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ALL ABC Nannies Have:

  • CPR Certification
  • 5-panel Drug Test Completed
  • Passed Criminal Clearances
  • Authorization to work in the U.S
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Motor Vehicle Report on File
  • Professional Identity Verification
  • Signed ABC’s 1 Year Commitment Pledge
  • Moral & Ethical Code of Conduct
  • Verifiable Childcare Experience
  • A Genuine Love for Children!

If your family is looking for an educationally focused Nanny with experience as an Johnson County Tutor like Caitlin, ABC will help you find her.

"As a Johnson County Tutor, being easy-going and flexible is crucial to my approach. Patience is a virtue I highly value, particularly when working with children of all ages. There is an undeniable joy I find in being surrounded by children. Teaching has always been my passion, and I have a deep desire to impart knowledge. Witnessing a child grasp a concept brings me an unparalleled sense of fulfillment. The reason I have chosen to be a Johnson County Tutor over any other profession can be summed up in one sentence: working with children is the most rewarding experience imaginable. Over the course of eleven years, I have been involved in various forms of childcare, and I can confidently say that I adore what I do. As a Nanny, my objective is to provide families with exceptional childcare while also assisting with education and extracurricular activities. I am more than willing to perform housekeeping duties such as pet care, cleaning up after the children, meal preparation, and laundry. If I were to describe myself using five adjectives, they would be creative, patient, intelligent, responsible, and courteous. When planning the daily activities for the family I care for, I aim to include homework sessions, outdoor sports and activities, board games, and arts and crafts. Regarding the ideal family seeking a Nanny like me, I hope they are welcoming and open about their expectations and aspirations for their Nanny."

“Caitlin, our trusted Johnson County Tutor, has been an invaluable caregiver for our son in two different settings: as a Nanny and at the daycare center. Her sweet and caring nature towards Eli has made us feel extremely secure and confident in leaving him in her capable hands, whether it's at our house or in the infant room. What sets Caitlin apart is her exceptional flexibility. She has gone above and beyond by caring for Eli until 11pm after her work at the daycare and has also been there at 7:30am on a Saturday. We truly appreciate her commitment, especially considering she drives over 25 minutes to work for us. Moreover, Caitlin's ability to understand and meet Eli's needs is remarkable. She is loving yet respectful, ensuring he gets the proper rest he needs by successfully getting him to nap and sleep when necessary. With her responsiveness and intelligence, we confidently recommend Caitlin as a Johnson County Tutor. Without a doubt, she is the most experienced and exceptional childcare provider we have ever used, and we wholeheartedly endorse her without any reservations!”

”Caitlin was by far the best childcare provider Joshua has ever had! The advantage of course being that Caitlin was also one of Joshua’s daycare teachers so he felt comfortable with her, trusted her, and genuinely loved being with her. When Joshua started gymnastics, Caitlin took him for me and gave me a full update of how he did in the class. Caitlin is such a nice person and genuinely loves children! As well as Caitlin looking after my son at daycare and while I am at class, we also work together at the same daycare center, so I see firsthand how much she adores the kids and how well she works with them, which is why I asked her to work as Joshua’s Nanny privately. She is very loving and can almost always be seen holding, hugging or playing with a child! She has a very calm demeanor, which is, in my opinion, a valuable asset to have when working with children! She is patient, loving, fun, reliable, trustworthy and professional.”

“Caitlin, our youngest daughter's preschool teacher, has been an incredible caregiver at the daycare center, Johnson County Tutor. Scottsville has had a wonderful experience in preschool all thanks to her, as she absolutely adores being with "Miss Katie." With Caitlin's exceptional care and her ability to make Scottsville happy, I have complete peace of mind when I leave for work. The satisfaction we have had with Caitlin at preschool has led us to ask her to be a Johnson County Tutor and also watch our children at our home on weekends. With her amazing connection with our kids and her adeptness in handling the challenges that come with caring for toddlers, Caitlin is truly an invaluable asset. She skillfully imparts knowledge to our little ones using innovative and enjoyable methods, all while maintaining discipline in the classroom. Although our daughters will deeply miss her, I am confident that Caitlin will continue to provide exceptional care for other children!”

“Johnson County Tutor: My daughter's teacher, Cate, has been an incredible caregiver for almost the entire two years that my daughter has attended the Child Care center. Cate's presence in my daughter's life has played a crucial role in her growth and maturity, far surpassing the typical daycare experience. Cate's ability to connect with my daughter reassures me that she would excel in any child-related field she pursues. Her patience, maturity, reliability, and caring nature make her a valuable asset. In addition, Cate's enthusiasm and energy shine through as she goes above and beyond in play, much to the enjoyment of the children. I often find her dancing or engaging in imaginative play when I pick up my daughter. It is evident that she is well-versed in child development and adept at guiding children of all ages. Cate's compassionate and kind approach in relating to my daughter puts both her and me at ease. Seeing how much my daughter adores her confirms their strong bond. Cate's relaxed demeanor allows her to successfully teach counting, spelling, and encourage art projects and imaginative play. We truly believe that her teaching methods align well with our parenting style. She not only respects our personal philosophies but also confidently makes decisions regarding our daughter's education on a daily basis. We have even entrusted Cate to babysit in our home, and our trust in her is unwavering. Since starting daycare, my daughter is thriving, happy, and enjoys interacting with other children. We attribute this to the exceptional care provided by Cate. When she eventually moves on, she will be greatly missed, but we have no doubt that she will excel as a Johnson County Tutor.”

“Johnson County Tutor: I am writing this letter to recommend Caitlin. For the past year, Caitlin has been my assistant in the older toddler classroom at the daycare center. While her official assignment is in the older toddler room, I have observed that Caitlin is equally skilled in working with children of all ages at the center. Caitlin has a remarkable ability to connect with every child in the class. Her patience and nurturing nature make her an excellent caregiver. Furthermore, she creates an environment that focuses on the needs and interests of each child, enabling them to reach their full potential. The parents of the children at the center have expressed high acclaim for Caitlin's skills. In fact, many of them even rely on her service as their Johnson County Tutor. I must also highlight Caitlin's reliability and dependability. Whenever I am absent from the center, Caitlin can effortlessly assume the role of acting Head Teacher and manage the classroom effectively. In light of her dedication and exceptional abilities, I highly recommend Caitlin for any future pursuits she may undertake.”

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