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ALL Harrisburg ABC Nannies Have:

  • CPR Certification
  • Electronic Fingerprints - FBI approved!
  • Exceptional References
  • Valid Driver's License
  • Drug Test completed through Quest Diagnostics
  • Nationwide Criminal Background
  • SSN Trace Completed
  • Confidentiality Understanding

Questions and Answers to Consider When Selecting The Most Qualified Harrisburg Nanny Agency:

ABC is a Harrisburg Nanny Agency!Choosing the correct Harrisburg Nanny Agency for your family is just as important as finding the perfect Nanny to watch over your children. Below are some inquiries you may wish to ask your Harrisburg Nanny Agency.

Has your agency personally met with all of the Harrisburg Nannies represented? Are there any circumstances that may arise when your agency represents a Nanny that has not been met in person?

Meet the Staff at our Harrisburg Nanny AgencyMany Agencies in Harrisburg never personally meet with any of the Nannies they represent. For the majority of agencies, a phone interview is enough to qualify a candidate, and some agencies do not even require that! Most only require the applicant to fill out an online form or "profile" that never goes through any verification process. Without verifying information given by the candidates, how are families supposed to know if the information is valid or not?

ABC Nanny Source requires that each applicant participates in a phone interview prior to scheduling a face-to-face interview. After the phone interview, the candidate is then required to meet with at least two placement counselors before being qualified to become an ABC Nanny. Each Nanny must also submit to ABC's extensive 10 Step Screening Process before being accepted to the agency. Additionally, all of the references submitted are sent to ABC's verification department, where ABC Nanny Source verifies that each of the candidates comes highly recommended and is well qualified. You can be confident that any ABC Nanny who walks through your door has walked through ours first!Our Harrisburg Nannies are legal!

Does your agency offer any type of guarantee to ensure a successful placement?

The majority of agencies in the Harrisburg area offer a very limited 30, 60, or 90 day guarantee. Some do offer a longer guarantee, but only if you are willing to pay a significant prorated fee according to the period of time the Nanny has been with your family. This does NOT give the impression that the agency is comfortable that the nanny they are placing is actually seeking a long term position.

ABC Nanny Source is unique from other agencies in a number of ways! We offer each of our families a full One Year Guarantee! This means that if for any reason something should happen and you find that you would like to replace your Nanny within the first year, ABC Nanny Source will replace them for you. The only cost to replace your nanny is a small administrative fee of $325. This fee is waived for 30 days following the payment of the hiring fee or an administrative fee. ABC unconditionally supports each placement. In fact, you will be matched with a placement counselor as soon as you register to help you throughout the hiring process. Under the rare circumstance that anything was to happen and you need to find another Harrisburg Nanny, your original placement counselor will work with you again! After all, your ABC Placement Counselor will best understand your personal, unique family specifications!

How Safety-Conscience is Your Nanny Agency?
Our Harrisburg Nannies go through a 10 step screening processVery SAFE; the safety and well-being of the children are number one priority! Alarmingly, most agencies do not require the applicants they represent to have any form of emergency preparation!

At ABC Nanny Source, it is a stipulation that each of our Nannies is certified in CPR. A majority of ABC Nannies also have obtained certification in First-Aid! In addition to this crisis training, ABC Nanny Source also obtains a Motor Vehicle Report for each ABC Nanny. The results of this report are included in the elctronica profile that is sent to your family to be reviewed. ABC Nanny Source assures that each ABC Nanny is prepared in the unlikely event of an emergency, and is also as safe on the road as she will be in your home!

ABC's Harrisburg Nannies are guaranteed to stay for at least one yearWhat kind of background clearances does your agency perform? Also, when are these safety precaution clearances implemented?

Many agencies in the Harrisburg area do NOT require any form of background check be completed until after the nanny is hired! ABC Nanny Source performs a criminal background check in advance, so only the safest candidates are accepted!

Each ABC Nanny Source Profile relays all of the appropriate information including a criminal background check, drug test results through Quest Diagnostics, Motor Vehicle Report results, and even electronic fingerprints! ABC Nanny Source is confident that only the safest candidates enter your home!Does your nanny agency in Harrisburg require any life saving skills?

Are all of the Nannies represented by your agency legally authorized to work in the United States?

Most agencies do not implement any procedures to verify social security information. This can certainly lead to complications!

This issue is no issue at all when you register with ABC Nanny Source! All social security verification is performed prior to the nanny being presented to your family. Legal authorization to work in the United States is definitely a requirement for all Nanny applicants prior to being accepted at ABC Nanny Source.


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