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“I really thought when I started interviewing Nannies in Chestnut Hill that it would take weeks to weed out the good candidates. But I was so pleased to find that ABC Nanny Source only sent qualified candidates who were professional and experienced. We chose our Nanny the same week we registered with ABC's Chestnut Hill Nanny Agency and she has been wonderful! The hardest part of the process was deciding between the great candidates!”

Looking for a Nanny in Chestnut Hill? ABC can help!

ABC’s Chestnut Hill Nanny Agency values Rosemarie’s focus on educational activities!

Chestnut Hill Nanny Rosemarie's References

“I absolutely recommend Rosemarie for a Nanny position with ABC’s Chestnut Hill Nanny Agency! We love her! I consider Rosemarie to be a teacher, not just a childcare provider. She was so professional, nurturing, warm, and provided excellent care for my child. How much my son learned from Rosemarie is unbelievable! Jordyn loved her! Rosemarie was also extremely reliable, and was not late once. I had a great experience with her!”

“Rosemarie has always displayed a high degree of care, responsibility, nurturing and education for my twins! She is definitely a leader that can act independently with multiple children at one time. In addition to her excellent childcare accomplishments, she has proven her leadership ability by helping with small household chores and going over and beyond her stated duties. She is also a most dependable team player! We always felt that our children were in the best hands when she was with them. We believe that Rosemarie has fostered our children to overachieving on their gross and fine motor skills! We also believe that she has taught them life lessons that cannot be learned in a daycare setting. Her good judgment and mature outlook ensure a logical and practical approach to her endeavors! We will miss her deeply! Rosemarie would be an asset to any Chestnut Hill Nanny Agency, and we are happy to give her my wholehearted endorsement!”

“As the lead teacher in Khari's class, Rosemarie was not only very involved with each child's (and parent's) individual needs and preferences, but she quickly became attuned to each child's individual personality. Rosemarie will surely succeed with ABC’s Chestnut Hill Nanny Agency! She was very "by the book" when it came to notifying us about any irregularity in our son's eating, napping, disposition, or about any health concerns. Khari loved singing songs with Rosemarie and she was quick to recognize that he liked to exercise his legs (bouncing) and being outdoors. Rose set a great tone in her care-giving group and both our formal and informal discussions about Khari and his care were always valuable exchanges. She is a very caring person who is not easily rattled in the role of childcare practitioner. She is very patient with children, knows their developmental stages quite well, and knows how to encourage growth in infants and toddlers. Our experience with Rosemarie was very good. As first-time parents, my wife and I left our son in a classroom full of babies (about 8 or 10) at the age of four months. Even though the daycare center is close to my wife's school and she was able to go to nurse Khari during the day, it was still a situation that initially produced some anxiety for us. However, it soon became very clear that our son was in wonderful hands with his caregivers, led by Rosemarie. It was also clear that Rosemarie, in her role as lead teacher, was not just a strong leader, but also an excellent teacher and a perceptive person. Our son flourished in her classroom and she had a lot to do with that. When it was time for Khari to move up to another age group, he was well prepared emotionally and developmentally!”

“Rosemary exceeded her job requirements in many respects! We enthusiastically and wholeheartedly recommend Rosemary to ABC’s Chestnut Hill Nanny Agency. Rosemary was the head teacher in Paul's classroom and in charge of approximately 15 infants and 3-4 teachers. She organized the daily schedule, which in addition to diapering and feeding included circle time, singing, reading, painting and going outside. As head teacher Rosemary wonderfully managed the group of teachers and created a friendly work environment, which in turn benefited the infants. She was very responsive to the different needs of different children. Rosemary is a very experienced child caregiver with a caring attitude towards infants and their parents. Our son Paul had strong separation anxieties when he joined Rosemary's infant class at the age of 5 months. In this situation, which was very stressful for us parents, Rosemary was patient and thoughtful about how to make Paul feel more comfortable. We particularly appreciated that she was very honest to us about Paul's emotions during the day. I would have Rosemarie be Paul’s Nanny any day!”

“During the time my children were in Rosemarie's care she ran an excellent home daycare, and she provided good quality care to my children. I found Rosemarie to be an excellent day care provider. She took care of both of my children since infancy until they were three years old. They are now 12, and 15 years old, and she prepared them very well for preschool. My children continue to do well in school and they attend Conwell Junior High and Girls High Schools, which is accredited to the head start that my children received while in the care of Rosemarie. I highly recommend her and feel that she will be an asset to any Chestnut Hill Nanny Agency!”

“Rosemarie was the head teacher in a classroom environment. Prior to the Rosemarie being hired to work in my program we were professional colleagues who share a passion for the field of early childhood education. Having worked on committees and local projects together I was aware of Rosemarie's commitment, and skill level. She is an excellent caregiver and will be a great asset to ABC’s Chestnut Hill Nanny Agency! I was also aware she ran her own program for several years. Rosemarie was confident she wanted to work in a group setting. She was hired temporarily to fill a position and eventually was hired full time. My experience with Rosemarie as an employee was very good!”

“Rosemarie was the lead teacher in the Infant classroom and I had two children who were in her classroom throughout the three years I have known her. Rosemarie was extremely competent and always willing to accommodate my needs if I had specific childcare requests for my children. She set a high benchmark for the other teachers in her classroom to strive for and they were very successful in exceeding that benchmark. My children, when they were infants, were always glad to get to be in Rosemarie’s care. My overall experience with Rosemary was amazing; she will flourish with ABC’s Chestnut Hill Nanny Agency!”

“Rosemarie was an excellent daycare provider, often exceeding my expectations! She will certainly do the same for all families registered with ABC’s Chestnut Hill Nanny Agency. Rosemarie took care of my three children from six weeks until three years of age. I found her to be highly professional, very dependable and extremely instrumental in the growth and development of my children. Rosemarie's creativity and love for children can be seen in her conscientious care of them. Her positive attitude and sound judgment strongly speak to her ability to pull the best out of the children under her care. Rosemarie has truly been a blessing to my family and many other families, as well!”

“Rosemarie is a kind, loving and compassionate person! Her passion is working with children. She has raised three successful grown children all college graduates, they are kind, humble and loving. This is a testament of their upbringing. The one thing that impressed me most about Rosemarie is that when her children start having children to make sure that her grandchildren would have the best care, she quit her job to become a childcare provider to make sure that they were given the best care possible. She did not just feed, change their diapers and made sure they took naps. She was an educator, by the time these children was ready for kindergarten they could read and write. I think Rosemarie will be the best Nanny that any family registered with ABC’s Chestnut Hill Nanny Agency could hire!! I know she meets all requirements and qualifications for a Nanny!”

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