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If you are working at a Sussex County Daycare Job but are looking for a position that will allow you to focus on children on a more individualized level, you should apply for a nanny position!

Sussex County Nanny Job:

Full Time: Monday through Friday (6:30am-6:30pm)
Children: 4-year-old girl and 19-month-old boy
Salary Offering: $650-$750/week, Based on Experience
Note: Prior experience at a daycare is a plus!
Children's Activities: Reading, educational toys, music, dancing, and of course, TV. I don’t like a lot of television, but it is silly to think they wont watch any.
Position Description: Provide loving atmosphere, learning and teaching throughout the day. Light laundry, cleaning after children. Cook all meals for children, and prepare a light family meal for dinner.


"Loving, energetic, structured, detailed. Both children are currently enrolled in pre-school 2 days a week, and that will continue. Should the school be closed, or children sick, the nanny will have to watch the children. Drop off to school is needed (3 miles from home). We would love someone who has worked at a Sussex County Daycare Job who will engage our children in educational activities and will know what’s appropriate for their ages as they grow."

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Do you currently work at a Sussex County Daycare Job? Your experience working with multiple children in a learning environment is what many parents are looking for when hiring a nanny. Feel free to continue reading to see what people have to say about their experiences with candidates who have qualifications like yours!

“Margaret has demonstrated outstanding teaching techniques and has always been prepared to meet the needs of the children. She has a warm and friendly manner with children at her Sussex County Daycare Job. She has shown effective methods of classroom control throughout the day. Margaret would be an asset to any family! She is enthusiastic about children and has a genuine concern for them both academically and socially!”

“I own an in-home daycare and Brenda has substituted for me when I was unavailable. The children in my daycare range in age from 4 months to 5 years old. Brenda is wonderful with the children at her Sussex County Daycare Job! She knows how to relate to them at their age level. I could tell she really enjoyed caring for them by how she spoke to and treated them. It was as if they were her very own children! One of the children is my 5-year-old son. She would normally care for 3¬4 children at any given time. There were times when I could give her just one day’s notice and she would be there for me! She is very dependable and was always on time or early. Brenda is one of those rare people who you know you can always depend on!”

“Amy more than fulfilled her Sussex County Daycare Job requirements! My daughter seemed to thrive under Amy’s guidance! On the days when my daughter did not want to go to school or was simply in a mood, Amy was able to make her smile and get my daughter participating in classroom activities. Amy is kind and patient with the children. They know she understands their issues/problems and that seems to help them respond and move on. She takes time with each child, without the others’ feeling neglected. My experience with Amy has been positive. My daughter has learned and matured under her guidance. My daughter’s disposition has improved greatly! Amy listens to them and tries to understand what they are saying and feeling. The children respond well to her! The daycare has windows and a camera that allows you to observe without being seen. I have observed Amy interacting with each child as a group and as individuals. The children respond well to her and love learning from her! She keeps their attention and gets them to want to learn or do. I cannot say enough good things about Amy! When she is in the classroom, I relax and trust that my daughter is in good hands. In addition to working well with the children, Amy interacts well with the parents. She listens and tries to accommodate when she can. She is flexible and works with us. It is a pleasure working with her! She is one of the best teachers at the facility. I highly recommend her!”

“I have known Jenny for over ten years as a customer, friend, and employee. When I first met Jenny she was working with children at a Sussex County Daycare Job. She had a positive impact on the children by spending quality time with them, something that is hard to find at many daycares these days. She would take the children around to the local businesses for field trips, show them how to use computers, and give them the attention they need as children. I was impressed with her abilities to the point that I offered her a part-time job with my pet store business. The pet business is a child oriented business and I needed someone like her to teach children about pets and the responsibilities that go with them. I can say she is very punctual, hard working, trustworthy, and committed to the job. I eventually retired from the business but I would not hesitate to hire Jenny in any future endeavors I would take. She is a good mother, employee, and friend. I believe she would be an asset to any company that would hire her especially if the work relates to children!”

“Emily is an asset to the childcare center. She is fantastic with the children and performs her Sussex County Daycare Job exceptionally well. We are devastated that she is moving and leaving us. Emily is strong and very organized, but there is a side of her that you see that at times she just kicks back and enjoys the children for what they are doing. She loves to let them be creative and just does really fun and unexpected stuff with them. At the same time she is instilling values and helping them understand their limits. Emily is trustworthy; she has a key to my facility and is responsible for closing at night. She is punctual, and reliable. She is outgoing, friendly and dependable. My experience with Emily has been positive and I am very sorry to have her leave me. The children, families and staff are very fond of her!”
“I have had the pleasure of working with Adriana for the past 4 years at her Sussex County Daycare Job, and I have also had the pleasure of my child being a student in her class. Through these years, I have witnessed first hand Adriana’s patience and dedication to her students and her job. She has also proven herself to be a team player and works well under pressure! Your family will be gaining a loving and loyal nanny by hiring Adriana!”

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