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Nanny Employment

ABC Nannies in Washington DC:

  • A Genuine Love for Children!
  • Authorized to Work in the U.S.
  • CPR Certification
  • Quest Diagnostics Drug Testing Complete
  • Nationwide Criminal Background Checks
  • Identity Verification Analysis
  • Verifiable Childcare Experience
  • One Year Commitment Pledge
  • Moral and Ethical Code of Conduct


Testimonials from Placed Washington DC Nannies:

Megan: “I was very hesitant when first calling ABC Nanny Source. I had reviewed all of the information they provided on the website prior to calling and felt like they required an awful lot from their nannies. All I wanted was to find a job caring for children and quick! I called the agency to verify that what I was reading was indeed correct. The woman I spoke to was so patient and helpful in explaining all of the details to me! She understood why I was apprehensive and spent extra time speaking with me so I would fully understand the reasons why. I immediately felt better! I applied to the agency as soon as I got off the phone and I am so glad I did! After the agency received all of the results of my drug test, background checks, motor vehicle reports, and reference verifications, the began setting me up on interview right away! Everything really paid off in the end. I am now a nanny for two beautiful girls and couldn’t have asked for a more perfect family! Thank you ABC!”

Gloria: “I cannot say enough great things about ABC Nanny Source! Everyone at this agency went way beyond their call of duty to ensure that I was properly taken care of. They utilized my qualifications to match me with a family that was in need of everything I could offer. This agency has definitely earned its reputation as the most highly sought after nanny agency in the Washington DC Area!”

Emily: “ABC Nanny Source made my search for a nanny position simple! All of the information was presented in a succinct, clear manner. I always knew exactly where I stood, what I needed to do, and what the next step would be. The agency did all of the hard work for me, from scheduling the interviews to speaking to the families about salary requirements. ABC Nanny Source made the entire process simple and enjoyable!”

Gail: “ABC Nanny Source is phenomenal! I wasn’t expecting much when I decided to call, and was shocked to find that everyone was proficient and sincere. They answered all of my questions and were able to relieve any concerns I had. I was astonished at how quickly everything happened! My electronic profile was activated literally days after I completed the screening process and within a week I was offered a full time position. Anyone interested in being a nanny should contact ABC Nanny Source right away!”

Jessica: “I have been a nanny in the Washington DC are for over 18 years. During that time, I tried using several different nanny agencies for help. Each time I tried a new agency, I ended up disappointed. I was shocked at how many agencies were rude and indifferent. I always felt like I was inconveniencing them or being a burden. I had almost given up when I decided to call ABC Nanny Source. I was so desperate for a job and just wanted someone who would listen to me. I called the agency and was pleased to be able to speak with an actual human being, and not just an answering machine. I was matched with a scheduling coordinator who was so sweet and personable! She spent so much time speaking with me about the process and helping me step by step. I was already much more pleased with this agency over any other. After I completed the online application, my scheduling coordinator contacted me within 24 hours. That never happened! And what happened next shocked me just as much. She said that she would like me to come to the agency for a face to face interview. The other agencies barely wanted to speak with me on the phone, no less meet me in person! My interview went so well! Each staff member was welcoming, considerate and professional. From the moment I walked through the door I felt comfortable. They even had a video that helped explain the entire process and all of the clearances the agency would be required to complete. A mere week and a half after I had completed the entire screening process, I was offered an unbelievable position! I tell everyone I meet about ABC Nanny Source and the individualized attention they provide their nannies!”

Amy: “I am currently working as a nanny for a wonderful family with three handsome little boys! When all of the children in the last family I worked for were grown, I was nervous about having to search for another family. I loved the family so much and was so sad to have to leave after being with them for 7 years. But the children didn’t need me anymore, and so reality forced me to move on. I started by looking online for possible nanny agencies since I didn’t know where else to turn. ABC Nanny Source instantly stuck out as the most respected and proficient agency! While holding my breath, I called the agency and was able to speak with someone right away. They were able to answer all of my questions and calm my concerns. I was so concerned that qualified and dedicated nannies like myself were not what the agency was looking for. It was pleased to find out that it was exactly the opposite. I had a difficult time deciding which family to work for after being offered several positions. ABC Nanny Source is the only agencies I will use in the event that I find myself in need of another position!”

Rachael: “I have had horrific experiences with other nanny agencies I have worked with. I always ended up feeling disappointed and dissatisfied. My phone calls were never returned and often times I felt like I was just plainly being ignored. ABC Nanny Source was exactly the opposite! Everyone at your agency is terrific. Your staff is simply amazing! Everyone I spoke with was professional and personable. I felt like each person really cared about my situation. I always felt as if I was the only one they were assisting. I send you my most sincere thanks for making the whole process pleasant!”

Karen: “ABC Nanny Source will tell you that their number one priority is to match the perfect nanny with the perfect family. This seemed like a pretty steep promise to make. But they followed through on that promise right up until the very end. I felt safe throughout the entire process and never had to worry. The families that utilize ABC Nanny Source are searching for a highly qualified nanny just as much as I was searching for a career nanny position. I have been with my family for two years now as a full time nanny for beautiful twin girls! I can’t believe how quickly time has passed and how fast the girls are growing up. I thoroughly enjoy caring for them and watching them learn and grow more and more every day. ABC Nanny Source definitely matched me with the perfect family!”

Sally: “I am a full time nanny in my hometown and absolutely love the family I work for! I have been with them now for a few years and feel so lucky! I don’t know what I would have done without ABC Nanny Source. I searched and searched for a position on my own and never had any luck. My family and friends always tell me how lucky I am to have found such an amazing position with adorable children. I only have ABC Nanny Source to thank! This agency cares about YOU and your wellbeing. Trust them with your job search! You will be very glad you did.”

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