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ALL Delaware ABC Nannies Have:

  • CPR Certification
  • Identity Verification Analysis
  • Exceptional References
  • Valid Driver's License
  • Quest Diagnostics Drug Test
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Social Security Trace

Question Your Delaware Nanny Agency

Choosing a Delaware Nanny AgencySelecting the right Delaware Nanny Agency is just as important as choosing the perfect Nanny for your family. In the chaos of day-to-day activity, it is difficult to focus on specific questions to ask a potential Nanny Agency. Below, ABC Nanny Source has composed a list of critical specifications each parent should consider when deciding on the best Nanny Agency for your family:

How Safety-Conscience is Your Nanny Agency?

Many agencies do not stipulate the caregivers they represent have any sort of certifications in CPR or First Aid.

At ABC Nanny Source, it is a requirement that each of our Delaware Nannies are certified in CPR before even meeting with any of our families. Many of our ABC Nannies also possess a certification in First Aid! In addition to this preparation for emergency situations, ABC Nanny Source obtains a Motor Vehicle Report for each Nanny accepted which you are able to view along with her other credentials. This procedure shows that each of our Nannies is prepared for any situation and that she is just as safe on the road as she is in your home!

ABC Nanny Source is a trusted Delaware Nanny AgencyDoes your agency verify the identity of each candidate prior to being sent to me for consideration to hire?

Many Nanny Agencies in Delaware do not do any form of identity verification on their nannies. For most agencies, the nannies word is all that is ever done to complete this most vital step. Most online agencies only deem it necessary for each candidate to fill out an application, or a "profile" that is never verified. Without this verification process, how are parents to know whether or not any of the information is true?

ABC Nanny Source requires that each candidate participate in an identity verification session.  This is conducted by a trained professional who is state-licensed. Our agency staff know that the rigorous screening process that all applicants are subjected to is really the only way to know that our families are truly getting the best their is.before being accepted to this agency. You can be sure that any ABC Delaware Nanny who walks through your door has made it through our 10 Step Screening Process with flying colors!

We've got nannies in our database ready to work for your Delaware family!What kind of guarantee does your agency offer to ensure a successful placement?

Many agencies offer a very limited 30/60/90 day guarantee and some offer a longer guarantee only if you are willing to pay an exhorbitant prorated fee for the period of time the Nanny has been with your family. This does not say much for the agency's confidence that the Nanny is seeking a long term career position.

ABC Nanny Source is different from many agencies in so many ways! Our level of customer service alone stands up against the other agencies in the area. We offer each of our families a full One Year Guarantee! This means that if anything should happen and you need to replace your Nanny at any time within the first year of hire, ABC will conduct a search for a replacement nanny at no cost to you. Our Delaware Nanny Agency takes safety seriously!ABC stands behind each and every placement. When you register with ABC Nanny Source, you will be matched to a Placement Counselor who will work with you throughout the hiring process and beyond! Should anything happen and you need a Nanny replacement, your original Placement Counselor will work with you again, since she will know your family's specifications best!

What kind of background clearances does your agency perform? Also, are these safety precaution clearances done prior to meeting with candidates or only done after we have met them?

Many Delaware Nanny Agencies do not do any kind of background checks until after a Nanny has been hired! This really does not protect your family at all!

Each ABC Nanny profile relays all the appropriate information related to the criminal background checks performed, drug testing results processed through Quest Diagnostics, Motor Vehicle Report, and the criminal background check results. We know how important it is to allow only the safest people into your home, and we are confident that each of our Delaware ABC Nannies is just that!

Are all the Nannies that your agency represents legally authorized to work in the United States?

Many Nanny Agencies do not implement procedures to verify social security information.

When you register with ABC Nanny Source, this issue is not an issue at all! We provide all information to you prior to meeting with any of our Nannies in Delaware. Legal authorization to work in the United States is a requirement for any candidate prior to being accepted by this agency. Visit GTM for more information on payroll services.


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