megan for a Center City Nanny Job! She would be an asset and wonderful addition to any employer!”

“I have known Megan for over 20 years. We grew up next door to each other, went to grade school and high school together, played on sports teams together, and occasionally worked together over the years. She has been a great friend who I have known almost my whole life. Megan is highly qualified for any Center City Nanny Job! She has worked in numerous positions with children, from teaching to working at summer camps to working with foster children to private childcare. She is very dedicated to her work, and loves working with children! I have witnessed Megan interact with many children, including my own nieces and nephews. She is wonderful with them, always proving herself to be patient, fun, and caring. She has a natural knack with children, and its obvious that they love being with her too!”

“Megan is a very energetic person who will always go above and beyond! She is very creative and genuinely loves working with children. She exuberates a lot of passion for the education field and in a Center City Nanny Job. Megan possesses a sense of charisma. People tend to quickly feel comfortable around her, as I myself do! I cannot think of a better candidate for a nanny position than Megan, as her traits match perfectly with what this job will require of her!”

“I worked with Megan years ago in a professional office environment, and she was always hard working, courteous, intelligent, and has since become a good friend to me and my son. She has spent a great deal of time with my 2 year old and is absolutely wonderful with him! She has excellent teacher skills and is a natural with children. I would highly recommend her for a Center City Nanny Job!”

“Megan was on the study team in which I managed. She has proven herself to be a very hard working and determined individual on an extremely demanding study. It was essential that team members on this study were able to handle several tasks at once, and Megan was able to multi-task and assisted other team members with their organization as well. She was able to quickly grasp new material and tasks given to her, and always ensured her work was accurate and complete. Not only did Megan go above and beyond what was asked of her, but also she did it with a smile on her face! I know her positive attitude will also shine through in a Center City Nanny Job. It was truly a pleasure to have Megan on my team! Although her fellow team members and I were sad to see her go, I am confident that Megan will be an essential employee and will always put forth her best effort!”

“I have known Megan throughout her entire life. She has always been a caring person who shows a great deal of empathy for those around her! Megan has always taken the opportunities available to show her caring for the adults and children in her community. She has been involved in multiple service organizations, including a camp for children with disabilities. Megan is also friendly, personable, and easy to get along with. Megan has cared for my daughter on multiple occasions, from infancy to now as a six year old. She has always made my daughter’s safety and wellbeing a priority in every Center City Nanny Job. Megan shows true enjoyment in playing with and entertaining my daughter. She has the patience, understanding, and energy to initiate stimulating, engaging, and enjoyable activities with children. I believe she would make a wonderful nanny for a very lucky child! She would be an asset for any busy parent trying to provide the best environment for their child!”

“Megan is very good with children! She gets down on their level and does a fabulous job engaging them in meaningful activities. Megan is excellent with discipline and tries to help children learn from their mistakes. She will be a great asset in any Center City Nanny Job!”

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