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“I really thought when I started interviewing Nannies in Upper Bucks County that it would take weeks to weed out the good candidates. But I was so pleased to find this Nanny Agency in Upper Bucks County. ABC Nanny Source only sent qualified candidates who were professional and experienced. We chose our Nanny the same week we registered and she has been wonderful! The hardest part of the process was deciding between the great candidates!”

Looking for a Nanny in Upper Bucks County? ABC can help!

ABC's Nanny Agency in Upper Bucks County accepted Chelsea based on her previous childcare experiences in such capacities as lifeguard, tutor, and camp counselor!

Upper Bucks County Nanny Chelsea's References

“Our twin boys, Noah and Mason, were enrolled at a childcare center where Chelsea was responsible for their care and well-being for most of that time. We interacted with her on a daily basis, so we can speak to her character and attitude. More importantly, we saw the results of her direction and attention and because of that we can speak to her ability as a childcare professional. Prior to this center, our children had never been exposed to “day care” life so we weren’t sure how they would adapt or how we would adapt, for that matter. It was not until the arrival of Chelsea that we truly felt as ease. She possesses all of the characteristics that I mentioned above and exceeded our expectations. We were extremely pleased with the improvements in the behavior and temperament of Noah and Mason as well as the overall development that they experienced while under her care. Further, our boys went from feeling content to being excited about attending the daycare and we have no doubt that is due to the level of attention and kindness that Chelsea gave Noah and Mason during that time. Chelsea was always present and timely; we can’t recall a day when she was our sick or running late. She always seemed in control while maintaining a gentle demeanor. She is helpful and assertive, always eager to step up and lend a hand. Chelsea’s kindness, trustworthiness and professionalism make it easy for us to recommend her to ABC’s Nanny Agency in Upper Bucks County, without reserve.”

“Chelsea will be a wonderful addition to ABC’s Nanny Agency in Upper Bucks County! I liked that Chelsea was CPR certified and was very hands on with my son, Conor. I have always felt very comfortable leaving him in her care, and find her to be a very trustworthy individual. I am pleased to say that I have remained in close contact with Chelsea throughout the years. She has proven herself to be a hardworking, conscientious and dependable young woman!”

“When I met Chelsea, my daughter, Katherine, was about one and a half or two years old. My primary childcare provider had moved, and I learned from my husband that one of his colleagues (Chelsea's mother) had a daughter who just had started caring for children. I was concerned because my former provider was young, so I wasn't sure Chelsea would be mature enough to care for my daughter. I quickly learned that I was wrong! Immediately, Chelsea’s demeanor impressed me. She was calm, composed, pleasant, and able to hold a conversation with me and other adults. At first, she served as a Mother's Helper, visiting Katherine while I was at home doing chores. I only expected her to play with Katherine and to keep her occupied. However, she surprised me by her ability to care for all of Katherine's needs without being asked; and she always asked questions if she wasn't sure about any issue surrounding Katherine's care. Soon, I asked Chelsea to care for Katherine while my husband and I were not at home. I distinctly remember being embarrassed to admit to friends that Chelsea was so young; but she was unusually mature and reliable, so I quickly grew to depend on her. Ultimately, she cared for Katherine on a weekly basis during the day, allowing me the opportunity to run errands and complete other tasks. Through the years, I always could count on Chelsea to follow my childcare directions and to keep Katherine safe. She demonstrated good judgment when handling problems, a quality that families registered with ABC’s Nanny Agency in Upper Bucks County would value. Once when Chelsea was confronted with a problem while caring for my daughter, she was unable to reach my husband or me by phone. Although I cannot recall all the details, I still remember being impressed that Chelsea called her mother immediately for advice and help. After a couple of years, my niece (who has special needs) came to live with us for a year. Chelsea was not fazed or frazzled and was able to care for both girls competently and regularly. At one point, she also cared for them while my godson visited during the summer months as well. And, we eventually had two dogs she managed too; she loves dogs. Chelsea cared for my children for me until about 2008, and I never had a complaint. She always was prompt, followed our house rules, kept things neat, and watched the same videos and played the same games over and over and over with a good attitude. I think she would be the perfect nanny! As a former prosecutor, I am concerned about the safety of children in particular. I personally can vouch for Chelsea's integrity: she is trustworthy, responsible, and loves children. I recommend her wholeheartedly!”

“Chelsea is the daughter of my best friend. Over the years our families have spent a lot of time together. She is like a daughter to me! Chelsea is responsible, loving and hardworking and I would highly recommend her to ABC’s Nanny Agency in Upper Bucks County!”

“I began working with Chelsea over two years ago when I was transferred into the restaurant where she was already employed. From the first day, she was very willing to teach me the ropes of that particular store. She interacted with the rest of the team in a professional yet friendly matter. Her repertoire with the guests was exemplary as well. In the time I worked with Chelsea, she grew quickly as team member! She was very adaptable to change, which our company had a lot of. She adjusted quickly and helped the other employees to do the same. In time she became my primary trainer, as she was the only one who did it to spec and enjoyed it. On a personal level, Chelsea is also a great friend. She is a reliable, dependable person that has a positive attitude that can cheer you up on your worst days. Her happiness is contagious and people instantly feel as if they can trust her! I believe Chelsea will be an asset to any family registered with ABC’s Nanny Agency in Upper Bucks County. She not only performs herself, but encourages everyone around her to do the same!”

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