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“I really thought when I started interviewing Nannies in Jenkintown that it would take weeks to weed out the good candidates. But I was so pleased to find that ABC Nanny Source only sent qualified candidates who were professional, experienced and truly seeking a Jenkintown Nanny Job as a career. We chose our Nanny the same week we registered and she has been wonderful! The hardest part of the process was deciding between the great candidates!”

Looking for a Nanny in Jenkintown? ABC can help!

Your Jenkintown Nanny Job will benefit from Lisa’s educational credentials!

Jenkintown Nanny Lisa's References

“Lisa was a student teacher in my full day kindergarten classroom during a spring semester. Lisa welcomed and successfully took on the many challenges facing her in the kindergarten class. She will surely exceed your expectations for your Jenkintown Nanny Job! Her organizational skills have been demonstrated in her ability to teach the class in a whole group setting, as well as in smaller groups such as during guided reading instruction. She was able to differentiate instruction in a variety of subject areas so that she could meet the needs of her students. She also engaged the children in interviewing and writing for our class newspaper. Her awareness of the state standards and curriculum, along with her flexibility allowed her to adapt her teaching meet the needs of the students. She established and maintained an environment for learning where the students feel safe, valued, and respected. She accomplished this by setting clear expectations for student behavior and instituting routines. Lisa exhibited the drive to do her best at all time, and did not settle for anything less. I highly recommend her!”

“It is a pleasure to recommend Lisa for a Jenkintown Nanny Job! I have worked with Lisa for three semesters, both in the field and in my education course. Lisa is an exceptional student and teacher. She brings intellectual rigor to all her efforts, along with an energetic, positive spirit. She interacts with children with warmth and enthusiasm for their ideas and accomplishments. She has a positive collegial relationship with her cooperating teacher, who respected her hard work and motivation. Lisa demonstrated great commitment and initiative when planning her lessons for student teaching in a kindergarten classroom. She was creative in developing academic opportunities for children. Lisa designed and taught a wonderful unit on new writing this semester. The children began writing articles about each other and extended their reporting into the school community. The children interviewed the principal and the head janitor. These interviews were used to write newspaper stories filled with fact and details. Lisa motivated the class with a purpose for their writing and an authentic reading audience. This project was one example of how Lisa’s teaching demonstrated a teacher researcher stance. She engaged in genuine inquiry about kindergarten writing. Lisa taught news writing with a developmentally appropriate approach, attune to the interests and abilities of her young learners. Lisa is highly motivated to construct academically challenging curriculum. She was tireless in making or utilizing materials that engaged children in all subjects. She explored effective strategies and resources for achieving school standards. Lisa was placed in an inclusion classroom where differentiation was an ongoing challenge. Lisa sought out school experts to understand and address children’s needs. She was attentive to both the academic and social development of her students, and flexible in supporting the respective goals of each child. She assessed work for improvement at each child’s level. Lisa’s academic work is exemplary. She is a talented writer and thinker, always eager to read and learn. She grasped the nuances of ideas in articles and books we read for both coursework and fieldwork. She moved ahead with ideas as she wove them into her curriculum and teaching practice with insight and creativity. She listened for teachable moments in the classroom and spontaneously integrated children’s ideas and questions toward the focus of her lesson. She is a caregiver I would choose for my own children, and I am confident she will enrich the lives of children and become a leader within her community.”

“I hired Lisa to tutor my son, who has dyslexia, in the areas of reading and writing. She was highly dependable was always professional and flexible with her scheduling. She helped my son feel confident in school like he has never felt. She worked with him on assigned work and also on his organizational skills so that he could use what he learned with her while he was on his own in school. She taught my son how to take effective notes during reading and how to created organizers to help him with reading comprehension. His grades went up significantly once Lisa taught him how to comprehend and remember what he was reading. She would always follow up our sessions with written notes on what was covered and ways they could use what he had learned with her when she was not present. I am highly satisfied with her educational services as well as her professionalism and flexibility to work with our schedule. I would recommend her for any Jenkintown Nanny Job and feel that any family would benefit greatly from having her as part of their household!”

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