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"Working with ABC Nanny Source gave felt like working with a trusted friend. They really had our best interests at heard when finding a nanny for us! They made sure that all our information, as well as that of the nannies, was treated with the confidentiality and importance it deserves. There was such an abundance of information throughout the process, as well, that the comprehensive profiles we recieved made it feel as if we already knew the nannies we were considering! The process was so swift, we were able to decide on a nanny in a matter of days! Such a wonderful experience."

A Live Out Nanny in Pasco County like Grace will have plenty of experience encouraging children toward being great people!

"I am a responsible, respectful, creative and trustworthy person. I have worked in childcare for the past 15 years and have experience with large families. I have worked with children in both before/after care programs as well as summer programs and as a Live Out Nanny in Pasco County. I have also studied Elementary Education. I enjoy working with children, and I have chosen the Nanny profession because I love what I do! I believe each child is different and requires different styles of care. I am able to do housekeeping responsibilities pertaining to the children. I also would love to take children to the park and have fun outdoor activities! Moms and Dads will see me as flexible, friendly and will comfortable to leave their children in my care.”

“She did an exceptional job as the Early Childhood Teacher/Assistant and was an asset to our childcare organization during her tenure with the center. She has excellent written and verbal communication skills with the children that she comes in contact with and the parents that we serve. She is able to effectively multi-task to ensure that all projects are completed in a timely manner. She was always willing to offer her assistance and had an excellent rapport with children, families, employers and other professional organizations. She would be an asset to any employer, and I recommend her highly for any childcare position.”

“I have known her for the past eight years, beginning with my involvement with the Young People Department at our organization and more recently at a childcare academy. In our initial meeting, I found her to be inquisitive and bright. Therefore, when the Board of Trustees decided to encourage her to get involved with the Young People Department, I was very satisfied in their decision. Because of her continued interest and level of performance, the Young People Department subsequently has grown with her support. She has led weekly discussions encouraging our youngest members aged three years and up. Recently, she organized a full day, weeklong study program for children aged three to thirteen years old. My child participated and was very excited to go every day. I was most impressed with the wealth of knowledge that was carried over daily. Because of her dedication and success, the committee decided to make the program annual. All of my initial impressions about her level of aptitude and desire to help children have been confirmed. She is a role-model for the young and old. She is a bright, hard-working individual. The Young People Department has found her to be extremely reliable, not only in terms of being available, but more importantly, in her work ethic and behavior. She comes forth when her assistance is needed and is willing to learn from others. I also interacted with her as a head teacher at my younger child's daycare. She is very hands on with the children and the activities she plans have my children interested in going to school every day. She creates a loving, nurturing, and supportive environment for the children and their families. Not only is she an outstanding teacher, she has a pleasant personality and interacts well with everyone, no matter what age. Therefore, I believe that she would be an excellent choice as a Live Out Nanny in Pasco County. I know that she will not only be a productive member of your community, but a great person with whom to interact. Therefore, I give her my highest recommendation.”

“She was directly responsible for the care and supervision of children in us before care program. She has been a reliable and dependable employee and works well with children, families and co-workers.”

“I have known her for two and a half decades and have seen her work in childcare for almost a decade. She can always be counted on to watch her nieces and nephews if one of our other siblings or I need to work or have errands to run. They love being with her and sometimes just want to spend the weekend with her of their own volition. She also does not hesitate to take on the children of friends of our family and her treatment of them would make it hard to tell the difference between them and my children. My sister is versatile because the ages of the children in our family range from several months to twenty years old and this has developed her ability to work with any age group. She is a leader with very well-developed interpersonal skills. She takes the initiative in planning and seeing through functions. Her patience and kindness toward the children she works with both professionally and personally are outstanding. Overall, I would highly recommend her for this position as a Live Out Nanny in Pasco County because she is very responsible and trustworthy. Her background experience and strong abilities to connect with children speak for her.”

“It brings me great pleasure to recommend my her to be a nanny. She has proven herself to be one of the hardest workers I know. As the teacher for my younger sister for the past four years, she has proven herself to be reliable, dependable and very trustworthy. My cousin amazes me at how effectively she is able to handle multiple tasks with ease and efficiency. From volunteering to organizing different functions for the youth, she never becomes overwhelmed or complains. I am confident that her charismatic attitude, sense of responsibility, and her great organization skills and creativity will make her an excellent candidate for this position.”

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