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If you have experience at a Kent County Baby Nurse Job, you might be the perfect nanny for a family like this one!

Kent County Nanny Position:

Full Time: Monday through Friday (7:30am-7:00pm)
Children: 3-month-old girl
Salary Offering: $650-$800/week, Based on Experience
Note: MUST have infant/baby experience!
Children's Activities: None yet.
Position Description: Primary responsibility is taking care of the baby, which includes keeping her on her feeding and sleeping schedules. She should also take the baby on walks, going to the park, take her to classes I have signed the baby up for. Sing, talk, read and play with the baby to keep her active, stimulated and developing. The nanny should also keep the house tidy (leave as she found it), wash the babies bottles and take care of the baby’s laundry. We typically do the bath at night but she should be prepared to give a bath if necessary. For when the baby begins to eat solid foods I would like someone familiar with preparing baby food and who can assist me in preparing it.


"We need a nanny who is energetic, happy, loving, motivated, trustworthy, respectful, creative, organized and punctual. They should be a non-smoker. It is important they are respectful of our views on raising our children and that they keep open lines of communication with us. We would like someone who has experience with babies/young children at a Kent County Baby Nurse Job who will be capable of handling our young daughter with little to no instruction aside from her schedule. I do not want someone who watches TV all day or talks on their cell phone all day."

Apply Today!


If you are working at a Kent County Baby Nurse Job but are looking for a new opportunity to work with children as they grow up, you should apply for a nanny position! Your valuable experience with babies is exactly what many parents with infants and/or babies are looking for! Feel free to read the following reviews from parents who recommend hiring a nanny like you.

“Catherine has been a friend of mine for four years. We recently had a baby and she has been nothing but supportive and helpful during my maternity leave. She has offered to watch my son on several occasions. We have gone to Catherine many times to ask advice on what we should be doing as parents to a newborn because of her great experience from her Kent County Baby Nurse Job. She's always had great suggestions!”

“Lucrecia is a delightful young woman who has cared for our three children over the last several years. She has spent the most time caring for our youngest daughter since she was a baby when we hired her for a Kent County Baby Nurse Job. She connected so well with our children (and us) that we asked her to continue caring for them whenever we needed her. We found her unselfish and diligent care of our children a true blessing and confidently recommend her to you as a nanny!”

“Tatiana came to me as a mother’s helper when I had two children, ages 2 years old and one year old, and a third child was on the way. Shortly thereafter, my husband and I felt confident in Tatiana’s ability to handle three children of very young ages enough to go out and leave her with the children. As the years passed, we added a fourth child, and Tatiana handled all four children with ease! There were times when Tatiana stayed overnight, and even over the weekend with all four children. It is reasonable to expect that a childcare provider might need occasional reminders or correction, but Tatiana never needed any. She always followed any written or verbal instructions from me and used her good common sense. She has a natural instinct for children, along with a good understanding about child development from her experience at her Kent County Baby Nurse Job. In addition, one of my children had multiple handicaps, necessitating some special care, which she handled as though she had years of experience! She was even involved in helping me to potty train this particular child. Tatiana has all the skills you could ever want in a nanny! She is loving, even-tempered, well educated, physically strong, loyal, conscientious, hardworking, intelligent, reasoning, open to learning, and always on time. I reflect fondly on what a treasure Tatiana was, and how dependent we were on her. She was a part of some important family events, and now she inhabits a piece of our family history! Tatiana is simply perfect, and I highly recommend her!”

“Darlene provided childcare for my newborn daughter whenever I needed her. She was very flexible, reliable, and most of all, responsible. I was never worried about leaving my baby alone with Darlene because of her great experience at her Kent County Baby Nurse Job. I would definitely recommend her for a Nanny position!”

“Luisa is an amazing Nanny! I would highly recommend her to any family seeking a warm, loving and dependable nanny. My children took to Luisa right away! When she started with our family we had a two year old and a newborn – we were a little worried with how our two year old would transition with a brand new sibling at home. We knew she would be able to care for the infant because of her experience at her Kent County Baby Nurse Job, but Luisa also helped our two year old feel included and secure and she was always positive. She has been wonderful with our children and the boys love her! Luisa is extremely dependable she has not call out sick since she has been with our family. She is also very flexible when we ask her to stay late or overnight. The reason why she is seeking another position is because we are moving to Europe. I would absolutely recommend Luisa to any family seeking a hardworking, kind hearted nanny!”

“I found Amanda to be responsible, trustworthy and committed. She was reliable at her Kent County Baby Nurse Job and when it was time for me to return to my job with the Department of Education, she took on the responsibilities of taking care of my children and the household. I was confident in her ability and my children reinforced that concept by their willingness to stay with her while I was at work.”

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