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“I really thought when I started interviewing Nannies in Philadelphia that it would take weeks to weed out the good candidates. But I was so pleased to find that ABC Nanny Source only sent qualified candidates who were professional and experienced. We chose our Nanny in Philadelphia the same week we registered and she has been wonderful! The hardest part of the process was deciding between the great candidates!”

Looking for a Nanny in Philadelphia? ABC can help!

Gina is a Nanny in Philadelphia who has her Teaching Credentials!

Philadelphia Nanny Gina's References

“My son, Ryan, has had the pleasure of being placed in Gina's class. When I heard that Ryan was being placed with a new teacher I had some concerns, because last school year he fell behind in his reading and was referred to the Title One Reading Program. Unfortunately, he was never started in the program because it was full. Gina kept a close eye on Ryan. He has excelled in reading and is slightly above where he needs to be! Ryan has also done fabulously in math and spelling with his spelling averages in the 90’s. Gina has a kind yet strongly encouraging manner to her. Also being her room parent I have seen first hand control of her class. She has definitely experienced frequent behavior problems and maintains discipline in her classroom. The students are encouraged by her. My son could not have had a better year and I strongly feel he is well prepared for the road to come! She will be a very strong Nanny in Philadelphia for any family with her background.”

“In the spring of 2006, Gina completed her student-teaching in my special education classroom working with grades 1-3. Gina did a fantastic job during her time in my classroom. She established a wonderful rapport with the students in the class and implemented effective instructional practices. From the moment she entered the room, Gina showed that the children were her main concern. She worked hard learning their individual needs and modifying lessons when needed. Gina built relationships with each of the students in the room, focusing on their individual strengths. Gina strove to make every child feel that they are important and that they can succeed in school. Her desire was for all students to grow academically, mentally, socially, and emotionally in the classroom. Gina truly understands that learning does not come from lecturing; it comes from self-discovery and hands-on learning. She set clear objectives in all her lessons and effectively conveyed these objectives by using a variety of instructional styles. Gina rewarded the students for their hard work, always trying to build their self-esteem. I think if she decides to be a Nanny in Philadelphia she will suceed just as well in the home environment as she has in the classroom!"

“I have had the pleasure of having Gina student teach in my second grade classroom this 2006 school year. From the commencement of her assignment, Gina has exhibited many wonderful and exciting talents. Her enthusiasm with the students is infectious. Her professional attitude and high expectations for herself have been a pleasure for me to work with. She made certain that all of the children were actively engaged during her lessons using differentiated instruction. Gina was also sensitive to the highly specific needs for several of the students in the class. Although most of her lessons were extremely smooth, Gina was able to adjust and manipulate her lessons on the spot in order to clarify and re-teach when needed. I consider this a higher level teaching skill. I also love the way that she instills a sense of right and wrong and teaches them kindness and empathy for others. Gina continues to visit my students, and ask about their progress. She is a natural born Nanny in Philadelphia and will transition very nicely to this profession!”

“I have had a professional as well as personal experience with Gina. First, she spent some time in my classroom completing a ‘pre-student teaching’ field placement. She did a wonderful job managing a classroom. Second, I have had the pleasure of having Gina care for my three children, (now ages 7,4, and 2). I never had to worry about leaving them; they were in good hands! She is smart, caring, and very dedicated. Gina did a great job adapting to our family routine, and keeping the children on the schedule I have created. She knows the perfect balance between discipline and fun, and my kids always seem to enjoy their time with her. Gina has helped with everything from homework to birthday parties. She is truly a valued part of our family and an excellent Nanny in Philadelphia!”

“I have had Gina as a student in three of my special education undergraduate classes. She was an excellent student to have in class! She was an extremely motivated student with a passion for learning. Gina was able to convey her comprehension of the material through her contributions to our class discussions, her written assignment and punishment, proactive classroom management, and effective strategies for working with students with mental retardation. I believe Gina will be successful due to her personality, skill set, determination, and career interests.”

“Gina has demonstrated her intelligence and problem solving skills as an excellent student in College. She has exhibited a sincere desire to become a dedicated teacher, following her love of children and her respect for life-long learning. As a teacher in training, Gina has participated in field experiences at Wordsworth Academy, a private school for children with emotional problems, a second grade class at Jarretown Elementary School in the Upper Dublin School District and a Resource Room at Conshohocken Elementary School in the Colonial School District. She has worked enthusiastically with students of all levels, encouraging them to achieve well. She has earned the respect and admiration of all staff members and administrators. As a tutor at the Academic Resource Center at Gwynedd-Mercy College, Gina has applied her well-developed skills. She has been successful in many areas as a well-organized and conscientious person. She has developed skills in lesson planning, classroom management and the application of effective teaching strategies. She has also been creative and attentive to the students’ individual needs. Gina is a motivated and caring individual who has been consistently professional and reliable. She has followed through with all of her responsibilities and has always been eager to do an excellent job. I know that the students she works with will benefit from Gina’s considerable talents!”

“Gina is one of the most thoughtful people you will ever meet! Since she was little, she always wanted to work with children and she is good at her job. She is extremely smart and very resourceful. Children always seem to gravitate towards her and she loves to have fun with them! I trust Gina with my life and the life of a child. No one is a better Nanny in Philadelphia then Gina will be!”

“Gina is a kind and gentle person. I have seen her relating to children and I believe that she is honestly a great, if not the best, to care for children at any and every age! She is more than capable of taking care of more than one child. When I have children, Gina will be someone who I will trust 100% with them! She is a great person who will treat anyone’s child like her own.”

“Gina is more than qualified for this position as a Nanny in Philadelphia! She has been involved in childcare for a very long time and is well respected by those she has worked for. She has a college degree in Education and uses that knowledge affectively when working or playing with children. I would trust her with my own children anytime!”

“Gina was a student in a class I taught at the College and Gina worked for me as an elementary education tutor in the College’s learning center. My experiences with her have been nothing short of excellent! Gina is a grounded individual and I recommend her highly!”

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