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Find a position that will utilize your experience from your Kent County Day Care Job and become a nanny!

Kent County Nanny Job:

Full Time: Monday through Friday (10:00am-4:00pm)
Children: 2-year-old girl
Salary Offering: $13-$15/hour, Based on Experience
Note: Experience at a day care center is preferred.
Children's Activities: Wandering outside, getting muddy, playing with the pets, going for walks, reading books, going to the park, "helping" with the cooking or baking, arts and crafts, and snuggling.
Position Description: We are a family that relocated from New York, so currently I [the mom] am on a learners driving permit. The nanny would be in charge of both one-on-one childcare AND ALSO driving my daughter and I to things like story time, food shopping, play dates, etc. It would be sort of a "drop off, pick up" situation, and the nanny would be able to do what they wanted during our time together. One-on-one child care as well would be expected (I’m a writer from home) and housekeeping (light and ONLY after Paige).


"We are looking for someone who wont use the television as a creative crutch. A nanny that’s into arts and crafts, can handle the fickle personality of a toddler, loves the outdoors and nature, books and music and is most of all a little laid back, without being a pushover. We would love to hire someone with experience at a Kent County Day Care Job as they will be able to handle our daughter and have creative ideas for activities to do with her and because they will know the area better than we do right now.”

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If you are working at a Kent County Day Care Job and are looking for a position providing one-on-one childcare, becoming a nanny might be the perfect opportunity for you! Your experience working with children in a learning environment and your ability to come up with games and activities is an asset for families like this one. Feel free to read the following reviews from people who had great experiences with candidates like you!

“I met Tina when I took on the role of her manager at the Early Education School where she was employed at her Kent County Day Care Job. As a former early childhood teacher myself, I grew fond of Tina’s work ethic and sensitivity to the children she was caring for as well as their families. I worked very closely with Tina over two years. In the years that have passed I have grown to know Tina very well. She has a great talent for working with children. I have seen her as a great fit in all age groups. Tina’s position at the school was a Preschool teacher. Her daily role was to instruct her classroom with children ranging from ages 2 ½ yrs old to 4yrs old. She assisted in all daily classroom activities such as circle time, diapering / toilet training, outside play, meals, teacher directed and also child directed events within the classroom. In addition to her work in the classroom Tina was also always eager to assist in any way she could. She frequently volunteered to work night shifts as we stayed open late monthly for parent date nights as well as opened a few Saturdays for open houses. Although a preschool position was Tina’s daily role, she was instrumental throughout the center. Her versatility when it came to working with different age groups was an asset to the center. During her time with me she worked with infants, through preteens. As Tina had the opportunity to move throughout the school assisting other teachers, I noticed her sensitivities to the different age groups. She was able to adapt to all of the children and the different needs they had, as they were at vastly different milestones in their early years. Tina contributed greatly to the success of the enrollment of the center as well as the great over all morale with parents. I not only recommend Tina for a private nanny position, but I also personally encouraged her in this new career path. I feel Tina is highly capable of caring for children as young as a few weeks old right into early adolescence. She has demonstrated the dedication one needs when caring for young children and compassion both for the sensitivity of the family and child. Tina has shown me just how important nurturing is to the development of both mind and body. In addition, Tina truly understands how important communication between the caregiver and parents is. She has demonstrated empathy towards families as they have given responsibility of their most cherished possession to the hands of another. In all, I highly recommend Tina for a nanny position. I have witnessed first hand her natural ability to care for children. Tina has patience, tenderness and wisdom. All of the parents I have seen her in contact with adore her and the children gravitate to her as well. I have seen how pleased parents are to see her in the morning at what normally can be viewed as a tough drop off time, as well as joyful to catch up with a daily report in the evening. She facilitates a fun and loving relationship with the children throughout the day as well as grasps how delicate the situation is. Tina builds a great deal of trust with the parents through a wealth of communication. She is an all around wonderful candidate!”

“I first met Kimberly four years ago when she and her daughter came to the Academy. Right away, we had a great connection! She has done a fantastic job at co-teaching the Pre-K room at her Kent County Day Care Job. She is a very hard worker, and has a great rapport with her students and their parents. The students like having Kimberly as their teacher! I truly feel that she has fulfilled the job requirements. I know that she is a well-rounded person and I honestly have nothing negative to say about her! I have been very fortunate to be able to work with her!”

“I was Candace’s aide at her Kent County Day Care Job. The children loved her and she loved her time spent with them. She gave them 100% of her attention and the children really enjoyed our class. I was Candace’s aide and I learned a lot from her. She was always very kind to the children and taught them how to socialize with each other as well as learning their colors, shapes, lessons of the day, etc. She was rarely frazzled and the children’s needs always came first.”

“My first encounter with Liz was as a teacher to my son. She taught the three-year-old class at the school at her Kent County Day Care Job. My first impression of Liz was that she is a warm, loving and caring individual. She is that warm and fuzzy teacher all parents want for their child’s preschool experience. As an educator, Liz is positive and nurturing. These qualities enabled my son to grow confidently and move onto the next level of preschool. Being in the three year old classroom requires a lot of patience and repetition. And there were days that seemed a bit more difficult than others, but Liz was able to maintain her composure and maintain harmony in the classroom. When there was a struggle between two children, she used her caring attitude to resolve the conflict peacefully but with firmness that negative behavior would not be accepted in her classroom. All the students were taught to treat their classmates with respect. Overall, Liz is a responsible individual. She treats children that are not her own as if they are her own. She genuinely cares for her children’s social and academic well being!”

“I worked side by side with Dana in a three year old classroom at her Kent County Day Care Job. You can truly tell that she loves children and that they adore her. She is an excellent teacher because she has the ability to teach creatively and with the enthusiasm that children thrive upon. She interacted with each and every student. She made them feel that what they had to say was important and that she couldn’t wait to hear it. I was the primary three-year-old teacher at the daycare center. Dana worked with me as an Aide at this time. I cannot say enough positive things about our experience. She is one of the most nurturing, loving teachers that I have ever had the experience to work with. After she earned her degree, she went to work as a teacher in her own classroom in a different preschool. My 3-year-old son was starting preschool and I enrolled him full time there. I requested Dana for his teacher because I knew that she was kind, creative and nurturing and I wanted someone like that for my son Hunter. He spent 5 days a week with Dana from 8:30 until 4:00 pm and absolutely loved her. He could not wait to go to school because of the positive atmosphere she created in her classroom. I was confident because I knew that he was in a safe loving place with someone that truly cared about him. I know that whoever meets Dana will know that she is a wonderful person, teacher and caregiver for their children.”

“We have had the privilege of having Linda work as an assistant teacher in three of our preschool classes at her Kent County Day Care Job for the past two and half years. She has worked in our one day three’s class, our two day three’s class and our afternoon Pre-K program. She has been my personal assistant in the Pre-K class. She has an excellent rapport with children and has a good understanding of there needs and what level they are at. Linda also relates well to the parents and has excellent communication skills. She seems to genuinely enjoy children and her job. She is loved and appreciated by all of the staff as well. I would highly recommend her and am confidant you would be please to have her working as a nanny!”

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