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ALL ABC Nannies Have:

  • CPR Certification
  • Passed 5-panel Drug Test
  • Passed Criminal Clearances
  • Authorization to work in the U.S
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Motor Vehicle Report on File
  • Electronic Fingerprints on File
  • Signed ABC’s 1 Year Commitment Pledge
  • Moral & Ethical Code of Conduct
  • Verifiable Childcare Experience
  • A Genuine Love for Children!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does this process usually take from registration to hiring?

This will differ for each household. We have found that the majority of families hire a Nanny after reviewing three to five candidates. We provide continuing assistance to ascertain the ultimate candidate for your family as quickly as possible!

Hours of Operation?

ABC Nanny Source placement counselors are available Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm.

How many nannies are available?

We have sufficient Nannies open for placement any time of the year. However, there is a great necessity for the high caliber Nannies we offer, so at times availability may be restricted. We will never negotiate our strict procedures just to have a ‘group’ of Nannies to choose from. We are very meticulous in who we choose to agree to have in our database which differentiates our Nannies from the rest!

How are taxes handled?

The company thata we highly recommend is GTM Payroll Services. We suggest to every family that hires an ABC Nanny to utilize this resource. This agency specializes in household employee payroll and has an excellent rapport with our families and nannies!

Are there other benefits I should offer the nanny?

ABC Nanny Source does not determine the benefits. Nevertheless, in order for families to be competitive in hiring and retaining these extremely in-demand Nannies, each family should bear in mind presenting a benefit package that would include vacation time off - usually 2 weeks for full time (one week to coincide with the family vacation and one week at the nanny’s discretion), paid major holidays, and paid sick time.

Are we obligated to employ the nanny we hire for a minimum of one year?

No. The entire obligation is on the Nanny and ABC Nanny Source. Your family is not required to continue the salary or employment of the nanny in the event you were to no longer need her services. All ABC Nannies must sign a one year commitment pledge to be accepted, and the agency offers each family a one year guarantee for the unlikely event that for some reason things to not work out with the nanny you hired; however, your family will not be at any obligation to continue her salary in the event where you no longer require nanny services for any reason. (Relocation, parent gets laid off, Mom decides to stay home, etc.) This is an enormous benefit over that of AuPair Agencies and those offering nannies out of the local area.

Is there any kind of training involved in becoming a Nanny in NJ?

ABC Nanny Source requires all applicants possess a valid CPR Certification prior to being accepted into our database.

How does the one-year guarantee work?

Simply – in the unlikely event your nanny does not work out for any reason within the one year time period – we will initiate a new nanny search for your family and assist you in selecting someone new! We are proud to announce that this is not needed very often!

Do you have bi-lingual nannies?

Yes. First, it is a requirement that all nannies are fluent in speaking, reading and writing English. Second, many of our professional nannies are fluent in additional languages such as Spanish, French and even Sign Language. If this is a preference you have, please inform the placement counselor assigned to your family so she can bear this in mind when selecting the appropriate candidates for your position.

Is ABC Nanny Source a National Company or a local NJ Nanny Agency?

ABC Nanny Source is a family owned local agency – not a National agency. Therefore, we insist that every candidate that is in search of employment through our agency comes either to the main offer or a staffed recruiting location to meet face to face with at least two different ABC placement counselors in order to apply.

What payment methods are accepted?

For your convenience, the hiring fee can be paid by Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. You can get registered today!

Does ABC Nanny Source offer live in and live out Nannies?

ABC Nanny Source specializes in live in and live out childcare. All live out nannies are placed within a 30 minute radius of their home so every candidate your family will consider will be very local!

We only need an occassional weekend babysitter – Can you help with that?

No, all ABC Nannies are seeking career opportunities rather than a short term or casual assignment. Our permanent part time Nannies require a minimum of 25 hours per week.

What is the cost involved in hiring a NJ nanny through ABC Nanny Source?

Full Time Live Out and Live In Nannies who assist with weekly needs that are 40 to 55+ hours per week are provided at a fee of 14% of the Nanny’s anticipated gross salary with a minimum of $3400. ONE-YEAR GUARANTEE

Part Time Live Out Nannies
who assist with weekly needs that are 25 to 39 hours per week are provided at a fee of 16% of the Nannies anticipated gross salary with a minimum of $2800. ONE-YEAR GUARANTEE

How do you specifically choose the nannies for our particular family?

There are several aspects that are taken into consideration when “harmonizing” Nannies with Families. One factor will be distance for live out candidates – each live out nanny is placed within a 30-minute radius of their home; so each candidate your family will be presented wtih will be very local to you and will be familiar with the area. Secondly, each prospective nanny must feel completely comfortable with your family description and the unique needs and requests your family is seeking. We certainly will only recommend to you candidates who have experience and are very comfortable with your age of children. For instance, if you have a newborn, we certainly will only be presenting you with candidates who have experience with and love working specifically with babies! Your counselor will also be very in tune to selecting Nannies with your family in the same salary requested on your family application so that this is very closely matched as well. Your counselor will ask you questions during the initial consultation regarding the “type” of candidate you are seeking (meaning bubbly, professional, religious, nurturing etc) and we make a huge effort to also take this into consideration as criteria when sorting through who may best be well suited to your family. It is also taken into consideration any pets your family may have that could interfere with any allergies the Nanny may have told us about. A lot of work goes into the “match” process but it’s all for a very good purpose and provides the results desired!

How do I know that every candidate coming to my home for an interview is safe?

Understandably you wouldn’t invite just anyone into your home. Our careful 10 Step Screening Process includes all references verification, the criminal background clearances that have been obtained, the results of the negative 5 panel drug test done through Quest Diagnostics, Electronic Fingerprinting, face to face interviews at our office or recruiting locations, CPR Certifications etc. We go the extra mile to be sure every imaginable measure has been taken so only trustworthy and qualified Nannies are introduced to your family.


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