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“I was so impressed by the service provided by ABC Nanny Source! Initially I was reluctant to go through a local nanny agency in NJ– but now I can honestly say this is the ONLY way to hire someone to care for your children. The NJ Nanny candidates that were presented to our family were absolutely fantastic. I really couldn’t believe how professional, experienced, and dedicated each and every candidate was that we met. We hired our nanny within a few days from registering and hope to have her with us for many years! Thank you!”
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Sussex County Nanny Elizabeth has extensive teaching experience!

Sussex County Nanny Elizabeth's References

“Elizabeth has been a member of the Bright Horizons faculty for several years. In that time, I have watched her develop into a responsible team member and I have confidently say that she will make an excellent Sussex County Nanny! She has been able to devote time and effort in learning the subtleties of working with people. She is extremely open, allowing her to be approachable. Client families and co-workers alike trust her sincerity in all forms of communication. In her current position, she is required to have a proficiency in both written and verbal communication. Elizabeth pushes herself in many ways to achieve the high standards that she has set for herself. Her recent successes in her life are a result of her own goals. She demonstrates flexibility and understanding of situations that unexpectedly arise in a common workplace. Elizabeth works to help others through these situation by being open to change, as well as eager to find the solutions in stressful times.”

“Elizabeth was not required to clean-up the dishes or vacuum, but she did anyway! She was absolutely wonderful Sussex County Nanny for my daughter, and to this day her daughter and my daughter are the best of friends. Elizabeth was like a member of our family! She was a nanny in my home and ran a fun, yet structured, day for my daughter. I will always cherish the times she spent with my daughter. Elizabeth was the best childcare choice I could have ever made for my daughter. When I decided to go back to work full-time, I called around looking for a daycare center to care for my child, and even visited a few. I was very apprehensive about leaving my daughter in a daycare facility. The eventual decision to have Elizabeth come to our home to care for Olivia turned out to be the best choice! She was always on time, and had a fun activity planned for our girls everyday. She made sure to get them outside, and played with them all day! She was caring and loving with my daughter as if she were her own. Our experience with Elizabeth as our nanny is one I look back on with fond memories. Given the opportunity, I know she would make the same memories for any family she nannies for!”

“Elizabeth was a student of mine in a number of human development and family studies classes when she attended College. I got to know Elizabeth when she began her studies on a trial basis 4 years ago. At the time, she was unsure about what the wanted to do and how to get there. In the face of uncertainty, she nonetheless pushed forward, and push she did! Elizabeth never gave up and remained driven during her undergraduate journey. Four years later, she had become one of the College’s warmest success stories. She blossomed into one of our better students, clearly evident in her outstanding transcript. I will always greatly respect Elizabeth for her courage and her determination to succeed. The qualities she displayed will not be forgotten. She is the sort of student who has that enviable ability to light up a classroom just by her mere presence. It never surprised me that she was hugely popular with her friends because she is a kind, compassionate and caring sort. Her gift of laughter makes others simply feel better, and her supportive understanding when is always available. One of the courses I teach is on character and morality-the cornerstone of which is how to develop and share it. Elizabeth could teach this course on the basis of who she is. Her parents obviously brought her up right, and should be proud. Her love of children is evident in all of her work, and with her impressive knowledge base still growing; she represents an ideal teacher and Sussex County Nanny. Fortunate are those youngsters who end up in her care, because she will supply the vitamins of enrichment and love!”

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