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“I really thought when I started interviewing Nannies in Philadelphia that it would take weeks to weed out the good candidates. But I was so pleased to find this Nanny Agency in Philadelphia. ABC Nanny Source only sent qualified candidates who were professional and experienced. We chose our Nanny the same week we registered and she has been wonderful! The hardest part of the process was deciding between the great candidates!”

Looking for a Nanny in Philadelphia? ABC can help!

Amatise is so happy there is a local Nanny Agency in Philadelphia that cares about the nannies as well as the families they work with!

Philadelphia Nanny Amatise's References

“I have worked with Amatise for the last year first a t Little Friends daycare and now Early years Development Center. We have been co teacher and partners working with three to five year old children. From the beginning, Amatise ahs been hard wo5rking and enthusiastic. She has been more than happy to pull her fair share and more. Her cheerful and energetic demeanor has make working with her a pleasure. Together we have put in man y hours thinking of interesting and creative ways to make learning fun for our students. She has been a driving force behind our lesson plans with her love of books and the desire to share that love with her students. Our children sing, dance, and draw with our books and she often gives books away to start their own libraries. I value Amatise as a partner and as a teacher and I happily recommend her to your Nanny Agency in Philadelphia.”

”Yes, Amatise and I were responsible for thinking of activities for the children as well as preparing their meals daily. She always offered a helping hand where needed! She also had lots of great ideas for activities and games for our children. Amatise and I, along with one other teacher were co teachers in a classroom of 25 students between the ages of three and four. We usually did a craft in the morning, some structured play, story time and then lunch and nap. Amatise has a love for books so she always took over story time, reading books with character voices and asking the children to draw a picture of the story or relate it to their lives. It was very creative and story time was always one of our student’s favorite times! Another area where she excelled was naptime. I believe it was her nanny background that gave her the patience to sit with and rub children’s backs until they fell asleep. She was kind and nurturing and a great partner!”

“Mrs. Amatise is a hardworking, energetic woman, who cared for my son for two years from 16 weeks until he was two years old. Amatise is not your usual nanny. My son did not endlessly sit for hours in front of the television while in her care. She went to the extra effort of bringing books from the public library that he would enjoy. Sometimes instead of reading to him herself, she let him tell her a story from the pictures. Other times she would bring aboard or card games to play with our son or take him to local museums and parks. Amatise even managed to convince him that carrot and celery sticks along with an assortment of fresh fruits are really “fun foods”. That along with helping me out with meals at night was a lifesaver. In addition, Amatise also shared her love of music with my son. Her musical interests run from classical to contemporary. My son enjoys music especially “making song”. As a result of this, Amatise taught him little tunes that he proudly performs for us. I often came home to find art projects that Amatise helped him create. I found her unselfish and diligent care of my son a true blessing and confidently recommend her to your Nanny Agency in Philadelphia.”

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