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Each ABC Philadelphia Nanny Has

  • CPR Certification
  • Drug Test completed through Quest
  • Criminal Background (National)
  • Social Security Trace
  • Professional Identity Verification
  • Statewide Motor Vehicle Report
  • Valid Driver’s License & Vehicle Registration (when applicable)
  • Prior Verifiable Childcare Experience
  • A Love for Children!
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FAQ's About our Nanny Service in Philadelphia - Cont'd

What kind of training do you provide your Nannies?

ABC Nanny Source requires all candidates are CPR Certified prior to being accepted for representation.

Why do the highly qualified Nannies come to ABC Nanny Source?

We recognize that in order to attract the most qualified and high caliber Nannies, we must not only treat each Nanny with the dignity and respect they deserve but also allow them to be paid at a competitive rate of pay based on their experience and training. In order for a candidate to be approved for representation they truly do need to have a strong desire to pursue this profession. Many other agencies will refer candidates without even professionally verifying their identification, not to mention extensive clearances and certification. We only accept candidates who have proven that they are serious about the profession of a Nanny and this allows our families to feel secure in whom they hire and the Nannies the ability to command a higher rate of pay based on their experience, screening and training we offer.

What is the typical hourly or salary rate for Nannies?

Hourly rates for Nannies can vary widely depending on the position description, how many children are in the family and the experience the Nanny has to offer to the family but generally fall between $15-$20+/hour.

Full time live OUT nannies are often on duty between 40-55/hours per week.

Full time live IN nannies are often on duty between 50-60/hours per week.

Part time live out nannies are on duty a minimum of 25/hours per week all the way up to 39 hours per week and still classify under the classification of part time.

Each family will have particular needs that will need to be analyzed and evaluated at the time of registration so the salary or hourly rates above could be slightly reduced or increased based on the situation. Your placement counselor will provide you with a clear range of what you should expect based on the job description and then the final salary offered to the nanny will be determined by you.

What is your Guarantee Policy?

Although the vast majority of our families use the services of their ABC Nannies far beyond the first year, we are proud to offer an exclusive one-year guarantee period for all permanent placements. Please see referral agreement for more details!

What if my husband or I were to get laid off, would we be at any obligation to the Nanny for the One Year Period?

No. ABC Nanny Source and our Nannies provide a ONE-YEAR COMMITMENT to you. Unlike AuPair Agencies or those bringing in candidates from out of the local area, you are not required to commit to a specific period of time to employ the nanny.

What other benefits will I need to offer a Nanny?

ABC Nanny Source does not dictate the benefit package that should be offered between the family and caregiver, however, in order for families to be competitive in hiring and retaining these highly sought after Nannies, each family should consider offering a benefit package that would include vacation time off, paid major holidays and paid sick time.

What agencies do you recommend for payroll services?

ABC Nanny Source has an excellent working relationship with GTM Payroll Services. You can view thier website here --> or call them at 1-800-929-9213.

When is the placement fee due?

The placement fee is due immediately following the Nanny’s acceptance to the position.

Do you keep a ‘pool’ of Nannies available?

Absolutely! We have Nannies available for placement any time of the year. However, there is a great need for the Nannies we offer and we never compromise our stringent guidelines just to have a ‘pool’ of Nannies to choose from. We are very particular in who we choose to represent which certainly differentiates our Nannies from the rest!

Do all of your Nannies drive?

Yes! It is a requirement to have a valid drivers license in order to even be considered.

What are your business hours?

ABC Nanny Source placement counselors are available Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm.

How many Nannies can I expect to consider when looking for a Nanny?

As many as you would like! We represent only the most qualified Nannies in the industry. However, there is only one perfect match for your family. We have found that many families are pleased to find that ABC Nanny Source is skilled in harmonizing the best-suited Nanny with families early in the process and on average make a hiring decision after comparing approximately five candidates but there isn't a limit to the number of candidates you can consider.

How long will it take to hire a Nanny?

This will vary for each family. We have found that most families secure a Nanny within as little as one week or less. We will provide as much support as needed to assist you in discovering the ideal candidate for your family as expeditiously as possible!

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