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“I really thought when I started interviewing Nannies in Montgomery County that it would take weeks to weed out the good candidates. But I was so pleased to find that ABC Nanny Source only sent qualified candidates who were professional, experienced and truly seeking a Montgomery County Nanny Job as a career. We chose our Nanny the same week we registered and she has been wonderful! The hardest part of the process was deciding between the great candidates!”

Looking for a Nanny in Montgomery County? ABC can help!

Erin offers homework assistance to the children in her Montgomery County Nanny Job!

Montgomery County Nanny Erin's References

“Erin did what was asked of her and more! I always came home to a clean house, and the children enjoyed her company. I have known Erin for approximately 9 years as she grew from being a high school student, college student, nanny for my children, and substitute teacher. I first hired Erin as a work study student to help at the school district office during the summers. I recognized her thorough attention to detail, organization and ability to interact well with others. Since she proved to be highly responsible and demonstrated a great rapport with students, I hired her for the next three years for my Montgomery County Nanny Job! The fact that I trusted her to care for my own children speaks highly of my admiration for her. During this time, she was responsible for making sure my children were well-cared for, including promotion of good hygiene and meal preparation. She also provided structure to their day by ensuring a balance of play with rest, and promoted responsibility by making sure they cleaned up after themselves. On numerous occasions, she transported the children to activities, camps, play dates and doctor’s appointments. She was always punctual, never late with appointments, and I was always confident that my children were safe with Erin as a driver. In addition, my children have always adored Erin! She continues to contact them periodically and they miss her greatly. As a parent and elementary principal, I highly recommend Erin for another child care position. She has proven to be dedicated, hard-working, and very dependable!”

“Erin was always great with our children! She was always punctual to our Montgomery County Nanny Job. Dannie and Dawson were always excited to see her when she came to watch them and they loved spending time with her!”

“Erin was a student teacher at our university child care center! She did a wonderful job interacting with children in an appropriate manner. Erin was at our university childcare center in several capacities. She completed her early childhood block at our center! She also completed the first eight weeks of her student teaching placement at our school. Erin seemed to truly enjoy interacting with and teaching children. She was very reliable, organized, and professional at all times!”

“I was a child care provider for Erin and her siblings for many years! I have known Erin for approximately 20 years. Erin has a strong set of vales that was nurtured through her life by a very supportive and caring family. She is intelligent, competent; she has goals and a distinct direction for her life. Having children of my own, I know and understand the struggles with providing proper childcare. Erin has always expressed interest in working a Montgomery County Nanny job. She loves interacting with children. Erin is a reliable and trustworthy candidate for any Nanny position!”

“Since I have known Erin she has always been very positive! She was always very respectful and considerate of others. She truly has a knack for reaching children in positive ways!”

“When Erin asked me to be a reference for her, I was honored! I have been friends with Erin for 6 years, starting in college as roommates and still as close today. Everyone, including myself, always looked up to Erin! She was always making plans with us, cleaning up the house and cooking for us. We always said one day when we had children of our own we would move to a school where she taught or she would be the nanny to them! It does not surprise me that Erin has chosen a Montgomery County Nanny Job. Having the opportunity to know her over the years makes me understand why she wants to do the work she does. She has the educational background as a teacher and the qualifications/experience for a nanny. I had the opportunity to meet the kids she previously was a nanny for and they were always so happy and excited to be with Erin. I could tell they really looked up to her for the example she set. Erin is young, active, always happy and full of energy! She is very close with her family and constantly is sending me pictures of her nephew, who she just adores! I know that if I ever needed anything I could count on and rely on her to be there for me. Erin makes it a priority to stay close with her friends and family no matter where her life takes her. I had a picnic the other weekend to get together with friends from college and she volunteered to come in the night before to help me get ready. After the picnic I walked into my kitchen and it was spotless, she had cleaned up everything without me even knowing! She is a very helpful, positive and inspiring person. I know any family will be lucky to have Erin as a part of their children's life. She is beyond organized, well-rounded and has the discipline to keep children on task with home work assignments, but she also has that nurturing and loving side to her that makes us all feel blessed to have her in our lives. I am so excited for this career path she has chosen and I know she has what it takes to exceed all expectations and make a difference in the lives of those she has the opportunity to work with!”

“I have known Erin all her life, as she is my younger sister. Honestly, this is not the reason that she was asked to care for Brennan when I returned to work after he was born. Our whole lives Erin has always loved children and wanted to be involved in childcare in some way. She has cared for neighborhood children and friends of the family children for as long as I can remember. She is a caring, kind, and smart women who always puts the interests of the children that she is watching ahead of her own. My husband and I asked Erin to provide childcare one day weekly because we knew that she was qualified for a Montgomery County Nanny Job. She spent time with Brennan doing tummy time, reading and taking walks. She would help out with little chores around the house because she knew that it was often hard for me to find time for doing them. I would fully recommend Erin for a nanny position with children of any age; I feel that she would benefit other family's as much as she has benefited ours.”

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