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ALL Harrisburg ABC Nannies Have:

  • CPR Certification
  • Electronic Fingerprints - FBI approved!
  • Exceptional References
  • Valid Driver's License
  • Drug Test completed through Quest Diagnostics
  • Nationwide Criminal Background
  • SSN Trace Completed
  • Confidentiality Understanding

The 10 Steps to Becoming a Harrisburg ABC Nanny:

Precision and assurance are of the utmost importance here at ABC Nanny Source! We make it our number one priority to ensure your child is cared for by only the most qualified Harrisburg Nannies, and are determined to provide you with unsurpassed candidates from which to choose.

Hundreds of nannies apply to ABC Nanny Source, of which we only accept 10%! ABC only admits the best, most supreme nannies and require each applicant to go through a very extensive screening process before being presented to families.

Over the Phone Interview
You can always gauge a good sense of one's personality based on phone mannerism and presentation. The applicants are asked a series of critical questions during this first step, and only the most qualified applicants will move on in the application process.

Face-to-Face Interview
You will be very surprised to learn that most agencies do not require the nanny applicants to participate in a face to face interview. ABC Nanny Source feels that it is imperative to meet the nannies in person before ever sending them into your home! Each applicant will be interviewed by at least two different placement counselors during this extremely important step. The applicants are asked several questions, including previous childcare experience, availability, and specific assets!

Each Harrisburg Nanny Applicant will have a photo taken at the time of the face-to-face interview with ABC Nanny Source. This picture is then included in the nanny's electronic profile for you to view along with the rest of the information in the profile.

Fingerprints on File
Each and every Harrisburg Nanny Applicant must allow ABC Nanny Source to obtain electronic fingerprints in order to become an ABC Nanny. These fingerprints are then added to the electronic profile. This is just another precaution to ensure the safety of your family!

One Year Commitment
ABC Nanny Source requires all Harrisburg ABC Nannies to sign a One-Year Commitment Pledge, promising your family at least one year of service. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your children will have the stability they need in their lives!

Drug Testing
Another crucial step in ABC's extensive screening process is the five panel drug test that each Harrisburg ABC Nanny must submit to and pass. Each test is done through Quest Diagnostics, and results are received within 24 hours of completion. These results are then provided to you in each nannyy's profile.

Social Security Verification Trace
Each Harrisburg Nanny must undergo a social security verification trace, verifying the nanny's history and ability to work in the United States. This provides you with the most qualified nanny applicants from which to choose your perfect Nanny!

MVR and Background Check
ABC Nanny Source understands that you want to feel confident in your nanny's driving abilities. ABC knows that it is extremely important that each nanny is a safe driver allowing you to feel secure with your child's transportation to and from activities or school. Each nanny's motor vehicle report (MVR) is provided to you for your review. Also included is the nanny's nationwide criminal background check for your review, displaying the nanny's clean criminal background.

Reference Verification
Each Nanny is asked to supply multiple references that can attest to her outstanding childcare experiences! All of these references are then verified by ABC's Verification Department before they are included in the nanny's electronic profile. Each reference will include the ages of the children the nanny worked for, the standard hours the position required, as well as a detailed description of the reference's experiences with that particular nanny.

ABC Policy
This final step of the screening process allows ABC Nanny Source to promise only the most elite nanny applicants will be sent to your home. Each Harrisburg Nanny is advised of the importance to meet all of the ethical standards of ABC Nanny Source. Each one of the Nanny Applicants is made aware of this code of conduct during the initial face-to-face interview, so they are aware of exactly what is expected of them - only the best!


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