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ALL Harrisburg ABC Nannies Have:

  • CPR Certification
  • Electronic Fingerprints - FBI approved!
  • Exceptional References
  • Valid Driver's License
  • Drug Test completed through Quest Diagnostics
  • Nationwide Criminal Background
  • SSN Trace Completed
  • Confidentiality Understanding

Let's See...Nanny in Harrisburg or Daycare Center?

Trying to decide between hiring a Harrisburg Nanny or sending your child to a daycare facility? Here are a few things to consider:


Tender, loving care is essential when your little one is feeling under the weather! ABC Nannies will make sure your child receives the warmth and attentiveness he/she deserves! You will be able to advise your ABC Nanny of your child's symptoms, and the way you would prefer they are handled. Your ABC Nanny will be able to continually update you throughout the day, so you can have the peace of mind in knowing that your child is being properly cared for!

Daycare: Unfortunately, germs can spread very quickly in a daycare center, causing many children to become sick at once. Because daycare centers do not have resources to properly care for sick children, they will most likely call you at work and ask you to pick up your child as soon as possible. This will force you to miss work unexpectedly to care for your child, inevitably causing additional stress.


Your Harrisburg Nanny will care for your children in the environment they are most comfortable in - your home! You can rely on the fact that your Nanny will always be on time and willing to work with your schedule. Another benefit of an ABC Nanny coming to your home is that you will not have to worry about packing diapers, bottles, food, favorite toys, or any other necessary items that you would like your child to have. Everything your ABC Nanny needs will be within reach!

Daycare: Daycare centers have limited hours of operation, minimizing the flexibility you have with your schedule. You are required to provide most of the items your child will need throughout the day, adding to the morning stress of trying to get everyone ready for the day.

Indoor Activities

You decide! You have the flexibility to determine which indoor activities your child will do throughout the course of the day. You can request that your ABC Nanny work with helping your children learn their ABC's, practice manners, or even help with potty training! You know your child best, so you dictate what your child will learn and experience each day! Watching your child grow and succeed right at home will be very rewarding!

Daycare: Since teachers have so many children in the classroom each day, it is very difficult for them to tell you exactly what your child's daily achievements were. The care is far less personal, not leaving you any room to make special requests. You may occasionally receive a letter describing the activities your child participated in, but rarely will you receive specific feedback as to your child's progress. This can leave you frustrated and concerned about whether or not your child is being taught in the manner you prefer.

Outdoor Play

Children love being outside! Your Harrisburg Nanny is more than willing to take your child outside to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine! Whether the children enjoy playing games outside or going on nature walks, your ABC Nanny will turn each experience into a fun and educational one! Every day can be filled with learning about nature while nurturing their love for the outdoors!

Daycare: Can you imagine trying to watch twenty children running around in the recess yard, all at the same time? Neither can we! For this reason, and for the safety of the children, daycare centers are forced to limit the amount of time the children are allowed to play outdoors.

Strong Family Bond

Having an ABC Nanny in your home helps to strengthen the bond between your children! They are able to learn and play together, all while creating an unbreakable sibling bond. Your Harrisburg Nanny can focus on cultivating their relationship with one another, forming strong connections that will last a lifetime!

Daycare: Unfortunately, because of the number of children in a daycare center, it is likely that your children will be separated into different classrooms. This helps the teacher at the daycare center, but obviously does not allow for your children to learn and grow together.

Progress Reports

As a working parent, it is extremely difficult to be away from your child all day and not know what activities he or she is partaking in. You tend to wonder if they are enjoying the sunshine or learning new and exciting things. With an ABC Nanny, you are just a phone call away from the answers! Imagine being able to call your child in the middle of the day, and hearing that little voice! They will be able to explain how much fun they are having, leaving you with a wonderful sense of peace!

Daycare: Daycares strive to provide a structured environment for all of the students. When parents are constantly calling for updates, or to speak with their children, they disrupt the order of the classroom, leaving the children feeling uncomfortable. Most of the time when a parent calls, they are only allowed to speak with a teacher or teacher's aide to receive a brief update. This can leave you feeling very uneasy and unsure about your child's progress and level of comfort.

Individualized Care

Your Harrisburg Nanny will make sure that your child is receiving premium one-on-one care each and every day! Your ABC Nanny can focus on the activities that most interest your child. The Nanny will be able to keep you informed about your child's interests and reactions to different activities. This guarantees that your child is receiving the best possible care at all times, resulting in a happy, healthy child!

Daycare: Teachers in a daycare struggle every day to make sure each child is receiving the same amount of personal attention. With classes that have a high student to teacher ratio, this leaves a very small amount of time for each child. Each child will NOT receive the personalized attention they deserve!


Your Harrisburg ABC Nanny will ensure that your vacation is as relaxing and rejuvenating as you want it to be! Your Nanny will make sure that you are able to have a hassle-free, worry-free experience! Want to spend some quality time with your spouse, without needing to worry? You can know without a doubt that your children are in good hands, allowing you to have the soothing vacation you deserve!

Daycare: Most daycare centers require you to continue payment while you and your children are away on vacation, in order to ensure they have a spot when you return. Add to this the fact that you are responsible for providing additional childcare while you are away, and your vacation is sure to be anything but stress free.

Homework Assistance

ABC's Harrisburg Nannies are extremely qualified to assist your child with homework assignments. Many of ABC's Nannies come from an educational background, allowing them to help your child, no matter the age! Your ABC Nanny will individualize the assistance your child needs, assuring they are successful academically! You can be confident that once you arrive home, you will be able to concentrate on spending quality time with your child, rather than having to worry about completing assignments.

Daycare: While daycare centers can provide a great environment for your child to interact socially, they cannot provide an environment that enables a child to receive assistance with homework assignments. They make an effort to expose all children to educational games, but do not have the ability to give each child the one-on-one attention they may need to succeed academically. This results in the child needing to complete homework after hours of running around and playing. After this much socialization, the child will most likely be exhausted and not able to concentrate, resulting in poor performance.

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