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“I really thought when I started interviewing Nannies in Jenkintown that it would take weeks to weed out the good candidates. But I was so pleased to find that ABC Nanny Source only sent qualified candidates who were professional and experienced. We chose our Nanny the same week we registered with ABC's Jenkintown PA Nanny Agency and she has been wonderful! The hardest part of the process was deciding between the great candidates!”

Looking for a Nanny in Jenkintown? ABC can help!

ABC’s Jenkintown PA Nanny Agency happily represents loving educators such as Le’Nita!

Jenkintown Nanny Le'Nita's References

“Le’Nita was phenomenal with our children! She interacted very will with our children and in return they loved her! She was always on time and flexible when we needed her to be. She is a true gem on file with ABC’s Jenkintown PA Nanny Agency! My husband and I have had an excellent experience with her! She has done wonders with our three children! She has been an asset to our family and a positive influence in our children’s lives. We know that Le’Nita will be great with any family that she cares for! She is a wonderful nanny!”

“Le’Nita is a highly intelligent person! She has always conducted herself in a very professional manner. She was punctual, dependable and always prepared for the lessons and activities of the day. She has remarkable communication skills and always made the parents of the children in her care comfortable. Le’Nita demonstrates the fine character traits of responsibility, self-control, initiative and dependability. She will be a fine addition to ABC’s Jenkintown PA Nanny Agency! Her approach is always thoughtful in her endeavors!”

“Le’Nita is a dynamic, energetic and loving person! She regularly communicates with her families and is always willing to assist them with anything concerning their children. I highly recommend her to all families registered with ABC’s Jenkintown PA Nanny Agency!”

“I have known Le'Nita for many years. She has a jovial and loyal spirit that positively impacts the growth of children! Le'Nita's interaction amongst children is genuine, and by observation proves to be one full of love, kindness and continued growth for a child's well-being.”

“I had the opportunity to work with Le'Nita at a preschool. She loved and saw potential in each child! Le'Nita was so amazing with her creativity and developed phenomenal lesson plans for the children and made each day more exciting than the day before. She is able to think outside the box and she catered to each child's needs. She will be a wonderful addition to any family registered with ABC’s Jenkintown PA Nanny Agency! Le'Nita is very hands on and she is very attentive. She has the patience to take time with each child on an individual basis. She is very motivated and positive and passes on these qualities. Her personality just makes you smile!”

“Le’Nita loves working with children of all ages! She has demonstrated that she is very flexible and able to adapt easily when working with families registered with ABC’s Jenkintown PA Nanny Agency. I have witnessed her loving interaction with the children. She contributed many ideas to our team and was a great tem player. I was impressed with her initiative. Le’Nita has great organizational skills along with extraordinary teaching methods, which will be an asset and beneficial to any family!”

“I have known Le’Nita for over 10 years and she has provided assistance for me in many areas. She has made herself available to me when I needed emergency assistance with my children. Knowing that you have someone you can trust with your small children, even if for a limited time frame, grants big peace of mind! Le’Nita will provide this to any family registered with ABC’s Jenkintown PA Nanny Agency!”

“Le'Nita is a people person! She loves to work with children! I have had my experience of knowing her as a hard working teacher and a friend. She is very dependable. If I had the need of hiring a nanny to care for my children through ABC’s Jenkintown PA Nanny Agency, Le'Nita would be my choice!”

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