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“I really thought when I started interviewing Nannies in Huntingdon Valley that it would take weeks to weed out the good candidates. But I was so pleased to find that ABC Nanny Source only sent qualified candidates who were professional and experienced. We chose our Nanny the same week we registered with ABC's Huntingdon Valley Nanny Agency and she has been wonderful! The hardest part of the process was deciding between the great candidates!”

Looking for a Nanny in Huntingdon Valley? ABC can help!

Jaclyn’s love for young children has made her a wonderful candidate for any family registered with ABC’s Huntingdon Valley Nanny Agency!

Huntingdon Valley Nanny Jaclyn's References

“Jackie is a great asset to my staff! Working with her for four years has been exceptional! Jackie is extremely punctual. Her reliability proves her dedication and hard work towards all the children. The children she has worked with all love her because of her warm, loving, patient, and positive personality! Jackie leaves a lasting memory in each child’s life and would be an asset to families working with ABC’s Huntingdon Valley Nanny Agency!”

“As a teacher at a Childcare Center, I was lucky to have worked with Jaclyn! I was formerly the teacher of the Toddler classroom where Jaclyn worked as my assistant (as well as working as an assistant in another classroom with older children in the afternoons.) Over the course of our time together, I grew to regard Jaclyn as utterly reliable and as an excellent caregiver! Jaclyn is an extremely hard worker. She truly dedicates herself to the families registered with ABC Nanny Source’s Huntingdon Valley Nanny Agency. While working with young children, it is imperative to stay calm in the face of extreme stress at times. Jaclyn is the most gentle and reliable person you could ask to have supervising children! She is nurturing and loving to all children and is able to balance this with a firmness in her character that the children respect and rely upon. Our class had fifteen children enrolled between the ages of 13 to 26 months. At times, especially if there were children who were sick or unwell, it would have been easy to become overwhelmed with the responsibilities laid before us. However, Jaclyn is extremely task oriented and cool under pressure! She handles all issues, large or small, with the same confidence and know-how anyone would want in a caregiver of children. Additionally, she has such a sweet temperament and gentleness to her character that children are naturally drawn to her and love her immediately! I would also note that while I was on maternity leave, Jaclyn handled the running of my classroom in my absence easily. She is a fast learner, and quick to take initiative. Her ease with children certainly helps to make her style of care giving seem natural! I highly recommend Jaclyn for any position working with children!”

“Jaclyn is a very responsible, reliable, caring, and loving young woman who is very good with children! She has been around young children most of her life, as she comes from a large family and has had a younger sister and many younger cousins that she has cared for. She is very kind, loving and patient towards them, and children seem to be drawn to this. She has worked in a daycare for 4 years, and is leaving to join the group of elite nannies found at ABC’s Huntingdon Valley Nanny Agency. I would highly recommend her to care for children, and have entrusted her with my own daughter many times!”

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