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ALL Delaware ABC Nannies Have:

  • CPR Certification
  • Identity Verification Analysis
  • Exceptional References
  • Valid Driver's License
  • Quest Diagnostics Drug Test
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Social Security Trace

Are you working at a Kent County Entry Level Job but looking for a new opportunity involving childcare? Apply today for a nanny position and apply your skills to a nanny position!

Kent County Nanny Job:

Full Time: Monday through Friday (7:30am-6:00pm)
Children: Newborn
Salary Offering: $700-$800/week, Based on Experience
Note: Must be a good communicator!
Children's Activities: None yet – newborn.
Position Description: Provide care for our newborn – feeding, changing, clothing and bathing, putting down for naps, etc.


"We are looking for a nanny who is mature, dependable, loving, nurturing, and playful. Experience at a Kent County Entry Level Job would be ideal, especially if it’s childcare-related, and they must have good communication skills as we will want to be informed about the details of our child’s day."

Apply Today!


If you are working at a Kent County Entry Level Job but feel that your skills could be put to better use in a childcare position, apply today to become a nanny! Your experience, especially communication and organizational skills you’ve gained, will be extremely helpful for a family like this one! Feel free to read the kind recommendations that have been submitted by parents who worked with candidates like you.

“Amanda has a passion for children! She worked very well with the children and the children seemed to adore her! I worked with Amanda for five years at her Kent County Entry Level Job at the Learning Center. When she came to the school she was young and still learning and I watched her grow and mature through the five years that she was there. She would make an excellent nanny!”

“Larissa is a wonderful friend! We met while we were both working at a Kent County Entry Level Job. She loves working with all age groups and has a passion for children and caring for them! She is a dedicated, hardworking person. She really enjoys children and would make an excellent role model. She has helped me care for my children before as well. If I needed full time childcare, I would definitely trust Larissa!”

“Carol absolutely fulfilled her job requirements! I served as a mentor to Carol during her first year of volunteer teaching at the high school level, which she did in addition to working at her Kent County Entry Level Job. She was required to develop a tutoring program, which turned out to be highly successful and popular among students, but she even went the extra mile and volunteered her time and creativity to teaching dance classes for young children in the community. Carol showed her dedication and focus in every project she was a part of. I highly recommend her!”

“Angie and I were volunteers together for the last year at a National Service Organization where we taught Literacy throughout the county. All service members were expected to complete 1700 hours over the year, having us work full time voluntarily. Angie throughout the year went above and beyond her required 40 hours a week in addition to working at her Kent County Entry Level Job. On top of working at her own site, when she would finish she would drive to my site and teach dance classes to the kids I worked with twice a week that she solely started and organized. Then after the school year was over, all service members were to continue to work with the kids either at a summer camp or help with summer courses. Angie worked with her children to help them with summer courses online then twice a week she would also come and help at the summer camp that I worked at because they were a little short on staff. At night I would then work with low-income migrant families and Angie offered herself to come with me and help with the children there as well, and she would help out 1-2 times a week. So to answer the question if I think Angie fulfilled all job requirements, I could only say she not only did and fulfilled all requirements but she always would do above and beyond whatever was expected of her just because she loved to help whenever she could. Angie amazed me when I watched her with the children. She was a great teacher, mentor and friend to the kids. She knew how to talk to them so that they would listen and understand. She would keep them so well behaved and they were always laughing and having a good time as they were learning. Angie was responsible, patient, good communicator, entertaining and committed!”

“Cynthia and I met at her Kent County Entry Level Job and she has become my friend. I have two small children, and they adore her! Whenever I leave them in her care, I know that they are in very good hands. Her background in education and art help her immensely! She knows how to deal with children in a positive manner and always encourages children to do their best both academically and socially. She is also extremely responsible.”

“Lynn fulfilled her duties as our Nanny. I met her at her Kent County Entry Level Job and she agreed to work for me instead! She worked excellent with our children! She usually went beyond watching them, and brought activities for them to do. Lisa really responded well, and got very excited when Lynn brought a craft to complete! The foxglove seeds she brought over to plant in jars are still planted in the garden! Lynn worked very well with our children. We loved how she would get down on the floor to play with them! She got down on their level and spoke to them in a way they would understand. My husband and I loved having Lynn around our children. She was a very positive addition in their lives!”

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