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ALL Delaware ABC Nannies Have:

  • CPR Certification
  • Identity Verification Analysis
  • Exceptional References
  • Valid Driver's License
  • Quest Diagnostics Drug Test
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Social Security Trace

Are ONLINE OPTIONS through "CRIMINAL.COM" sites safe?

Question: Where can you find a professional Nanny with exceptional credentials?

ABC Nanny Source - look below for reasons why!

We understand that selecting the safest avenue to hire a Nanny for your family is a very personal decision. To ensure that you are receiving the most qualified choices to select from please explore some important factors below to identify what is most crucial to your family’s needs!


Hundreds Apply
Extensive Interview
Only the Best Accepted


Question: When you are considering nannies to hire, is it important to you that they have been through a thorough identity verification process?

Concern with Online Searches: Though an online search will yield hundreds of different results for you to choose from, there is no assurance who you will be meeting with from a database search. Many online resume services allow any individual to post their information without any screening or filtering done by the company. Online resume searches will have your family embarking on a unreasonably time consuming project of combing through the hundreds of applicants that have had NO type of verification and document analysis whatsoever. An online resource will not guarantee legitimate candidates for your consideration.

ABC Nanny Source Solution: The staff at ABC Nanny Source sends each nanny to an outside company who will verify their identity. The initial step is to conduct an analysis of their provided government issued ID. After this, they will then be presented a series of questions that will be used as a starting point for verifying their identity based on past facts both public and private. Utilizing this method, we can be confident that the nanny that is presented to you is surely the same nanny that has sucessfully passed the background checks that have been performed.

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NO Shoplifting
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NO Drunkenness
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NO Asssault/

FULLY Comprehensive Criminal Background Investigations

Question: Do you want to be assured that each candidate that is brought into your home has been carefully screened with a thorough background check to ensure the safety of your family?

Concern with Online Searches: Online resume searches will, at best, provide you with a database of hundreds of individuals to consider for your position. However, the information provided can be considerably edited by the candidates available and can often hold information that is invalid and out of date. An individual from an online database may have committed numerous offenses and the information will be unknown to you, leaving your family at risk.

ABC Nanny Source Solution: We are very proud to announce with extreme confidence that our 10 Step Screening process is unparalleled in the industry! Without a doubt, our process far exceeds any other not just locally, but within the entire country. ABC Nanny Source only represents candidates that have been extensively investigated for safety purposes and cleared of all illegalities. We conduct National Background investigations on every nanny BEFORE we choose to present them to our families. The safety of your family is a primary concern and our extensive screening process will provide you with the confidence that each candidate you meet is a respected and loving caregiver.

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NO Driving Under the Influence
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Averting Disaster



Question: Do you want to be confident that your nanny is a safe and reliable driver?

Concern with Online Searches: Most often online searches do not provide a candidate’s driving record and the information is never presented to you take into consideration. Your family’s needs may require the nanny to help transport your children when needed and the assurance that they will be safe is incredibly important.

ABC Nanny Source Solution: ABC Nanny Source obtains each applicant's driving motor vehicle history prior to representing them to families. This sort of information is unfortunately not available to the general public and often discloses very pertinent information about an individual, especially related to their level of responsibility. These reports will contain all applicable moving violations, suspensions, and accidents the candidate may have received. Additionally, any offenses such as driving under the influence, careless driving, or any other irresponsible indiscretions are also reported allowing ABC Nanny Source to only provide the most responsible candidates to be responsible for your family’s safety.

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NO Substance Abuse
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Question: How can you be aware if a candidate is abusing illegal substances that is dangerous to your family?

Concern with Online Searches: Online resume searches do not conduct drug screening leaving you to trust the honesty of the candidate’s written post in your decision. While this may not be your first question when dealing with potential caregivers, it is undoubtedly an important underlying factor that some families sometimes take for granted. Unfortunately many individuals will be dishonest in their activities, not considering the danger they represent to children and the impression they would make as a role model and influential person in a child’s life.

