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“I just want to take a moment to thank the entire staff at ABC Nanny Source. I was so relunctant to return to work and hire a local nanny agency in Wilmington. From the moment I contacted your agency all my concerns and worries were put to rest. The candidates were extremely qualified and very experienced. My daughter is thriving with our ABC Nanny and I can work and know she is in safe and loving hands! I will be telling all my collegues about your wonderful service! Thanks again!"
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Kelly is so happy there is a local Nanny Agency in Wilmington to assist her with her long term career as a Nanny.

Wilmington Nanny Kelly's References

“It is with great confidence that I recommend Kelly to ABC's Nanny Agency in Wilmington! I have known her for five years, and have seen her function in many different roles. While Kelly performs all of her responsibilities with competence and grace, the one that I have seen Kelly flourish in is her interaction with children and families. I met Kelly as the director of childcare and teacher of the children's ministries. She organized and managed the childcare of children ranging from infants to teens. Kelly has worked in a wide range of childcare duties and it is evident how naturally gifted and suited she is for this field. Her ability to multitask and manage provides a nurturing atmosphere where children thrive. Her interaction with children is responsible, fun and creative. She cares for children with patience, leadership, respect and joy. Kelly can engage children and teens at their level creatively and with ease. Children warm up to Kelly very quickly and love to be with her! As I saw Kelly work in this capacity, I also saw how well she communicated with parents and families. She is a relational person who listens and willingly works with parents to aid in the growth and development of their children. Kelly has always displayed integrity, good judgment, and dependability. Her character is that which I look to with admiration. I have entrusted to her the care of my own 3 children on several occasions. They love and often ask when they can visit her!”

“I have known Kelly for over 5 years, and she is a wonderful friend. I have had many opportunities to see her interact with children of all ages and they are always drawn to her warm, fun loving, and kind-hearted personality. She always has friendly encouraging words as well as fun activities and stories for the children and babies. She has also cared for my children when they were young, as well as other's children from time to time and they loved to go to Kelly's to play! She is also a wonderful mother of two teenage boys. They adore her, which speaks volumes, especially for teenagers! She is loving, yet firm with them. She is an involved parent and really enjoys the relationship with her boys. Because of her experience and love of children, I know Kelly would be an asset to your family, and would provide exceptional care for your children and represent ABC's Nanny Agency in Wilmington very well!”

“I have known Kelly for six years, and she has been my daughter's full time childcare provider for 3 ½ years. Kelly has a kind and gentle spirit that children are just drawn to! Her genuine love for them is apparent. I have personally witnessed her interactions with my own children as well as many others. She is warm, caring and very nurturing! I particularly love the way Kelly handles discipline. She never makes the child's actions about punishment or shame, but rather she uses the situation to teach appropriate behaviors. I have learned a lot just watching her! I highly recommend Kelly to you, and I know she will be a valuable asset to your family!”

“I have personally known Kelly since 1997, when we were employed at the same school. At that time, Kelly was one of the elementary school secretaries. I was employed as a teacher. I found Kelly to be friendly, polite and professional! She established excellent rapport with parents of the students and the students themselves. In 2001, I became her son's fourth grade teacher. I then began to build a deeper relationship with Kelly, which has developed into a lifelong friendship! I got to observe her parenting skills. She is an excellent parent, very nurturing, patient and kind. We shared the same goals for her son's academic studies, and we partnered together to develop his character. It was evident that Kelly had the gift of teaching! It was no surprise to me that our school principal asked Kelly to step into the classroom towards the end of the 2002 school year. An emergency had occurred, and the other fourth grade teacher had to leave suddenly. Kelly took the short-term substitute teacher position in April of 2002 until June 2002. I became her mentor teacher and we spent late hours together lesson planning. It was a challenging class and task she undertook. Through it all she retained her aim for excellence and her beautiful sense of humor. I saw her students transform through Kelly's diligence to unconditionally love her students! She displayed understanding as the class had gone through hard times with their prior teacher leaving. She performed such an excellent job that the principal retained her for the next full school year and he gave her first grade. Kelly was my niece's teacher, and my family adored her! Our mutual friends have sent their children varying in different ages out to visit for the summer, weeks at a time. They have entrusted their children to Kelly's nurturing care! One of the boys is autistic, and Kelly transformed that young man's life. She taught him organizational skills and taught him to venture out and expand his eating habits (autistic children can be very picky eaters). I would highly recommend Kelly as a nanny! She is a natural teacher, a nurturing mother, soft-spoken and very patient.”

“I have known Kelly for twenty five years. She had started a daycare business out of her home, which lasted many years and she was always full to capacity! I have never seen someone so organized and loving! Kelly has sweetness about her, yet she can demonstrate leadership and control over the children in a gentle, loving but firm way. When the children came to her daycare, they learned things like songs, phonics, art, love and respect for one another. She prepared healthy meals for them and created a healthy happy place for them to come! The parents, along with the children, adored her! When Kelly turned her focus to working in an elementary school, her recognition and rapport with the administration, parents and students led her to teach both 1st and 4th grade. I myself have worked alongside of Kelly on many occasions, and have seen how the children have benefited from her teaching! If you were to hire Kelly as your Nanny, you would be fortunate, as her dedication and work ethics are impeccabl!. I give my highest recommendation to ABC's Nanny Agency in Wilmington!”

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