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“I really thought when I started interviewing Nannies in the Main Line that it would take weeks to weed out the good candidates. But I was so pleased to find that ABC Nanny Source only sent qualified candidates who were professional and experienced. We chose our Nanny the same week we registered and she has been wonderful! The hardest part of the process was deciding between the great candidates! Great job! You certainly are the Main Line PA Nanny Agency to go to and I will tell everyone!"

Looking for a Nanny in Philadelphia? ABC can help!

Shannon loves being a part of ABC's Main Line PA Nanny Agency!

Main Line Nanny Shannon's References

“I run a Childcare Center in the Senior High where students get their practice. Shannon was a true joy to have in my high school class! She attended for one period in the Child Development coarse and 2 periods in the Early Childhood Education coarse. She always brought more creative ideas and materials than required. She was always conscientious about her job and acted in a very appropriate manner. She never had to be told what to do. Shannon picked up things quickly and was smart! She conducted snack time, read stories, did crafts, learning papers, and songs. The children loved her! She is a shining star in my memory! I highly recommend Shannon to your Main Line PA Nanny Agency!”

“Shannon and I get along very well. I am her cousin’s girlfriend and she is the first person that Jon and I want to call when we need a sitter for Aiden. Shannon and I have a great relationship and although Jon is her cousin, they treat each other like brother and sister! Shannon is very family-oriented. She loves Aiden and treats him like he is her own. That means a lot to us. I only needed her to feed Aiden, change the diapers and keep him occupied and she went above that. She helped out with his laundry and straightened his room when I hadn’t even asked her to. Shannon also did the dishes that were in the sink, which was also unexpected. It’s nice to come home to my son and just be able to relax and not have to worry about anything! I think Shannon would be a great addition to an family because she really does care.”

“Shannon and I have been friend since 1998. She is a great person inside and out and being that we both have children is a great link between us! She is always pleasant and just a pleasure to be around. All children especially seem to take to her quickly with her softness and great personality! I have been in a childcare setting with Shannon and what I witnessed gave me every confidence to trust her with my own son. She is a great babysitter and great person overall. She has much experience with children and it shows. She is kind and has a special touch with children to make them feel comfortable at all times. Shannon is also a very motivated and energetic person, so she can always think of things to occupy time. She is a family-oriented person and very dedicated to her friends and loved ones. I have never had any complaints and I feel confident she will be an excellent addition to ABC's Main Line PA Nanny Agency.”

“Shannon was always there when scheduled. My daughter enjoyed her company. She is a mom herself, and it shows through. She is able to be her kids’ friend and have fun, but also keep them in line and follow through with acceptable or instructed discipline. I also have known Shannon in a non work element, and family members and all good things are to follow in her name!”

“I believe Shannon would be a great candidate for this position. She is full of energy and life! I believe she has all the right qualities to not only make a positive impact on a child, but also make a difference in a child’s life. Shannon is responsible, loving, reliable and honest.”

“Shannon has been my daughter’s friend since they were little. She is a very friendly and smart person. She has always been there for us whenever we needed her. Shannon is a loving person and is a great parent and friend. We consider her part of our family and I would recommend her for any job. I think that she is dedicated to everything she puts her mind to. Any family would be lucky to have her watch over their most precious possessions, their children!”

“Shannon is a great person and a great mom! She has been my friend for about 13 years and I feel like I know her better than anyone. Shannon is caring and responsible. She also always fulfills her obligations because she is a dedicated person. I would recommend her to your Main Line PA Nanny Agency for anyone because I feel as if she is easy to get along with!”

“Shannon was a student of two courses: Child Development and Early Childhood. She easily produced outstanding work in the high school classroom. She studied such topics as: observation and documentation of the developmental behaviors of a preschool child intellectual, social, emotional, and motor development of preschool children. This entailed providing for the health and safety of children, providing an effective learning environment, children’s literature, children’s art curriculum, development, and the Department of Welfare Regulations. Shannon also spent 150 hours of supervised interaction with preschool children in a childcare center. Her supervising teacher reported her as ‘outstanding’ in every area of performance evaluated!”

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