ABC Nanny Source Solution: It is mandatory that each nanny considered for acceptance by ABC complete a full panel drug test conducted by Quest Diagnostics prior to representation. This report discloses to ABC absolutely any traces of substances such as cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, marijuana, and PCP’s. We understand completely the implications that come with drug use and take our drug testing policy very seriously. A healthy and responsible individual is essential to be an equally dependable and professional caregiver. Deciding to welcome a Nanny into your home is not unlike personally selecting the individual you best want representing all of the positive and commendable qualities as a role model to your children. The danger that any irresponsible behavior poses is too great and ABC Nanny Source is determined that each nanny represented is a trustworthy and reliable individual.

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Verification Group
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Question: Do you value excellent experience in your nanny that has been completely verified?

Concern with Online Searches: It is obvious that resumes are convenient and critical for any individual in order to obtain a position in their respective field. However, embellishments are all too easily contained in the resumes you find in an online search. Online databases will yield plenty of results that are often untruthful and considerably altered. Determining what is true and what is false can be a very daunting task with no promised outcome.

ABC Nanny Source Solution: ABC Nanny Source has an entire Verification Department dedicated to providing you with detailed and verified references. A crucial requirement of the Agency is that each candidate is able to provide at least three childcare references in addition to two character references. The objective of attaining these important recommendations is to provide the family with great insight into the character of each nanny and ease the process of verifying their past experience. The ABC Verification Team is able to contact each person submitting a reference on behalf of our candidates directly, proving that our Nannies are not only honest and accountable, but best of all, have a vast amount of experience to share with your family!

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Question: Do you need to be absolutely positive that your nanny is acceptable to work in the United States and has authorized identification?

Concern with Online Searches: Online databases do not require candidates to provide proper identification. There is no way to protect from identity theft online and verify that the person you are connecting with is indeed who the fantastic child care provider they say they are. This can allow for an individual to provide a false history that may be covering up their criminal past. It leaves your family at risk and brings a significant danger into your home.

ABC Nanny Source Solution: ABC Nanny Source requires all candidates provide proper photo identification as well as confirmation that they are able to be employed in the United States. As an extra measure of precaution, ABC also conducts a social security trace on each applicant in addition to verifying the Identification with state officials from their driver’s license. Every measure is taken to make absolutely certain that the person you are contemplating for employment is legal and safe for your family.

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Question: Do you want to know your children are safe and secure in the event of an emergency?

Concern with Online Searches: Many candidates online boast of holding certification yet cannot produce the proper documentation certifying that they have been properly trained in CPR.

ABC Nanny Source Solution: ABC Nanny Source verifies that each nanny represented has current training in CPR and that they can produce the documents to prove it. The safety of your family is our primary concern and we are proud to provide knowledgeable caregivers who can handle an emergency.

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Question: Do you want to be assured that the nanny you hire is willing to be with your family for an extended period of time?

Concern with Online Searches: Oftentimes individuals who are not professional nannies may consider a nanny position as a means of employment until they find a position in the field they are truly looking for work in. This could put you in a situation where you have exhausted much of your precious time to train a candidate for the role of the professional nanny for your family only to find out shortly after they have commenced employment that they plan to relocate to another area or to begin college courses full time that will drastically conflict with your schedule, leaving you without child care.

ABC Nanny Source Solution: ABC Nanny Source requires that all candidates that are accepted have signed a one year commitment pledge stating that they are seeking a position for a minimum of one year. ABC does not accept any candidates who are in a transitional period and fully know they will be unable to make this commitment to their family. ABC recognizes that stability in every family is incredibly important and therefore we take this step very seriously and will not accept candidates that cannot meet our requirements.

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Question: Is it critical to your family that you have a source to go to for answers when questions arise? Will it be beneficial to have your own personal counselor for pay increases and performance reviews?

Concern with Online Searches: An online database offers no customer service or personal care. There is no caring professional to speak with and the fee paid covers you to peruse the hundreds of candidates who live in your area without the option to have any personalized advice customized to your needs.

ABC Nanny Source Solution: ABC Nanny Source takes a very consultative approach. We are proud to say we are with you each step of the way and even beyond the hiring process. Our Placement Counselors are incredibly knowledgeable about many standards in the childcare industry and are very focused on meeting your family’s specific needs. ABC follows up with each family to ensure that the nanny hired is doing well and meeting all expectations. This has proven to be of great value to working professional parents. ABC is so confident in each placement and offers each client a full one year guarantee as a protection if a need for another nanny arises for ANY reason. We want to you to feel confident in your decision to hire one of our respected nannies.


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