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“I really thought when I started interviewing Nannies in Jenkintown that it would take weeks to weed out the good candidates. But I was so pleased to find that ABC Nanny Source only sent qualified candidates who were professional and experienced. We chose our Jenkintown PA Nanny the same week we registered and she has been wonderful! The hardest part of the process was deciding between the great candidates!”

Looking for a Nanny in Jenkintown? ABC can help!

Jenkintown PA Nanny Leta loves to teach and nurture the children!

Jenkintown Nanny Leta's References

“Leta taught in our school district for 30 years. For years a classroom teacher of emotionally disturbed pupils of middle school through high school age, Leta consistently performed at a high level! She is extremely proficient in teaching students basic skills in both reading and mathematics. Additionally, she devised and taught solid units in science and social studies, areas often not emphasized enough in special education. With emotionally disturbed students, Leta was one of our first teachers to extensively incorporate effective education curriculum units into her program. With any population of behaviorally disordered pupils, behavioral control is a prerequisite for academic learning. Leta relates well to emotionally disturbed pupils and establishes strong appropriate bonds with her students. With changes in our student population, she spent a number of years with younger students manifesting multiple disabilities. Once again her classroom was a well-managed environment wherein students demonstrated growth in academic skills and socialization abilities. She also did much in the area of affective education. When our district was ready to begin computer-assisted instruction, Leta was one of the key players in training her colleagues to help students via modern technology. In my nearly thirty-five years in education and psychology, she ranks in the highest echelon of teachers I have observed! She is marvelously creative and brings such flair and enthusiasm to her lessons that students are eager to learn. Coupled with this innovative drive, Leta’s intelligence and enthusiasm enables her to function successfully in curriculum development. Leta sets high standards for herself and her colleagues. It is my pleasure to recommend Leta to you as a Jenkintown PA Nanny, as she is a truly special educator!”

“I highly recommend Leta as a Jenkintown PA Nanny! As superintendent, the capabilities of a few truly superior teachers have been brought to my attention. Leta is certainly one who deserves the accolades she has received! Administrators, parents and colleagues hold her teaching skills in very high regard. She understands what students need to be successful at the next level of education or as they make the transition to adult life. Indeed, many of her students have gone on to achieve much success having been motivated to strive for excellence!”

“I was Leta’s direct supervisor for three years, and I can tell you that she will make a great Jenkintown PA Nanny! I always felt that she brought a wealth of energy and creativity to the classroom! She worked effectively with a variety of student age groups and exceptionalities and always achieved results worthy of admiration. Her true concern for the healthy growth and development of the students entrusted to her is clear and apparent!”

“I worked with Leta for seven years. She was a classroom teacher for a multiple disabled classroom and I was one of the Speech/Language Specialists that serviced the students in her class. Her retirement from teaching was certainly a loss to the students in this district. Leta has many qualifications that would make her an excellent Jenkintown PA Nanny for a family that only wants the best for their children! She has a fantastic rapport with children and they immediately feel comfortable with her. In her classroom, there was a loving and caring atmosphere. She had the uncanny ability to recognize the needs of each student, and respond to that student so that their abilities, not disabilities, were celebrated! She was very clear about her expectations, and often used behavioral techniques in order to get students to behave and learn in an appropriate manner. Being energetic herself, her class was always abuzz with learning activities that were instructive and fun! Leta could make the most boring, repetitive drill, into something novel and interesting; no wonder her students loved her! Like many teachers, she was very organized and detail oriented. She was able to multi-task, and prioritized her responsibilities in a sequential manner. The same skills that made Leta an excellent teacher are the same ones that will make her an excellent Nanny!”

“I have observed Leta’s excellent parenting skills as she raised my wonderful, now 23 year old nephew and 19 year old niece. As an aunt to my almost 8-year-old twins, she has demonstrated a creative and energetic approach to dealing with a multitude of situations. She encourages creative thinking by providing hands on learning activities that my children thoroughly enjoy! She offers a firm and nurturing approach in dealing with behaviors based on an understanding of the individual child’s’ strengths and weaknesses. She will make a superb Jenkintown PA Nanny! As a co-worker and employee, she is responsible, dependable, and very detail oriented. She was the inspiration for our family business, “Baby It’s You”, which was based on her own personal experience and understanding of the needs of expectant/new parents and their newborn children. As a teacher, she has taught her students, her own children, and my own children the job of learning and exploring the world around them. I highly recommend you consider her as a candidate for your Nanny position!”

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