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ABC Nannies in Washington DC:

  • A Genuine Love for Children!
  • Authorized to Work in the U.S.
  • CPR Certification
  • Quest Diagnostics Drug Testing Complete
  • Nationwide Criminal Background Checks
  • Identity Verification Analysis
  • Verifiable Childcare Experience
  • One Year Commitment Pledge
  • Moral and Ethical Code of Conduct


Sample ABC Interview Questions for Washington DC Nannies

Sample questions to ask your NY NannyIf you are new to hiring a nanny, you may not know exactly what questions are commonly asked to nannies seeking representation from an agency. We have utilized our years of experience to compile a list of questions that we commonly use as a guide when trying to find your perfect Washington, DC nanny.

1. Tell me why you have chosen the nanny profession over another childcare related field.

2. What age do you have the most experience caring for?

3. What are your feelings on discipline?

4. Tell me what traits you believe make a great nanny.

5. Do you have any questions or concerns about our particular positions?

6. Can you give me some examples of educational game you would plan for our children?

7. Would you be comfortable keeping a daily journal of events of the day in order to keep parents better informed? Have you done this before in your previous positions?

8. What do you believe your best traits are? What are the traits you can improve on?

9. Would your previous employers define you as dependable?

10. What would your ideal position be like?

11. Do you have any experience working with children with disabilities? What disabilities are you most comfortable working with?

12. What are your salary expectations? Vacation/Sick time?

13. Are you comfortable with light pet care?

14. How flexible are you in regard to the hours? For example, if a parent had to stay for a delayed meeting at work, would you be amenable to staying later than previously scheduled?

15. Are in you involved in any local community organizations?

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