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“I just want to take a moment to thank the entire staff at ABC Nanny Source. I was so relunctant to return to work and hire a Wilmington DE Nanny. From the moment I contacted your agency all my concerns and worries were put to rest. The candidates were extremely qualified and very experienced. My daughter is thriving with our ABC Nanny and I can work and know she is in safe and loving hands! I will be telling all my collegues about your wonderful service! Thanks again!"
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Karesha is a Wilmington DE Nanny that provides children the one-on-one attention they need!

Wilmington Nanny Karesha's References

“Karesha has worked at our daycare center as a substitute teacher and assistant latchkey youth service worker. I am pleased to recommend her to you! Recently, Karesha has obtained her certification, stating that she is qualified for working with school-aged children and to assist a certified teacher in a daycare center. Karesha has showed a great deal of skill in managing the required ration of students to staff members. She knows how to work with people rather than against them to achieve program goals. She is very well respected by her colleagues and clients. She has managed several craft projects involving the entire agency. Her management skills show maturity. Her ability to stimulate others is above the norm. Karesha is highly qualified as a Wilmington DE Nanny because she works extremely well with the children!”

“Karesha has been a valuable asset to the childcare center. She works individually with each child in the classroom, but still manages to work with the group as a whole. She has a wonderful sense of humor that she also shares with the children! Often when observing in the classrooms, she is laughing and playing on the floor with them. She quickly learned and began to interact in ways that would strengthen the goals and objectives the center and individual classrooms had set forth for the children. She also assists the teachers in taking observations, and maintaining records of the children and families. The family interactions Karesha created were appropriate and necessary. She would exchange information with parents and guardians at drop off and pick up. She would also help with the transfer of information from other employees in the building to the parents and vice versa. Karesha is a wonderful asset to our center. She is trustworthy, energetic, and ready to learn and works to meet the needs of all children in her care. I am proud to recommend her as a childcare provider and educator to your children!”

“I have no doubt that Karesha will show love to your children, and treat them with tender loving care and kindness! Her smile alone will make you love her in a very special way. Karesha has been very helpful to me as far as keeping up with household chores, and maintains cleanliness in my home. She is very trustworthy with personal information, courteous to others, and respectable to everyone she meets. Karesha is a person who listens attentively, and follows directions in a professional way. She is a compassionate person who takes pride in all of her endeavors. One of her passions she excels in is working with children of all ages. Wherever she goes, whether on her job, in a restaurant, or just walking on the streets, children are attracted to Karesha. Her experience qualifies her to be the person you are looking for to provide childcare in your home. I highly recommend Karesha as a Wilmington DE Nanny!”

“Karesha is a fun person to be around! She has a passion for children. As I grew to know her, this passion became a way of life for Karesha. She enjoys working with children, teaching them, and most of all loving them with great concerns. Karesha is the part time childcare provider for my two children, and they love to be around her! She has taught them things that they will never forget in life. Karesha is a trustworthy person who works hard at whatever she does!”

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