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“I really thought when I started interviewing Nannies in Delaware County that it would take weeks to weed out the good candidates. But I was so pleased to find that ABC Nanny Source only sent qualified candidates who were professional, experienced and truly seeking a Delaware County Nanny Job as a career. We chose our Nanny the same week we registered and she has been wonderful! The hardest part of the process was deciding between the great candidates!”

Looking for a Nanny in Delaware County? ABC can help!

Jennifer’s Delaware County Nanny Job is her top priority!

Delaware County NannyJennifer's References

“Jen was a counselor to my kids when they attended day camp last summer, and has babysat for us since the summer ended. She has a great attitude and my kids absolutely love her! She is extremely responsible and reliable when it comes to her Delaware County Nanny Job. We trust Jen implicitly!”

“Jennifer is a very effective beginning teacher. She was assigned to student teach Global Studies College Prep and Global Studies Honors to eleventh graders. Jennifer rarely faltered in striving to plan and implement student-centered and meaningful lessons. The success she found during a semester of student teaching was due largely to her keen skills of organization, research, and searching for creative way to engage her students. The amount of time that students were on task in her classroom was generally at the maximum. She focused on making content relevant to her students’ lives and constantly sought out new and appealing situations and teaching techniques. Her ability to receive and remedy constructive criticism she was given contributed to her success, and will continue to bode well for her in the future. The classroom climate Jennifer was able to create was one of mutual respect and a sincere understanding of each student’s needs and abilities. Jennifer would strive to be just as great at any Delaware County Nanny Job! She is industrious, creative, and dedicated, and shows promise of being an outstanding teacher!”

“Jennifer is an intelligent, highly motivated, sensitive and passionate educator. Jennifer would be outstanding in a Delaware County Nanny Job! She brings energy and dedication to high school students and they respond positively by working hard, asking for help and complimenting her. Jen encourages active learning by involving students in cooperative learning activities and encourages students to improve their higher level thinking skills. She implements multiple intelligences using music, tactile, interpersonal, interpersonal, auditory and visual activities. Jennifer is an effective instructor who uses humor and high energy while delivering content. Her students have learned much! She also makes numerous individual accommodations for her special needs students, particularly a deaf student and a student with ADHD. To help the students she allows sketching during class time, shorter deadlines, careful seating and closed captioning. I recommend you give Jennifer every possible consideration.”

“I have known Ms. Jennifer in the capacity of her instructor in her Teacher Education program at Penn State, University Park. In addition, she served as my Teaching Assistant. Jennifer not only fulfilled her job requirements, but she did so in a manner that exemplified her organization and ability to multitask. She demonstrated the compassion, thoughtfulness and intelligence required of an efficient Nanny! The job of a Teaching Assistant was totally voluntary, unpaid and rigorous. Yet, she never missed a class or faltered in her responsibilities. I give her my highest recommendation for a Delaware County Nanny Job!”

“Jen and I were co-workers for a Summer Camp. We worked as Counselors for separate groups, however we were often together for activities such as swimming, lunch, and sports. A day never went by that Jen was not smiling, cheerful, and happy to be at work! She is incredibly fun loving and could often be seen dancing and singing with the children; she was never afraid to look silly! She often helped pick up her fellow Co-counselors spirits and lend a shoulder to cry on. I consider her a great friend and feel blessed to be a part of her life. Jen will be excellent at any Delaware County Nanny Job for whatever family she works with, bringing only good things to their lives!”

“When working with Jennifer over the summer, I saw many fantastic qualities! She is the type of person who will do anything for others. While watching her group of 20 children, Jennifer was able to solve problems, be active with the children, and able to help staff members. She fulfilled every requirement and more! The children confided in her and were able to trust her right away. Jennifer’s hard work will be noticed in her Delaware County Nanny Job! I recommend her to the highest degree, and you will be happy with the results of her work.”

“I worked with Jen at a day camp during the summer. She did an excellent job with the kids! They were always entertained and safe. She has a great personality to work with all age groups of children. She was able to switch between the role as a friend and the role as a disciplinarian. She made sure that all children were safe and taken care of while also have a lot of fun with them! Jennifer will succeed in any Delaware County Nanny Job she is offered!”

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