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“I just want to take a moment to thank the entire staff at ABC Nanny Source. I was so relunctant to return to work and hire a Nanny. From the moment I contacted your agency all my concerns and worries were put to rest. The candidates were extremely qualified and very experienced. My daughter is thriving with our ABC Nanny and I can work and know she is in safe and loving hands! I will be telling all my collegues about your wonderful service! Thanks again!"
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A Sussex County DE Nanny like Abeda who has great experience with all kinds of children, including special needs.

“I consider myself friendly and fun to be around! I enjoy children and from previous feedback they enjoy me as well! I have always wanted to help people in any way I can. I love to make people happy and know that my guidance and support can make a parent happy as well by having a positive influence on their children! If I was asked to describe in one sentence the reason I have chosen to be in the Nanny profession over any other it would have to be I am able to make lasting bonds with people who will learn to trust me. I have been serving in some form of childcare experience for over 4 years and can honestly say I enjoy what I do! I feel that children bring us joy and optimism. My goal as a Nanny with this Sussex County DE Nanny Agency is to make a family’s life a little less hectic! A helping hand is something everyone needs but not everyone receives. I am willing to do housekeeping that includes laundry, sweeping/mopping, cleaning rooms, and meal preparation. If I had to describe myself in five adjectives I would say that I am intelligent, reliable, honest, caring, and trustworthy. Activities that I would like to incorporate in the daily plan for the family I care for would include a game night to help the entire family relax! I would also schedule a time for homework for the children. If asked to describe the perfect family seeking a Nanny like me I would hope they would be caring and loving!”

“Abeda was my son’s Nanny and since I have a very busy work schedule, Abeda has been quite helpful! I recommend Abeda for any position with this Sussex County DE Nanny Agency where patience and courtesy is required. She has a great handle for infants and I am glad to have had a chance to experience that. Abeda is a great problem solver, though with her around, there were barely any problems that arose! She is a quick study; she was able to attach herself to my son fast and efficiently. Abeda was always there when she had to be. I feel Abeda has been a tremendous help and a wonderful Nanny! She will do great with any family who decides to choose her. She is not only a quality Nanny, but a quality individual!”

“Working with Abeda has been a highlight in my life. She has been a blessing for my family! I have a rather large family and being at work and home, taking care of my children have become quite hectic. Abeda has brought me some hope! She has taken a lot of the work off my hands, not just with my son, but with other household chores as well! She is a fabulous helper and cleans up after my son. Abeda is responsible and has never mixed her personal life with her job. She was always on time and always happy! It is imperative that she was always in a good mood, because my son plays off other people’s moods. Abeda has been great for my son and she is a delightful Nanny. She is young and fun, and that is something every family with your Sussex County DE Nanny Agency needs! Abeda brings an optimism that is needed for the position she carries. I enjoyed her time with my family and guarantee she will be a wonderful Nanny to another family as well!”

“Abeda has been with my family as a Nanny for two years. I believe she will be a great asset to any family she works through this Sussex County DE Nanny Agency in the coming future! Abeda has assisted me in many ways to help take care of my son. Abeda has been enjoyable and friendly! She is firm when needed and controls times of play. Abeda has always been reliable and I find her to be very personable. She has become part of the family and always enjoyed having her in our home. Abeda is a great Nanny and I highly recommend her!”

“Being Abeda’s older sister, I have experienced watching her with not only our younger sister, but my daughter as well. As far as taking care of our younger sister, Abeda has taken many of the responsibilities upon herself. She is always there to deal with school situations concerning our sister. Our sister has Down’s syndrome so taking care of her to full extent takes lots of patience and devotion. Abeda is very responsible and makes sure our sister is attends school, always doing the best she can, and in the best health possible. As for taking care of my 2-year-old daughter, Abeda has become quite attached to her! Not just because she is the aunt, but because it is what Abeda is prone to doing. She has always surrounded herself with children, and seeing her outside her comfort zone is not familiar. She always takes care of my daughter when I have to work and also when my husband and I go out. Abeda is a promising Nanny and will do well with any Sussex County DE Nanny Agency. She is everything I have said and more! I am sure other families have said many good things about her. Her focus is completely on children. I promise you, that you will not be disappointed with her in your home!”

“Abeda is my sister and I think she is a wonderful Nanny! She has worked for my manager and a previous co-worker. I have always gotten calls saying how great she is to have around! Abeda has grown to become a brilliant person. Not only have I received great reviews from other families but I have also observed her for many years with our younger sister. Our sister is 13 years old and is a special needs child. Abeda has gone above and beyond the rest of us sisters to provide for her. She has taken a basic sign language course because she heard our sister was starting to learn it. Abeda has been to every meeting with our sister’s social worker when my mother could not attend. She drops and picks up my sister from school and shows her love towards my sister being more prominent than anyone else. To have Abeda in your home would be an honor to any family! She is devoted to children and their happiness; it is what makes her happy as well. She is a well-rounded person and can accommodate very well in many situations. Having Abeda as a Nanny would be the best decision a family with your Sussex County DE Nanny Agency can make for their children!”

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