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“I really thought when I started interviewing Nannies in Delaware County that it would take weeks to weed out the good candidates. But I was so pleased to find that ABC Nanny Source only sent qualified candidates who were professional and experienced. We chose our Delaware County Nanny the same week we registered and she has been wonderful! The hardest part of the process was deciding between the great candidates!”

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Delaware County Nanny Stacy enjoys helping children with their homework!
Delaware County Nanny Stacy's References

“If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to hire Stacy as you Delaware County Nanny, you will not have any regrets. We are moving out of state and Stacy’s desire is to stay behind, though she has a standing offer to join us! She has proven to be one of the most organized, competent employees we’ve ever had! She is incredibly attentive to every detail, able to complete multiple tasks, make great use of her time and we feel certain that if she has dealings with any of our business associates that she will represent us in a professional, intelligent manner. Stacy served a dual purpose in our home. She was a household manager/personal assistant and we also trusted Stacy explicitly with our children. We traveled out of town with them in her care and felt assured that every need and detail would be taken care of. She would create activities to entertain my children; she gave them structure and routine; and I always felt comfortable that if an emergency occurred Stacy would be level headed and able to handle it. She often traveled with our family and she did a fantastic job of helping to prepare our three children for the trip, remembering even the minutest details! On a personal level, I thoroughly enjoy Stacy’s company. She is a smart woman with a wonderful sense of humor. She comes from a very hardworking background and has a terrific work ethic. She is truly a friend and I will miss her as part of our family. I know Stacy will not only meet but also rise above your expectations as a Nanny. Your children will grow to love her as mine have, and you won’t find a better caregiver!”

“Stacy has shown an incredible amount of professionalism, competence, affection, responsibility and diligence when caring for our three children. She takes shows a large degree of pride as our Delaware County Nanny, making sure things are done right the first time and often going beyond what is asked of her by anticipating additional ways in which she can make herself useful. Most importantly, we feel entirely comfortable leaving our children in her care, be it for a single evening or an entire week. We are all very sad to be losing Stacy, but we know that she will make an excellent Nanny for the next family that is lucky enough to hire her!”

“When it came to trusting someone with our four children, Stacy was dependable, responsible and a tremendous blessing to our family. She was the best Delaware County Nanny we have ever had! Due to the nature of our business we would have to be gone for full weekends and some weeklong trips and we could trust Stacy to care for the children and keep their daily routines. I always appreciated her respect for my wishes in how the children should be raised and disciplined, so there weren’t mixed signals. A fun side benefit for me was that she liked to take pictures and kept my albums full of candid shots of the children! I know three boys who are close in age and a baby girl can be a handful, but she kept things under control and always a lot of fun for them all! We hated to have to give her up, but we had to make a move due to business, so I highly recommend her as a Nanny for any family needing someone fun, dependable and trustworthy!”

“I met Stacy two years ago when she became the Delaware County Nanny for our neighbors. I have spent a great deal of time with her, and she has also played a key role in the life of my daughter, Sarah. I cannot say enough about what a wonderful Nanny Stacy is! While she is extremely professional as a Nanny, she is also warm and loving as a family member. She does an outstanding job taking care of the children with a nice balance of discipline and fun. She manages to keep an organized household in the midst of the daily life of three young children. She demonstrates flexibility and the ability to juggle several tasks simultaneously. From the first day I met her, I have been impressed with her ability on a professional and personal level with the children. She is what I call “the whole package” and would make a wonderful Nanny for any loving, caring family!”

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