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"What impressed me the most about finding a nanny with ABC Nanny Source was the level of detail and organization in which such confidential information was presented. When we started our nanny search, I received an extensive profile for each Harrisburg nanny candidate before the interview. Once each nanny arrived at my door, I was fully relaxed because I felt I already knew the person in front of me ~ that is how detailed these profiles were! The process was made very easy for our family with this nanny agency and within a matter of days, I hired the perfect nanny for our children!"
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Nanny in York County Erica always is sure to make the children’s days fun and filled with activities!

“I am a very kind person who loves teaching children! Every time I care for children, I bring a supply of new games or projects for the children that we do together. I am always willing to get silly with children, but I also request mutual respect from them too. If I was asked to describe in one sentence the reason I have chosen to be a Nanny in York County it would have to be because children are our future and I would love to help invest in them. I have been serving in some form of childcare experience for over 7 years and can honestly say I love what I do! I feel that children are blank slates or clay that we can help shape into good citizens. My goal as a Nanny is to help a family in any possible way I can. I am willing to do housekeeping that includes dusting, vacuuming, dishes, and laundry. If I had to describe myself in five adjectives I would say that I have a good sense of humor, smart, loving, fun, and cautious. Activities that I would like to incorporate in the daily plan for the family I care for would include a daily walk and as much reading if possible. If asked to describe the perfect family seeking a Nanny like me I would hope they would be friendly and understanding!”

“Erica has always proven herself to be a reliable, trustworthy and level-headed Nanny in York County. She enjoys the children and engages them in learning games such as Scrabble, Monopoly, and card games and also helps them with homework, reading, and studying assignments. Erica is a very positive influence on my children and they really look up to her. My children enjoy her company and spend time with Erica when she is not working. Erica is very dependable and I can trust her to drive my children to and from after school events and summer camp, as well as outings to the movies. Erica has taken care of my children overnight. We trust Erica implicitly and she has provided house sitting services to us while we were on vacation. I would not hesitate to recommend her!”

“Erica provided childcare for my three children and was the best we ever had. She was patient, prepared, responsible and kind. She would prepare ahead and bring fun activities such as arts and crafts and my children could not wait to see her! Erica was consistently responsible in their care. One of my children has special needs and Erica was the only non-family member we ever entrusted with her care. I would recommend Erica as a Nanny in York County. She is compassionate, committed, kind, well educated in child development and professional. When I left my children in her care I never had any doubt that they were given care as good as my own. Erica is kind and always well prepared. My children had fun while she was with the. Erica kept the children on their routine, interacted well with them and kept the house organized. She has a natural compassion for her field and any family would be gifted to have her. I give Erica my highest recommendation and am glad to speak further about my experience with her!”

“I would highly recommend Erica as a child care provider! She took care of my daughter Brittany during the school year and for a full summer as well. She helped us for a few years, until my daughter was old enough to be home after school on her own. Erica was highly dependable, never missing any time without advanced notice. At times she would be asked to pick up my daughter after a game or a practice, and Erica consistently showed up on time, or even early for that matter. This gave me a tremendous piece of mind as I never had to worry about her waiting around for a ride by herself. Erica even made sure that Brittany called me once they got back home so I would know she was home from school. Erica is mature, and understands the responsibility that goes along with being a Nanny in York County. I found her to be completely trustworthy in our home, and with my daughter. In addition to being highly dependable, Erica was often willing to take Brittany to a movie, or to a museum or even to the mall for some shopping. This was great as it got Brittany out of the house and away from the computer and TV for a few hours. Some days they would stay in and make a batch of cookies or some brownies. Brittany enjoyed that a lot as well. Erica really loves kids, and they feel comfortable around her. I have seen her interact with neighbors and younger cousins and they often will talk to her, or want to play with her. She communicates well with them, and is enthusiastic and upbeat when she is around them. I would highly recommend her to anyone!”

“I have known Erica for over 11 years now and she is a responsible, caring adult. She is great with kids! She has always been dependable. My kids know they can call Erica and she will come over to help them in an emergency, like when my cat was choking on her collar and Erica came running over to help, as they were panicked. Erica is great with my pets as well. When we go away on vacation, Erica always cares for my cats and fish. Erica would be a true asset to any family in need of a dependable Nanny in York County!”

“Erica would be a great Nanny in York County for my family! She loves children. She is very mature, caring, and a smart person! She has watched my children before and always came to the house with activities planned to do with the children. They loved spending time with her since she interacted with them instead of just watching them for me. She would even do educational activities with them. Erica is a very willing, able and caring person and I’m sure whoever hired her would definitely agree with me!”

Please call 717-221-1020 today to speak with a placement counselor and start your search for the perfect Nanny in York County!



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