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Each ABC Philadelphia Nanny Has

  • CPR Certification
  • 5-Panel Drug Test - Quest Diagnostics
  • Nationwise Criminal Background
  • Social Security Verification
  • Professional Identity Verification
  • State Motor Vehicle Report & Vehicle Registration
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Prior Verifiable Childcare Experience
  • A Love for Children!
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FAQ's About our Nanny Service in Philadelphia

Can I trust the Philadelphia Nanny and caregiver that ABC Nanny Source sends?

We understand you wouldn’t invite just anyone into your home and private life. Our meticulous 10 Step Screening Process includes reference verification, criminal background investigations, driving record checks, 5 panel drug test done through Quest Diagnostics and Social Security Trace. We go above and beyond to be sure every conceivable measure has been taken so only the safest and most qualified Philadelphia Nannies are presented to your family.

Do you focus on the local families and nannies?

Yes, of course! We are very familiar with the local area and the local nannies. We provide the personal touch that is needed by our families. We are NOT a nationwide internet nanny agency and would never consider presenting nannies to our families that we have not individually screened and interacted with.

Do all of your Nannies speak English?

Yes. It is required that all our Nannies speak, read and write English fluently. Many Nannies are multi-lingual, so please let us know if you would be more comfortable with a caregiver that also speaks another language in addition to English!

How do you match the “right” Nanny with the “right” family?

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There are many factors that are taken into consideration when “matching” Nannies with Families. First and foremost, all Nannies are placed within a very close radius to their home. Each candidate your family will consider through ABC Nanny Source will be very close to your home and will be familiar with the area. Secondly, each candidate must feel completely comfortable with the entire job description and the unique needs and requests your family is seeking.

As an example, if you have a newborn, we will only present candidates who have specified that have previous experience working with infants! Thirdly, we try very hard to match Nannies with Families in the same pay range requested. Families have the option to provide specific details regarding the “type” of candidate they are seeking (meaning bubbly, professional, nurturing, etc.) and we do our very best to match all of the criteria so only the best suited Nannies for the position are brought to your attention based on the information you provide.

We also take into consideration any pets our families may have that could interfere with any allergies the Nanny may have told us about. A lot of work goes into the “matching” process but it’s all for a very good cause and provides the results desired!

When are your Nanny services available?

ABC Nannies are available full time Live OUT or Live IN opportunities as well as part time positions that offer a minimum of 25/hours per week and offer at least 4 consecutive hours per day.

Why should I use ABC Nanny Source rather than hiring someone from an online venue?

A private individual is not regulated by or required to adhere to any state or local standards. Considering this, our database of Nannies have undergone comprehensive criminal background and reference checks, along with drug testing, driving motor vehicle report scrutinized, social security trace, and government regulated professional third-party identity verification performed. In addition, in the unlikely event your Nanny was to not work out for any reason we will certainly work diligently to replace your Nanny as quickly as possible. 

How much do your services cost?

ABC Nanny Source offers services for a one time placement fee after we have provided a suitable Nanny that you are happy with and would like to hire!

  • Full Time Live Out Nannies needed between 40-55+ hours per week are provided at a fee of 14% of the Nanny’s anticipated gross salary with a minimum of $3400.
  • Full Time Live In Nannies needed between 50-60+ hours per week are provided at a fee of 14% of the Nanny’s anticipated gross salary with a minimum of $3400.
  • Part Time Nannies who assist with weekly needs that are between 25-39 hours per week are provided at a fee of 16% of the Nannies anticipated gross salary with a minimum of $2800.

All permanent placements come with a ONE-YEAR GUARANTEE*

In order to become registered and receive profiles of the candidates that have been meticulously chosen for your family, ABC Nanny Source does request a valid credit card that is authorized for the minimum fee for the service requested to initiate your Nanny search but there is NO cost to start reviewing profiles of nannies interested in working for your family! Typically you can anticipate considering candidates within 3 days from registration.

Is there a minimum number of hours our Nanny can work for us?

Yes, ABC's Part Time Nannies require a minimum of 25 hours per week and each day must equate to a minimum of 4 consecutive hours for ABC to represent the opportunity.

Do you provide live-in help?

Yes. ABC Nanny Source specializes in live-IN and live-OUT Nannies who are from the local community rather than out of the country.

Our family has a dog that needs to be taken for walks several times a day. Can a Nanny help with this while our children are at school?

Sure! Pets are certainly a part of the family, too. Most candidates who love children also have a natural love for pets and are more than happy to provide assistance in caring for them while on duty!

How do you bill for services?

For your convenience, the one time placement fee can be paid by Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. Register Today! (no fee to get started!)

Who are your Nannies?

nanny, Philadelphia
Nannies come from the local community and come with a wealth of experience. ABC Nannies are selected based on a variety of factors. Of the hundreds of applicants who are interested in becoming an ABC Nanny we only accept approximately 10% of those interested. We only will represent the most qualified Nannies for our families and each Nanny must be experienced and pass our 10 Step Screening Process.


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