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If you are working at a Sussex County Housekeeper Job but are looking for a position that is focused on childcare, you should apply for a nanny position!

Sussex County Nanny Job:

Full Time: Monday (7:00-8:30am/3:00-7:30pm), Wednesday, Friday (3:00pm-7:30pm), Thursday (7:00-8:30am), Saturday (12:00pm-3:00pm)
Children: 12, 10, and 7 years old
Salary Offering: $700-$800/week, Based on Experience
Note: Light housekeeping, laundry, etc. will be needed.
Children's Activities: My two boys enjoy karate, baseball, bike/skateboard, swimming and music. My daughter likes tennis, swimming, and art.
Position Description: I am recently divorced and have 50% custody of my 3 children. I need help getting them ready for school on my mornings, taking them to/from after-school sports and other activities, cooking some meals and doing light shopping and laundry. They are all in school from roughly 8-3 so the whole middle of the day is open. There is a possibility that the same nanny may also assist my ex-spouse who lives 6 miles away on other nights, allowing for increased hours and more familiarity.


"Friendly disposition, patient with kids, punctual, and willing to have fun! Someone who has worked at a Sussex County Housekeeper Job would be a great fit as we will need some light housekeeping done in addition to childcare.”

Apply Today!


If you are currently working at a Sussex County Housekeeper Job but are looking for a new position that will allow you to focus on childcare, you should apply for a nanny position! Your experience working for a family and with their children on a frequent basis will carry over well into a nanny position. Feel free to continue reading to see what others are saying about their time with candidates who have experience like yours!

“Shauna was fantastic with our daughter, Annabella, and Annabella adored her! She worked for us in a Sussex County Housekeeper Job and also provided childcare from time to time. Shauna definitely loves babies and children and even became very attached to our dog that she cared for when we traveled. An excellent housekeeper, Shauna was always ready to help with any task from packing moving boxes to washing down outdoor furniture- she cares deeply about her work and treated Annabella as her own. Shauna has 3 lovely children of her own, and Annabella absolutely loved when I invited them to come with Shauna - the boys are beautifully behaved and Martha, her daughter, a very mature and poised teen. We moved out of state, which is the only reason I would ever not be working with Shauna. She is extremely competent and reliable and is a gentle, kind caregiver. Shauna helped me many times at the last minute and always seemed happy to do so. She is honest and caring, an asset to any family. We will miss her very much, and will always keep in touch with her. We welcome any questions from prospective employers, and cannot recommend her more highly!”

“Juliana was a very responsible person who provided very good care for my son in addition to working for us at her Sussex County Housekeeper Job; she was a blessing to us! She is a very nice polite woman and I always knew my son was in good hands when I left him with her. I cannot thank her enough for everything she did for us. We communicated very well which made me feel really comfortable. I had a very good experience while working with Juliana!”

“As a nanny to my three and six year old girls for the past six years, Kimberly has proven herself to be a remarkably responsible, confident woman! I am amazed at the ease with which Kimberly can fulfill a variety of tasks. She has worked for me not only as a nanny, but also a tutor and in a Sussex County Housekeeper Job. Not once have I seen Kimberly become overwhelmed by a given task or assignment. I am confident that Kimberly’s intelligence and maturity will be a great asset to any family!”

“In the time of her employment with us at her Sussex County Housekeeper Job, I feel Megan was very capable of all the requirements I asked of her and then some. She interacted well with my children as well as adults! She is very nurturing and has a loving personality about her that we all enjoyed. We loved having Megan work for us, and our children were always delighted to have her care for them. I found her to be mature, respectful, and a very warm person. I enjoyed her company and was always open to her ideas and suggestions. I fully trusted her with my children and home and feel she will be that way with all the families she should come in contact with. She is very easy going and very adaptable!”

“Candace worked for my family for about 3 years in her Sussex County Housekeeper Job. She was absolutely terrific – hands down! She was very reliable and always on time through rain, sleet, or even snow! Candace worked beautifully with the children and they loved her. She helped with meals, transportation, laundry, and homework. Candace is very trustworthy, efficient, and honest. It was nice having her help out with the children. I would definitely recommend her for another nanny position; she really is a wonderful person!”

“Nicholette watched my children and helped me around the house. She ran errands and did chores with kindness and enthusiasm. She went above and beyond for my children and me at all times in her Sussex County Housekeeper Job. I worked a job with long hours and it was wonderful having someone it my life who was dependable and motivated. Nicholette is amazing and I am happy to recommend her for a nanny position. Anyone would be lucky to have her in their life!”

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