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ABC Nannies in Washington DC:

  • A Genuine Love for Children!
  • Authorized to Work in the U.S.
  • CPR Certification
  • Quest Diagnostics Drug Testing Complete
  • Nationwide Criminal Background Checks
  • Identity Verification Analysis
  • Verifiable Childcare Experience
  • One Year Commitment Pledge
  • Moral and Ethical Code of Conduct


Frequently Asked Questions From Washington DC Nannies

Do you think you want to become a Nanny, but still have some hesitation and questions? The answers below may help!

How long will it take to find a Nanny position in my area?

Your time is precious! Once you have completed the screening process, you can anticipate to begin having your profile sent to families within one to three weeks. During the application process, you will be asked to fulfill all of ABC's requirements for CPR certifications, drug testing, and reference submission. Everything else will be done for you by the agency! Once your profile is complete, we send your profile out to every family within a 30 minute radius of your home who is seeking a Nanny that matches your experience level, availability, and expectations. The Placement Counselor you are assigned to will keep you very informed about each position you are being considered for. Once a family expresses interest in you, your counselor will thoroughly review the position with you to see if you are interested. If the position is appealing, your full electronic profile will then be sent to the family. If the family needs more information or any additional details, we will facilitate that interaction between you and them. Finally, if the feedback from both you and the family is positive and both parties want to move forward, the counselor will obtain an official Offer of Employment from the family to present to you officially, outlining all terms of the offer, including start date, salary, vacation time, sick time, paid holidays, and all expectations.

Why should I choose ABC Nanny Source to represent me?

Very good question! ABC Nanny Source is the leading Washington DC Nanny Agency that has an established relationship with the highest caliber of families in the local area. We are determined to provide long lasting relationships between the families and Nannies. By going through ABC Nanny Source, the majority of our Nannies benefit from superior salary and benefit packages while securing a position that lasts several years. We dedicate a great deal of time to ensure that our families are only provided with the highest quality Nannies and in turn rewarding our Nannies with the most prestigious and beneficial positions!

How are taxes handled?

While we do not dictate how each family should handle their taxes, ABC Nanny Source always recommends a magnificent payroll service that is experienced in household employees.

How much experience do most of your Nannies have?

The prior experience level of ABC’s Nannies vary greatly with each candidate. Several of our Nannies have been professional childcare providers for private families for many years, while others have spent years in the classroom as certified teachers. Some are mothers or grandmothers themselves or have spent years working in a local pre-school as a stepping stone to the Nanny profession. Each Nanny’s background varies, but they all have one thing in common – previous childcare experience and a true passion for children!

What salary range can I expect?

Your potential salary depends on different criteria. The job description, how many children the family has, and the experience you have to offer the family will all be taken into consideration when determining your pay. Your Placement Counselor will work hard to negotiate the best offer for you and ensure that the offer is generous and fair. By having ABC Nanny Source negotiate for you, you are able to avoid the uncomfortable discussions of pay with prospective families. Most families will offer their full time Nannies a salary anywhere from $700 - $1,000 per week and part time hourly positions are anywhere from $17 to $25 per hour depending on the criteria mentioned above.

How can I apply?

ABC's online application will initiate the recruiting process. Once your applicant is received, an ABC Scheduling Coordinator will contact you for a telephone interview with 24 to 48 business hours. This phone interview will be used to gain additional information about your location, availability, experience and credentials. Once you have passed the initial phone interview, you will then be asked to fill out several forms that include consents, releases and acknoledgements. ABC Nanny Source will then begin to order your crimal reports and driving history, schedule you to go to a Quest Diagnostics lab to complete your drug test, and arrange for your Identity Verification session.

Is ABC Nanny Source my Employer?
No, while ABC Nanny Source will always be in the background, assisting with questions or concerns, as well as putting together all of the required information on your behalf, the agency is here to help you obtain employment with a family. Families typically provide paychecks weekly, unless otherwise specified.

ABC Nanny Source welcomes you with open arms! Staff members are standing by if you would like to speak to ABC Personnel directly. Feel free to call or apply today!

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