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“I was so impressed by the service provided by ABC Nanny Source! Initially I was reluctant to go through a local nanny agency in NJ– but now I can honestly say this is the ONLY way to hire someone to care for your children. The NJ Nanny candidates that were presented to our family were absolutely fantastic. I really couldn’t believe how professional, experienced, and dedicated each and every candidate was that we met. We hired our nanny within a few days from registering and hope to have her with us for many years! Thank you!”
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Toms River Nanny Patti proves to be a valuable resource for families!

Toms River Nanny Patti's References

“I have known Patti for approximately 15 years, and I know she will be a great Toms River Nanny for your family! I have always thought very highly of her, and most recently have had the pleasure of her being a caregiver for my children. Approximately one year ago, I enrolled my two children at a country day school. Patti started the school and I feel so fortunate to have my children cared for at a great facility with such incredible teachers as Patti! As director of the school, Patti emphasized that although the school is for young children, it is not merely a daycare environment. She emphasized a 'school' setting for the children. Patti realizes the potential for children to learn at a young age. She is extremely creative and very capable of communicating with small children. She challenges the children to use their imagination. Patti's energy and athletic ability also added a wonderful dimension to the children's day at school! Not only did she exercise their minds, but their bodies as well. Patti did not just have a recess for the children to run around, but also instructed the students on how to do Yoga and play sports. My children were always very excited to go to school in the morning and looked forward to going back to school the following day! This was a significant change to previous experiences with other daycare facilities and other caregivers. Any mother knows how difficult it is to leave her children in the care of others. I am blessed with two beautiful children, a four-year-old little girl and a two-year-old boy. Leaving them to go to work caused a lot of anxiety for me, until I enrolled my children in Patti's school. I highly recommend her! She will be a wonderful asset, especially with her unique talent of caring, connecting, and interacting with the children!”

“Patti has been my two daughters' preschool teacher for the past few years. First as a yoga instructor, Patti worked with my children to teach them balance, routines and relaxation. Teaching yoga to children between the ages of 18 months old and 5 years old is a labor of love, and my children excelled in her care! Each came home to show me songs, routines and most importantly, ways of breathing in order to calm down toddler frustration levels. As a teacher and administrator, Patti consistently exceeded my expectations working directly with the children under her care and their parents! Her attention to the needs of the children and their learning has been exceptional. Patti managed to teach my children the basics, as well as how to share and maintain friendships. My daughters both adore and respect her, which is a lot to say about small children learning concepts, rules and discipline from a Toms River Nanny! Patti was also a great asset to me as a parent. She talked me through difficult transitions with my children and even researched and implemented a healthy food program after my daughter was diagnosed with hyperinsulinism. I am confident Patti's knowledge, skills and sincerity will be a tremendous asset to the children (and parents) in her care!”

“Patti is bright, reliable, and affectionate! She is also well versed in child development, both due to her life experiences with five daughters and her experience as a pre-school director and a Toms River Nanny. We feel fortunate to have had Patti as one of the people to help care for our children! We are convinced that our children owe much of their positive development to her presence. Her approach to caring for Rian and Kylie compliments our parenting well, as she respects our personal philosophies while being confident enough to independently make day-to-day decisions regarding our children!”

“Patti is my very good friend! I have known her for ten years. She is patient and kind and has a very level head. She has raised 5 daughters, ages 13 years old – 21 years old, all of whom are smart, kind, respectful, and responsible! My 15-year-old twin sons adore her because she is fun to be with! Patti is the type of person who is firm and in charge while still being gentle and kind. I think any family would be lucky to has her as their Toms River Nanny!”

“Patti has worked with and around children for as long as I have known her! She is a very loyal friend. She has been a second mom to my children and my two daughters trust her completely! She takes her work seriously and always tries to help others. Patti has worked with me on many occasions and has always been trustworthy. I would recommend her very highly as a Toms River Nanny! She is a very unique individual. She is energetic and down to earth. Patti would be an asset to your family!”

“Patti is a person I am proud to call my friend! She is an honest, hard working and extremely personable Toms River Nanny. She is organized and not only develops a plan, but also follows through with its implementation. I highly recommend her!”

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